Princess Astrid and Family: News and Pictures

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Does anyone know the background of Astrid and her kids? Any pictures?
Princess Astrid does a lot of work with dyslexic children. After her elder sister, Princess Ragnhild Alexandra, got married, Princess Astrid became the First Lady of Norway until her brother married Sonja Haraldsen (now HM Queen Sonja).

Full Name: Astrid Maud Ingeborg
Born: February 12, 1932, Oslo, Norway

Husband: Johan Martin Ferner (married January 12, 1961)

Children: Cathrine (b. 1962), Benedikte (b. 1963), Alexander (b. 1965), Elisabeth (b. 1969) and Carl Christian (b. 1972).

Princess Astrid has five grandchildren:

Sebastian Ferner Johansen (the son of daughter Cathrine), born in 1990
Madeleine Ferner Johansen (the daughter of Cathrine), born in 1993
Edward Ferner (the son of Alexander), born in 1996 (he was born out of wedlock)
Stella Ferner (the daughter of Alexander), born in 1998
Benjamin Ferner Beckman (the son of Elisabeth), born in 1999

If you go to the following website you will find pictures of Princess Astrid and her family:
Thank you both very much for the information and the pics!!!
are there any pictures of edward ferner and his sister stella?are there pictures of benjamin?
...I really kinda' doubt you'll find any pictures on Edward and Stella's even more unlikely you'll find a picture of Benjamin Beckman.
Elisabeth Ferner with her husband Tom Folke Beckman and son Benjamin Ferner Beckman.

Catherine Ferner with her husband Arild Johansen with her kids Madeleine and Sebastian.


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Princess Astrid of Norway

Can you post some information about her? Are there any pictures of her in the recent years?
1) HRH Prince of Wales and HRH Princess Astrid of Norway, sister of King Harald V at a Gala Dinner to celebrate the 60th birthdays of King Harald and Queen Sonja of Norway. Bandphoto Agency Photo 23.06.1997

2) January 12, 1961 - Princess Astrid and Johan Martin Ferner. NTB picture.

3) HRH Princess Astrid of Norway sister of the King and Centre: HM King Harald V welcoming Boris Yeltsin, President of Russia, to Akershus Castle for a banquet during the President's official visit to Norway. Bandphoto Agency Photo. 25.03.1996

4) Prince Albert of Monaco and HRH Princess Astrid (King Harald of Norway's sister) attending a dinner party in Lillehammer Hotel held by King Harald and Queen Sonja. Bandphoto Agency Photo. 10.02.1994

5) Princess Astrid’s 70th birthday was February 12, 2002. It was a celebrated later in March at the Holmenkollen Park Hotel Oslo. Princess Astrid is pictured with husband Johan Martin Ferner during the occasion.

6) March 23, 1999 - Princess Astrid with husband Johan Martin Ferner at the Grand Hotel, Oslo. ANB Picture.


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Princess Astrid was probably named after Crown Princess Märtha's sister Astrid, but also because it's an old norse name. Her two other names: Maud and Ingeborg are from her two grandmothers.
Does anyone have a picture of Princess Astrid after the funeral in Luxembourg? I haven't seen one yet...
Here is one, curtesy of Stig at the SRMB


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I think Queen Sonja was the only representative from the Norwegian royal family. I haven't heard anything on the news nor read anything about Princess Astrid attending the funeral.
Check KikkiB. It is mentioned there. If she hadn't been there, they would have mentioned it.

Princess Astrid isn't quite as prominent as the other guests, though.
Thanks! You are so right! I most often check the major newspapers and tv-stations for royal news. I keep forgetting about the royal family web-page:eek:
I do the same thing, though whenever I hear some stories that I want to have confirmed: I go to the Royal webpage. Like this, or the pregnancies...
1960: Pic taken in honor of the announcement of engagement between Princess Astrid and Johan Martin Ferner.

1994: Princess Astrid at the unveiling ceremony of a statue of Trygue Lie, the first General Secretary of the UN. The statue was unveiled by King Harald.

Another pic of Princess Astrid

1994: Wedding picture of Benedikte Ferner (daughter of Princess Astrid) and Rolf Woods.


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1961: The wedding of Princess Astrid and Johan Martin Ferner

#1: Princess Astrid with her father King Olav of Norway, leaving for the Church

#2: The newly married couple with the Maid of Honor, Mrs. Elizabeth Bahre, and the Best Man Mr. Finn Ferner (Groom's brother) at Skaugum.


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During the time of the King's illness Princess Astrid has been asked to step in on a few of the assignments, so that they don't have to be cancelled. She told the press that it was always nice to be asked, and to be able to help.

She visited Haraldsheim Vandrerhjem, where she opened the first special "King's Room" that all the youth hostels in Norway are supposed to have...

Picture from


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I rarely see Princess Astrid undertakes Royal engagements,it'd be great to see her in good health.Thanks for pic norwegian.
But anybody know why Princess Astrid not oftenly take the engagements anymore?I think the Norwegian Royal does not have many members undertake the engagements.Only: the King and the Queen,the Crown Princely couple and Princess Martha Louise.Maybe she avoids the lime light,but i think she should think of the duty,and sharing the work with the family.I do not agree with the idea that she only helps when they ask,so if they don't ask,she also does not help!I don't want to contrast but i see the British Royal is very hard working,their visits always full.You can see the late Princess Margaret in her ill time,she always undertook some visits.
Maybe Princess Astrid does not need to undertake so many engagements,but i mean maybe she can have one or two engagements a month is better.
The Princess does not only do thngs when she is asked, she has several engagements, thought they are usually rather low key. Princess Astrids engagements usually goes unnoticed by the Norwegian press, she had an engagement last week in Oslo and I have not seen one photo of it. The Princess also had (has?) trouble with her legs and is not a young woman anylonger.

She still often accompanies her brother to sports arrangements in Oslo and she is also involved with people who are dyslexic, and who have Downs Syndrom. Princess Astrid also takes part in some of the engagements that we rarely gets to see pictures of like from lunches at the palace, and she has taken part in almost all the statevisits in Norway, and she is also present for most of the gala dinners. She also sometimes goes to funerals abroad like Prince Carl Bernadotte, Count Flemming of Rosenborg and The Grand Duchess of Luxembourg.
Oh so isee,i do not see many pics of her engagements but i know now.Thanks Larzen.


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