Prince Moulay Rachid and Princess Lalla Oum Keltoum Current Events 1: June 2013-

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So the policy is (again) that only blood relatives count? Spouses are only needed to provide off-spring?
Lalla Oum Kelthoum actually is a relative,her father Moulay Mamoune Boufars is a cousin of the Alaouite.
I realy do not want to jump to conclusion
But part of the divorce rumers is that there
Are disputes between lalla salma and king's
Sisters and my guess is that is because
Salma' s rule as first lady they became in the
Shadow ؛now after divorce the will get into
The light again and of course they will not repeat the mistake with oum kelthoum
i think that Lalla Oum Kelthoum herself isn't intersted in doing public duties like the other princesses if she really want to get involved i am very very sure Moulay Rachid and the Kig will support her whether the sisters did or did't not approve.

Prince Moulay Rachid presented the trophies after the final round of the Trophee Hassan II in Rabat yesterday, April 22:

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April 25: Prince Moulay Rachid Receives Senegalese Envoy Carrying Message from Pres. Macky Sall to HM the King
Hey girls have you heard the rumors about the divorce of lalla oum kelthoum and mouly rachid?
Are there are also divorce rumours for them ? After the King and Lalla Salma ? :eek:
Yes there is in morrrocan social media I hope morrocans here tell us what people say on morrocco
Guys plz remember our policy strongly discourage posts that consist of rumour with no basis in verified fact.
So in absence of official announcement or reliable sources let's move on

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