Prince Joachim & Princess Marie Pictures, Part 1

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I bet Felix and Nikolai will be the hottest Royal Highnesses in next 10-15 years :cool::D
Agree With You ironical , The Girls Waiting for You Boys ;) :lol:
You know what I like about Marie? She really hasn't changed much since she became part of the DRF, except maybe she has made better fashion choices on royal formal occasions, she is still the sweet girl she was, maybe it's b/c she always was "practically perfect in every way":wub:
I have to agree with you; Marie is exactly the same lovely, cheerful young woman she was before her marriage. :)
Yes, we shouldn't forget Joachim and our Marie.

An overjoyed Joachim:

One of the IMO absolute best pictures of Joachim ever:

A few of J&M together:

And la belle Marie alone:

From bette Henrik's third birthday:

Marie at the Tønder Festival:

While Joachim is racing:
A situation so familiar to all husbands:

Nikolai and Felix:

The entire family, litterally:

Being a Princess also includes eating insects. No, she didn't like it!

Being bitten in the finger is also a part of a days work for Marie:
The culprit:
Marie survived:
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:previous: Lovely pictures!

You don't happen to have any HQ photos of Marie in her wedding gown, do you? (I have also posted my query in their wedding thread.)
What a really nice couple they are. Oh, every time I see a new picture of her, I fall all over again in love with our belle Marie.:flowers:
:previous: Lovely pictures!

You don't happen to have any HQ photos of Marie in her wedding gown, do you? (I have also posted my query in their wedding thread.)

Yes and no. only have high res pics attached to articles going back two or three years.

But I've got these, and that should delight Kataryn :) as well:

And Marie's favorite pic of that day:

And todays high res pics:

M&J with bette Henrik:

A nice pic of our Marie:

Christmas in Møgeltønder:

And on the sea:
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:previous: I don't think I will ever forget that photo! Poor Marie.

Thanks Muhler. I was hoping for some pictures showing the detail of her wedding gown, and some of the ones you posted do that from angles I had not seen before.
Thanks Muhler for the wonderful pictures. PS Marie is a beautiful woman and P Joachim seems so happy! I LOVE his one uniform, he looks like one of the toy soldiers we used to play with when I was a child.
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:previous:Cute pic. Joachim looks head over heels and Athena couldnt be bother :ROFLMAO:
Athena's expression in that photo is priceless! Thanks (or should I say Mange Tak? ;)) for sharing Muhler. Joachim looks like he is trying to encourage her to be a bit happier. Perhaps she's angry at the paparazzi: "did I say you could take photos of me?!" Or perhaps she is pulling the "does the face look bothered?" expression. :lol:
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^^ it seems little Henrik spotted the camera
That's in Copenhagen, if I'm not mistaken. Looks like one of the streets leading up to Amalienborg, but obviously I could be wrong (have never been to Møgeltønder so it could just as well be there).
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