Prince Moulay Rachid Current Events: December 2003 -June 2013

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How old is Rachid?
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Prince Moulay Rachid chairs award ceremony of Hassan II Trophy in traditional equestrian arts
nice suit for summer:flowers:, but I don't like at all his sunglasses:nonono:, this style isn't for him and in more they can be nice with a jean but not with classic suit. I like a lot when he put his brown sunglasses with a classic shape, they give him a lot of class:flowers:
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Prince Moulay Rachid chairs signing ceremony of two partnership agreements in sports
Rabat - H.R.H Prince Moulay Rachid, brother of H.M. King Mohammed VI,
chaired, Tuesday in the Royal Golf of Dar Essalam in Rabat, the signing ceremony of two partnership agreements aimed to introduce the HassaTrophyn II Golf Trophy and the Lalla Meryem Cup into the circuits of the European Tour and the Ladies European Tour.....MAP
Moulay Rachid got sick during a trip to Paris today
Accueil: SAR le Prince Moulay Rachid pris d'un malaise dans l'avion, Son état de santé ne suscite aucune inquiétude
Rabat - The Department of Royal Household, Protocol and Chancellery announced on Saturday in a statement that "HRH Prince Moulay Rachid was taken ill during a trip by plane from Casablanca to Paris.
HRH Prince Moulay Rachid has been admitted to a Paris hospital to undergo medical examinations required. The health of His Royal Highness is stable and not cause concern.
Hope all went well and that he is able to continue his journey safely. May God help him, he is such a kind Prince.
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:DI mixe-up september with november what a fool I am.
my mistake loubna sorry,thanks for the article anyway.
thanks for the info,loubna2.
its not stange that Moulay Rachid attends sush events the MRF are very good friends witht the France royalty.
according to this article Moulay rachis health condition is serious,that alot of members of the MRF traveled to Paris to visit him even from USA,,that maybe in the next days the king too will go to Paris to visit his brother;
I really hope all that is not true.
Hello Shrifia, How credible is this newspaper? I personally have never heard of it before! Have you?
I sincerly hope that Prince Moulay Rachid is in God's protection and that he is feeling in perfect health again. All our prayers are with him. God Bless.
honestly I don't know how accurate this news on Rue89,there is some who tray to play the clever and go beyond the news,just like what happen when the king got sick last Ramadan,some media talked about his very very dangerous health condition,that the first Palace's statement about his illness is just the first step to make the moroccan accepte the fact the need to find another ruler,his brother Moulay rachid was to them the one who will play this rule until Moulay Hassan turn to 18 bla bla the end the king show up in good health before even his convalescence end,so I think its much better to wait and see,hope for the prince a very quick and safe recover,I really enjoy seen him in solo duties.
Probably you are right then Shrifia, French journalists are known for their unconventional conclusions and theories I would say, in anycase I trust the Moroccan newspaper it is more appropriate.
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