Prince Joachim and the Copenhagen Historic Grand Prix

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According to the calendar, Marie will be giving out the prizes on August 8, 2010.
I think its great seeing Marie getting involved in someway at the grand prix.
Thanks Iceflower for the pictures, Joachim looks quite excited about it but who blames him.
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Thanks for letting us know, Dazzling, I'm looking forward to seeing her there! :flowers:

Yesterday, August 7, Prince Joachim already participated as driver at the
Copenhagen Historic Grand Prix.

** Pic 1 ** Pic 2 ** Pic 3 ** Pic 4 ** Pic 5 **
Was this like round 1 or was it a test drive of todays race?
Races take place on both days, but I don't know how it's counted.

Today it's been very rainy, here are some pics of Prince Joachim (who
didn't make any of the three first places) and Princess Marie handing
out the prices, August 8:

** Pic 1 ** Pic 2 ** Pic 3 ** Pic 4 ** Pic 5 ** Pic 6 ** Pic 7 **
Princess Marie at the award ceremony of the Copenhagen Grand Prix

PPE Agency Prix and Picture Gallery from Belga
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Great seeing Marie attending & handing over the prizes. Pity Joachim didn't make any of the top 3 places, would've been nice seeing Marie giving him his prize.
Love how down to earth Marie is dressed for the event, looks very part of it.
Thank you for the pictures.
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Pictures of Marie & Joachim with the umbrella's is quite funny & looks like Marie gave up with it at the end.
Summary of article in Billed Bladet #32, 2010.
Marie heppede på Joachim - Marie cheered for Joachim.
Written by Frodi Holm Knudsen.

It wasn't all about twins this past weekend you know. Joachim took part in the Copenhagen Historic Grand Prix and our Marie was there Sunday to hand out prizes. Her brother, Edouard, was there too.
It was absolutely pouring down! But Joachim, as the gallant gentleman he is, ensured that Princess Marie remaind dry beneath the umbrella he naturally shielded her with.
He didn't win however and said afterwards: "It's not easy to drive a race in all that water. But I'm very pleased with the race, both yesterday and today. But I'm not going out to celebrate it. It's going to be a quiet evening at home". He came in as number six.
Petite Marie handed out the trophies and gave the winners a kiss on the cheeks. Kisses on the mouth are reserved for Joachim...

Bette Henrik was left at home.
From my archive:

It is always a pleasure for me to translate BB articles about our Marie and her Joachim. I looked forward to the BB coverage of the Copenhagen Grand Prix last weekend and fortunately I have not been disappointed. As such I’ve decided to translate in full.

Now get a cup of what ever. Cuddle up in your favourite chair and grab a pack of tissues. Comfy? Then start reading…

Billed Bladet #32, 2008-08-07.

Maries lykke – Marie’s happiness. (*)

Princess Marie and Prince Joachim radiate happiness and love and the couple seem happier than ever.
After first a lovely honeymoon and now a little more than a months vacation in France, first at the chateaux of the Regent Couple with Prince Joachim’s boys, Nikolai and Felix and visiting and having a vacation with Marie’s family, it’s a relaxed and broad smiling princely couple, who have now ended the vacation, which they have enjoyed in full.
It’s obvious that the couple have become closer and that they enjoy being married.
Each time they are near, they kiss and hug just as they constantly send each other loving and telling looks, if the distance between them is too big for them to hold hand or to give each other a loving squeeze.
When Prince Joachim and Princess Marie during the weekend was at the race Copenhagen Historic Grand Prix in Fælledparken (a park), everyone, who saw the princely couple, could see how glad and happy they are.
Constantly they smiled happily (**) and during the intermissions between the various races they constantly sought each other’s company.
The couple laughingly exchanged little stories, (***) whispered loving words to each other and lovingly kissed each other in full public glare.
All the time they were attentive of each other, even though they the Prince had many practical tasks also outside the race track and Marie was companied by the friend Britt Siebye and Charlotte Sparre and the Prince’s private secretary chamberlain Kurt Bache.

