Prince Philippos & Princess Nina current events part 1: December 2020 -

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Prince Philippos continues working in New York, and Nina is with her hotel project in Mozambique. It is obvious that the civil wedding is a "commitment" wedding, the wedding will be religious.
I read in Point de Vue, that the religious wedding could be for this spring or summer. I know that Point de Vue says it as a hypothesis, but it could be

They had a second wedding in Great Britain, no indication that it was a religious wedding, unless they didn't publish pictures
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Wasn't it speculated that they were waiting until after the religious wedding to officially start referring to her as Princess Nina?

No it is no mandatory in Greek orthodox baptism the godfather to be orthodox , he can be catholic also provided he is baptized. I'm not sure if he can be protestant though, I have a doubt about this as the protestant baptism is different from the orthodox, different conception of the holy trinity (of course Godfather has to be baptized also.

Prince Charles is Marie-Olympia's godfather and he's protestant. So either it's allowed or special dispensation was given.
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Was this really a second wedding, or just an intimate party with close friends, who missed the civil wedding due to COVID restrictions?

It was not a wedding, it was a meeting of friends. I have read that the couple of friends, who celebrated the party, are promoting and recovering a town in Great Britain, for tourism ... and this party , could be related to that project. Taking advantage of the fact that Filippos and Nina were at the party, they received a surprise with a cake by their wedding at december, but it was not properly a wedding, it was a surprise,
But of course, in a magazine, a meeting of friends is not news, but if you change the content of the party.-.., those photo of couple cutting the cake are perfects to create a titular"they celebrated a wedding"
I do not know where I should publish this news, I cannot find the link of the wedding of Prince Philippos in this forum.
In the facebook group, the Greek Royal family, they have published the information that says that the wedding of Prince Philippos and Nina Florh will be on Saturday October 23 at the Cathedral of Athens. I have located more about the news, and the day before a previous party will be held at Lake Vouliagmeni, and the day after, at the Nautical Club of Athens there will be a lunch, this is the favorite place of King Constantine. After the wedding of course there will be a celebration. It is expected the presence of members of royalty, such as Queen Margrethe and Queen Sofia ...
The group administrator says this is not official. The royal family has not released a statement.
Very elegant table setting... not sure about the food on the plate.

What was it?
:previous: One of the comments on Nina' s post mention that is Schnitzel cake!
Princess Theodora, her fiancé, Matthew, Prince Filippos and Princess Nina, have been in Mozambique at the hotel complex of Nina for a few days. Theodora and Nina published these photos on Sunday in the Instagram stories section.
https://blogger.googleusercontent.c...362732893745951_7164120774654765987_n (1).jpg


Seeing Princess Theodora and her fiancé since 2018, I have remembered that her wedding was scheduled for May 2020, and it was suspended. Currently, no date has yet been set for this wedding.
Personally, I don't understand the princess, her brother Filippos has shown that if you want to get married you don't have to wait... Currently, I have the feeling that this wedding has lost all interest due to the delay in the celebration, and I perfectly I get it. I wonder if they will really get married in the future.
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I love to see them, I know that Filippos adores Greece, and knows our traditions perfectly, although he was born in London, he feels Greek, also Nina, because Nina, before marrying Filippos, has always spent her summer vacations in Greece
Princess Nina about her holidays in Greece:

"Beautiful Greece ... with its honourable countryside, awe inspiring sunsets, always smiling donkeys and sage smelling wild flowers ������ so happy here."
Nina Flohr's big project in Mozambique, the Kisawa Sanctuary, which is on an island off the coast, is something that has impressed me a lot. Putting her money into a project in a poor african country which will provide jobs for locals and also helping to develop that part of beautiful Mozambique. When reading that Harry visited that country, at another part on the coast, I was wondering if he doesn't have similar ideas or even was inspired by Nina?
Investing money in a beautiful holiday spot, thereby generating lots of jobs for local people might be a good idea to help in African countries
Interesting though that he chose Mozambique instead of other African countries who have beautiful coasts but not much tourism.Maybe somebody got him interested in the idea.
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