Princess Alexia Starts Kindergarten: June 29, 2009

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I thought it was very thoughtful for the parents to have her "first day" when it doesn't disrupt the other children. Alexia looked nervous and happy. Amalia looked proud of her sister and proud that she could help her. I loved that Willem and Maxima seemed like normal parents, taking pictures, proud of their little girls. What a big step for Alexia, no longer a toddler, not she is a little girl.:wub:
Alexia is so cute! in the first pic she kinda has chubby cheeks =)
Maxima and W-A must so proud of their little girl, Amalia too.
lovely new pictures of the family! quite sad ariane wasn't there.
Alexia is absolutely precious! She seems so excited, yet nervous at the same time. Amalia is adorable in these photos. It is easy to see that she is enjoying the role of big sister.

I am pleased to see that Alexia was given the cool backpack that she mentioned in previous interviews.
Apparently the song that the children sing to welcome new children in the class or on a birthday is by the Belgian singer Salvatore Adamo. It says that every child on earth twinkles like a star, or something like that. But I don't know the title of the song.
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Marengo, thanks, thanks, thanks & thanks!
I can see it now. Very lovely video! Alexia looks very excited. It's easy to see that WA & Maxima are proud of their daughters.

Looking up to big sis for reassurance,love this one too!:)

Alexia will only visit the Bloemcamp school for a limited number of days before the summer hols,the other days she will stay at her own group at kindergarten,Berengoed.Most if not all the children from that group will move on to the Bloemcampschool with Alexia so her friends are coming along...:flowers:.
Aww Alexia is so precious.
I just want to get up and give her a big hug!:wub:
Those sweet girls! Time sure flies by. From the video you could tell that it was very exciting yet a little bit scary for her. Good thing she has her big sister there, they were so sweet when they took each others hands.
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