Prince Joachim, Current Events Part 3: June 2016 -

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Prince Joachim had a number of meetings with representatives from the special operations command, Acquisition and Logistics Organization (DALO), Defense Command Denmark and the defense team at the Embassy in Paris:

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None of it surprising.

DK has and will buy French military equipment.
And DK has and plans to deploy a logistic unit to Sahara.

Special forces have also operated in Sahara and were scheduled to be deployed there again in a not so distant future.

France has lead and carried the main burden in fighting Islamists in central Sahara (USA deals with the western most part of Sahara) but due to the political unstable situation in Mali in particular (there was a recent military coup there, and the plotters omitted to inform France before carrying out the coup) France is now planning to withdraw partially from heading the current international coalition, of which DK belongs. Instead it is hoped that a genuine international coalition will take over, where France will only be one country among many.
Not least because France has many other military commitments in Africa and their garrisons are beginning to be stretched thin.
The problem is of course who should lead the coalition that is bound to take over from France?
USA springs to mind, but they are not particularly interested, to put it mildly!
Britain. No, not their turf and militarily that would be a major challenge.
Canada would be an obvious choice, but desert warfare if not natural to Canada and it would be difficult to sell in Canada. That are currently focusing on what is happening in the Arctic.
ANZAC - not their turf and would they have the capability let alone the political will?
Russia? No interest, no gain, no support. Too far away as well.
Iran - Would like to! But none of the countries in Sahara want Iran anywhere near!
Turkey? - The most likely candidate, but politically unpalatable for western European participation. Turkey has established a foothold in Libya and may wish to expand. Their autonomous drones have proven remarkably efficient in Libya - and no one are interested in knowing the details...
China? - Not now. China is rapidly expanding it's political and economic influence in sub-Saharan Africa and is in no way interested in Islamists interfering with that! But China will have plenty to do protecting their interests there in the years to come, and is unlikely to focus on Sahara.

Africa has now taken over from the Middle East in being the hub of Islamist movements, so that's where the fighting will take place in the next 10-20 years.
It is the Order of Dannebrog, to a full dress uniform.

Had he worn a gala uniform he would have worn the blue scarf.
We can't see it, but I'm sure he is also wearing the stars of the Order of the Elephant and the Grand Commander's/Commodore's Cross to the Order of Dannebrog.
He will certainly also wear any French orders he may have.
"A great product is not always enough if you want to be successful abroad. You need to understand the business culture as well. General Prince Joachim met today with the Danish Defense Industry Delegation to Paris 28-29 SEP to talk about exactly that - French business culture."
Which is of course true.

Some mistakes typical of inexperienced Danes is that bring with us our informal way of dealing with people, when going abroad on business.
Addressing a Doktor Kampmann, who has a long education in economics behind her, with "du" (informal you and Danish and German) and first name, may not always be the right approach!
Nor is getting to the point within the first minute or so when dealing with say a Japanese businessman.
And so on and so on.

I don't know how it is in France, but it's my impression you won't get into too much trouble if you as a rule use formal you and mr./mrs. last name.
Joachim should know all about that with his extensive knowledge of French culture.
Prince Joachim in Paris today:

„ The Paris defence team lead by defence attaché General Prince Joachim at the Royal Danish Embassy in Paris, France is open for business too. We are taking part in DALO Industry Day today in Ballerup where you can meet us and discuss business opportunities in France with the team.“

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:previous: One of the perks of being a defense attache...
Being wined and dined, but somebody's gotta take one for the team. ?
On October 22 Prince Joachim on behalf of Queen Margrethe handed out „the prestigious decoration in the rank of Knight of the Order of Dannebrog to the Honorary Consul of Martinique and Guadeloupe, Mr. Yves Assier of Pompignan“ in Paris:

