Prince Jacques d'Orleans & Gersende de Sabran-Pontevès 03-08-1969

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Thnks for posting Steven! Wasn't the dress of Gersende designed by Yves St. Laurent (I seem to remember that from discussions at other forums)?
Was this wedding morganatic?
The late count of Paris didn't consider it morganatic, the couple's children all received 'normal' titles and Jacques kept his. His twin brother Michel did not receive the permission of his father though, and saw his rights forfeited. I suppose Gersende (daughter of the 6th duke of Sabran) is of much higher aristocracy than Beatrice.

The online Gotha by Paul Theroff has the geneology of the Sabran family online btw, click here.
A beautiful bride - very simply but richly dressed. She didn't need a royal tiara - just pretty flowers in her hair.
Yes indeed it was designed by Yves St. Laurent
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Thanks Steven!

The couple married in the town of Ansouis, in the Provence. The Sabran family has a castle here, which was put up for sale in January 2009, according to this article. I suppose the couple married in the St.Martin-of-Ansious church, which you can see here and some more information and images here.

A day before the religious wedding, the couple married in a civil ceremony, also in Ansious btw. I haven't seena ny pictures of that thus far (though a religious wedding usually eclipses the civil one of course).
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About Gersende de Sabran-Pontevès, the duchess of Orléans ; the newspaper Le Figaro announced the engagement of his nephew Foulques, the count of Sabran-Pontevès (son of Gersende's brother Géraud Marie, viscount of Sabran-Pontevès, and Stéphanette Fabre) with Maylis Sechiari (daughter of Emmanuel Sechiari and Sabine Bretteville).
I visited the castle of Ansouis and the guide was La Duchesse et Sabran-Pontèves, herself. As I was to early
follows sorry
we spoke to gether in the shadow . She told me that her husband was already ill at that moment and he asked the Count de Paris to do the wedding at Ansouis. Of course the Count de Paris agreed. That explain the reason why this event did not happen at Dreux.
She told me that the funny think was that the people of Ansouis said : "How sad the Duc's daughter marries only a Count's son."
The castle of Ansouis is now sold , I don't want to speak about it because I am
sorry again , problems , not sure about how that happened really..
Steven --- All of the above photobucket links are giving me a "This image or video has been moved or deleted" response. Can you provide current links? I would love to see them. Thanks!!
Thank you - those links worked perfectly!
Thanks Steven! I just love looking at pictures of royal weddings.
A video of the wedding, without sound sadly.

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