Prince Joachim & Princess Marie Pictures, Part 1

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Well, let's hope they don't try it again.
Come on, it looks like a wedding photo. :ermm:

This is regal. This works.

Sorry Polyesco, apart from his third star I didn't notice anything new with Joachim's uniform. It's a standard gala uniform of the infantry.

Yes this one is really beautiful and regal
But Even with the grey background, Mary and Frederik came out very handsome and elegant. very future king and queen. :flowers:

and thank you for the response to the uniform :flowers::flowers:
Can Joachim go "higher" rank than this?
:previous: Yep, that's more like. :cool:

As a reserve officer? No.

AFAIK there is no such thing as a general of the reserves in the current military system.
I'm among those who prefer the palace background. It looks softer and more realistic than the grey background which just screams 'photoshop!'. And of course it looks more regal. But the 'neutral' background seem to be the latest trend. In the single pic of Marie the background is very neutral, but the difference is huge: there is more depth and 'life' in the pic than in the artificial grey backgrounds.

Now that they released new pics of both the young couples, I wouldn't mind new pics of the Queen and Prince Consort.
Lovely pictures, and more appealing than the recent one of the Crown Prince Couple. That gray background looks so flat!

Joachim's eyes are even bluer than Frederik's, and very striking.
Polfoto 01-07-1971 Prins Joachim hos bedsteforældrene i Cahors.

Polfoto 02-05-1974 Prins Joachim i haven på Fredensborg.

Polfoto 02-05-1974 Prins Joachim i haven på Fredensborg.

Polfoto 01-08-1975 Prins Joachim i Legoland.

Polfoto 28-12-1978 Overdragelse af Schackenborg. Fra v. grevinde Karin Schack, prins Joachim, grev Hans Schack.

Polfoto 28-12-1978 Prins Joachim og grev Hans Schack ved overdragelsen af Schackenborg Slot til prinsen.

Polfoto 11-06-1982 Prins Joachim konfirmeres på Fredensborg Slot.
The picture of Joachim by himself in the suit he looks just like Felix. Until this picture, I never saw a resemblance, but it is definitely present in that picture.
He and his wives have four beautiful children between them.
As some of you may recall my scanner died and I had to get a new one. That has meant delays in scanning BB, which is a pity because there were some delightful photos of bette Henrik and Mademoisella Athena I would like to share with you.
But here they are. Enjoy in particular the interaction between our Marie and her children.

First aboard Dannebrog. Athena didn't seem too sure it was that great an idea to sail in a boat on the big sea! But she soon recovered.

To the Classic Car Race, where Athena was car-chick on her brother's car.

Then to Heartland Festival at Egeborg Castle.
Henrik is very much mother's little boy, while Athena seem determined to beat "uncle" Peter Steenstrup in backgammon!

Here are the whole magazines for those interested.
BB #21, 2017
BB #22, 2017
BB #23, 2017
You are right about Henrik. Joachim can't talk his way out of that one!
But Athena, she's a Grassiot! Just look at our Marie's mother.
Nice pictures of the family, thanks Muhler. Looks like they had fun at the festival

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