All the love Prince Joachim and Princess Marie obviously show each other will definitely end up with a common child, which is something they both wish for.
How far the baby-plans are is something Marie and Joachim still carry as their own sweet secret.
- “Of course we wish for children. That’s a part of sealing your love”, said Prince Joachim shortly before the wedding during an interview with Billed Bladet in Mozambique, where he also told that there was love enough for yet one more child.
- “You don’t cut down. You double. Yes, the heart simply become bigger, it’s not so difficult”, said the Prince and added that Marie has a very big heart for children and of course wish for a child.
So a common child is more than welcome at Schackenborg and Joachim and Marie are now more than ever ready to become parents.

Written by Trine Larsen.

I can’t get over how long Joachim’s hair has grown. And compared with the obvious happiness of our couple, there is a kind of flower power over the whole event.
Those of us who are old enough and didn’t smoke too much giggle-weed will know what I refer to…

(*) Yes, happiness as in happy circumstances. BB may be hinting something or what?

(**) It’s contagious you know. Now I smile too!
My smile is so wide I would be the envy of any used car salesman. If I don’t get that smile off my face I fear Mrs. Muhler will call for an ambulance and tell them to bring a straight jacket, when she comes home in a couple of hours.

(***) Tee hee. Giggle. – Oh God! Now the dog is hiding from me under the table!

On August 5, Prince Joachim, Prince Nikolai and Prince Felix attended the press
presentation for the Copenhagen Historic Grand Prix.

** ppe gallery **

Yesterday, August 6, Prince Joachim participated himself, but had two accidents.
As a result of that some spectators got angry and acted disrespectful towards
Joachim (see the galleries). Princes Marie was present as well.

** Prins Joachim i to motoruheld på en dag ** translation ** gallery **

Today the race weekend ended.

** Prins Joachim blev nummer tre i motorløb ** translation **

** gallery: Her faar prins Joachim fingeren efter skaenderi **

** gallery: Joachim tog revanche ingen uheld og **** fingre i dag **
Billed-Bladet - Prins Joachim - mine fødder er for store

Copenhagen Historic Grand Prix takes place this weekend and Joachim is already in competitive mode: "This weekend, I'll recommend people stay behind me".

Ditching his shoes on the square in front of Copenhagen townhall, he crammed his long body into a formula 1 racer, kindly exhibited by Red Bull.
Joachim said afterwards: "My feet are too big and my shoulders too wide. I simply haven't got the dimensions for that car".

There is also a brief video.

Looking at Joachim's smile :D it's pretty safe to say, he's a true petrolhead.

- With a little luck, we'll see our Marie as well. Perhaps with bette Henrik?
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If you think you can handle it, here is a gallery of some serious cute pictures of bette Henrik at the Copenhagen Historical Grand Prix today. - Okay, dad and our Marie are there too: Se billederne: Danmarks nye racer-prins |

I don't know what bette Henrik has said or done in the second picture, whatever it is it is reducing Joachim and Oscar Siesbye to hysterical laughter.
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On August 5 Prince Henrik and Princess Marie also accompanied Prince Joachim to the Copenhagen Historic Grand Prix,
here are some nice pics:

** ppe gallery **
Summary of article in Billed Bladet #32, 2012.
Jeg vil køre race som far - I'll race like dad.
Written by Karina Didriksen.

Our Marie and bette Henrik joined Joachim last weekend, when he took part in the Copenhagen Historic Grand Prix, - and came in third.

Wearing a team-shirt, with the names of the sponsors Marie joined Joachim's team in their pit but it was bette Henrik who ran with all the attention. Cars!
Lots of cars! And Henrik had to sit in front of the wheel in as many cars as possible, so he grabbed mom of dad's hand and dragged his parents from car to car.
Marie remarked: "Henrik is very fond of cars. That's difinitely in the genes. He knows all the brands, yes, he's pretty good at that".

Perhaps Henrik will also become a racing driver?
Marie: "Then I'll be so proud of him".
She went down and asked her son: "Will you be driving in races, when you grow up, just like dad? Or will will you drive a bus? - No, he says he want's to drive a racingcar like his dad".
Henrik was shy so only mother could hear his reply.

But right next to the pit stood a bright red double decker bus (*) and here the team could stay when they were not competing. Each time bette Henrik steered straight for the steering wheel and at some point the tunes of a children's song about driving a bus was heard. (**) When he wasn't busy driving the bus, Henrik found time to put his head out the window and greet passers by: "Hi, hi", they included Marie who kissed her son on the cheek.