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I wonder why he received this honor. What's his contribution to Denmark?! Or is he the Danish honorary consul? But in that case, why did he receive his decoration in Paris? It seems he is most famous for making rum...
A good guess would be for importing Danish goods for many years and for aiding Danish businesses on the islands - and for knowing the right people, for many years...
I wonder why he received this honor. What's his contribution to Denmark?! Or is he the Danish honorary consul? But in that case, why did he receive his decoration in Paris? It seems he is most famous for making rum...
Yves is the Danish honorary consul in Fort de France.
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Prince Joachim attended a Remembrance Day Ceremony in France today, November 11:

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Today, November 16, Prince Joachim attended a meeting in Paris „ with key French Space authorities to exchange points of views and identify areas of future cooperation within the Space domaine“:

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Prince Joachim attended the Defense Industrial Innovation Fair “Forum Innovation Defense” in Paris today, November 25:

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Prince Joachim visited Thales in Paris today, March 9. Thales is a defence contractor with activities in military engineering, aerospace and safety and transportation.

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Looks like a typical activity for a military attache. I.e. being invited to a presentation of defense material for sale.
France has a considerable defense industry.
Prince Joachim and his colleagues visited the Parisis Squadron at Air Base 107, Villacoublay, today, March 11:

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Hmm, could that be Fennec helicopters, I wonder.

Looks similar to me.
The Danish military has some and they are put to good use and were very useful and popular in Iraq - by the British soldiers.
The Fennec is a very fast observation helicopter and it used to fly ahead of Coalition patrols and convoys, low and fast, sometimes spotting potential ambushes.
When the Danish troops pulled out of the Basra region the British asked for a the Fennec squadron to remain and so it was.

The DRF members sometimes hitch a ride on a Fennec.

Now that the Danish military is going to increase dramatically over the next years, that also means new material has to be purchased. And of course France would like to sell something. In this case helicopters.
The Danish military attache is so to speak the first to be cultivated by French firms - and in this case it's Joachim.

- And Joachim...
It is indeed genetically programmed into all men that we have to put our hands in our pockets while kicking tires, so to speak. But not in uniform, Joachim. ;)
- And Joachim...
It is indeed genetically programmed into all men that we have to put our hands in our pockets while kicking tires, so to speak. But not in uniform, Joachim. ;)

And Army uniform too :whistling:
LOL, I thought the same thing about the pockets. My father would have been appalled at a man in uniform standing that way!

I was also surprised at the picture of him with the other men in uniform. They all look really sloppy for military men. Joachim looks presentable, but the others look like they're all in wrinkled and/or ill-fitting suits.

Indeed. :ermm:

Can you spot the big no-no in this photo?

Hint: the navy cap is dirty. Dirty as in filthy. As in even a homeless bum would think twice about wearing it. :ohmy:

Typical of the navy though. Given half the chance sailors will dress like pirates. ?
It takes an army-man to dress correctly. :cool:

But back to business.
The Danish military is going to buy a lot of stuff.
The air force is going to phase in the insanely expensive F-35s. I hope they'll be worth it.
Ships is something we can build ourselves and we are good at it.
The Seahawk helicopter is taking over after the much loved and very reliable Sea Lynx.

That leaves mainly the army. France and Germany are going work together on the replacement on the extremely popular Leopard 2, which I imagine DK will buy some of as well - so will most of the European countries and likely Canada too.
But DK will also need artillery, and here France, Italy and Sweden in particular comes in. South Africa has some good artillery as well, but I think arms manufacturers in EU will be preferred, both for political but also very much for supply reasons.
There is considerable pressure from France and Italy in particular, but also more discreetly from Sweden and Germany as well, to favor EU produced materiel. Because that means jobs and income, especially in a time where Europe may face a slowing down of the overall economy.
And another, but no less crucial consideration: EU doesn't know who the next US president will be and what will be the policy of the next administration. The former US administration caused quite some stir and it is no doubt considered safer to control arms manufacturing, supplies and spare parts if most of that is produced from within EU.
Never really have a clue what he is doing that is worthwhile and of any substance.He´s always been a lone rider sort of man in a way.Sad really.
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