Prince Moulay Ismail & Family: News & pictures

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Nice pic prince Ismail looks handsome
And the girls is beautiful she looks like
Her unti zeineb do you agree girls?
cute picture of father and daughter;i think the little girl look like her cousins Lalla Zineb Daughters.
I am waiting for the baby to come!
Did lalla Anissa give birth ? It was august when I saw the pregenancy photo.
Congeratulations to the couple but are you
Sure it is a girls some comments on
Anissa's page suggests it is a boy
But the father said something about the "new woman"in his life
Besides the baby is dressed in pink.
Congratulations to parents, grandparents and siblings!
I saw a comment " i can not wait for him to
Visit us" so I deduce it is aboy any way let us
Wait the baby to have a name
Quet i wish to see photos for the children
I think they wait for the king to give her a name right?
Any news about the name? ) Wikipedia says that it is the same as mother's: Lalla Anissa but how do they know) and you cant be always sure with this particular source
By the way the mother name is Anika and she still use that name on her facebook page
However I find it strange to call the baby Anissa
conratulations to Moulay Ismail and Lalla Anissa,the pictures are so adorable
the name is always unknown?
Name of the new baby still unknown?
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