While our reporter chatted with Joachim about the race a loud: "Hoooonk", was heard. That was bette Henrik who sat behind the wheel in dad's car.
Joachim smiled: "I think we have the beginning of something interesting here. There is a big potential coming up".
However Henrik still has a way to go before becoming a racing driver, as Joachim explained: "I've suggested that he turn the engine on, but he didn't dare do that. That was after all too much".

Atehena was looked after at home.

(*) Double-decker buses are rare in DK, so Henrik may not have seen one before.

(**) Presumably it was adults singing.
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Thank you for the additional photos, fairy tale. :flowers:

I also don't like how Joachim is smoking near little Henrik, I'm not a fan of parents smoking near their children (and smoking in general). On another note, I like this photo which iceflower posted of little Henrik covering his ears, it's very cute.
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I agree, while i love that they take little Henrik (and i cant wait till they take little Athena one day too), I dont like that he still smokes around his small kids. I remember seeing the pictures of him smoking with little Nikolai on his lap years ago, :ermm:
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Agree about the smoking although there is probably just as much danger from pollution due to car exhausts! Automobile racing is not an undangerous sport; I don't wonder at the tenderness with which our Marie kisses Joachim knowing it might well be the last time. Boys and their toys! :bang:
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Thanks for the many delightful pictures. :flowers:

I saw a brief interview online the other day, where Joachim talked about his sport.
Also that he had had a few uh-oh-moments, where he may not have been in severe danger but nevertheless could have been injured. He also said that our Marie so far didn't object to him risking his limbs in this sport, because she hadn't seen it when something went wrong. - Well, she has now...

Bette Henrik was mentioned in a couple of captions as pointing the make of the cars he saw. A possible future petrolhead in the making.

I don't appreciate Joachim smoking near his children either, not least because bette Henrik (like Joachim himself) is suffering from asthma. However in his defence I'd say that it looked to me like bette Henrik went up to his dad and was picked up, while Joachim had a fag in his mouth. So that one can be excused.
Anyway, it would be a god idea to beat his habit, if not for health reasons then for economic reasons. How much is a pack of twenty cigarettes? 30 DKK? That's 5.3 $ or 4 € and the price is not going down!
So if he smoke one pack every two days, that's 977 $ a year. Imagine how many dashboard figures you can get for that. :p

Another thing worth noting is the affection and public kissing between Joachim and Marie.
The old Joachim married to Alexandra would be very unlikely to do that as a matter of course. The old Joachim was much more correct and aware of his presence in public, something he shared I believe with Alexandra. And perhaps that's one of the reasons for their failed marriage? They were too alike?
The new Joachim, has matured and learned that it won't kill you to show that you love your wife in public.
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Anyway, it would be a god idea to beat his habit, if not for health reasons then for economic reasons. How much is a pack of twenty cigarettes? 30 DKK? That's 5.3 $ or 4 € and the price is not going down!
So if he smoke one pack every two days, that's 977 $ a year. Imagine how many dashboard figures you can get for that. :p
Still cheap compared to Toronto where a pack of 25 will run you $11 to $12.
Still cheap compared to Toronto where a pack of 25 will run you $11 to $12.

Jeez!! :eek:

They've talked about raising the vat here in DK to such levels, but haven't so far for fear of the cross border trading going up even more.
Jeez!! :eek:

They've talked about raising the vat here in DK to such levels, but haven't so far for fear of the cross border trading going up even more.
Talk is cheap, but action always speaks louder than words!:flowers: Here in Canada, smoking is not only expensive but socially unacceptable, To make matters even more explicit, the Canadian government pays tobacco farmers to use their fields for other crops:bang:. Regarding your comment about the reason for Alexandra and Joachim's divorce, thank you dear Muhler for opening up the possibility to speculate on why anyone would choose to leave the delicious Danish Royal Family! I think myself that Alexandra has no sense of humour and was not able to laugh at Prince Henrik's jokes. You can say what you want about our Marie but she is always entertaining AND she is French!:lol: If I were Joachim, I would certainly have more fun with Marie:ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:
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