Prince Friso and Princess Mabel, Current Events 3 (September 2008 - January 2014)

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Welcome to the 4th thread for Prince Friso of The Netherlands and Princess Mabel of Orange Nassau's news and pictures.

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According to Elsevier the 40th birthday party of Friso and Mabel was celebrated during the last weekend of August at Palace Noordeinde.

- They invited around 400 guests
- Trijntje Oosterhuis performed
- The diner was in the stables of the palace
- It lasted the entire weekend

Courtesy: Nadja at ATR
Have any photos been released of the party?
No, it was all very private :)


The magazine Jackie lost its head ;) (IMHO that is):

Princess Mabel inspires other Dutch women

Dutch magazine ‘Jackie Business’ has voted Princess Mabel as runner up in it’s Top-25 of ‘The Netherlands most inspiring women’. Neelie Kroes, the Dutch European Commissioner for Competition and former minister, took first place.

Princess Mabel’s second place might come as a surprise to some. The wife of Prince Friso, 40, second son of Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands, has met with a partly hostile Dutch press from the moment the queen announced the engagement of Mabel and Friso in June 2003.

Read the entire article here.
Princess Mabel visited Cyprus with "The Elders" and had discussions with both Greeg-Cypriot and Turkish-Cypriot young people.

PPE Agency
From royalblog, look here. Apparently Desmond Tutu and Jimmy Carter were also there.
Very nice photos (and very interesting article). It would be nice to see a transcript from their meeting. I am curious about what they discussed.
Very nice photos (and very interesting article). It would be nice to see a transcript from their meeting. I am curious about what they discussed.

The situation in Cyprus,rediculously divided between the Greek and Turkish part,and the ways/measures to lift the divide.Nicosia is the only city still divided by a wall between the turkish and greek part,so discussions are welcome to find ways to lift that situation.As youngsters have the future,they had talks with them to hear their view and as The Elders are whom they are,the youngsters from both communities had the idea their opinions do matter and they are taken serious.
Thank you, Lucien. I had no idea that things were still so divided in Cyprus. Mabel had the opportunity to work with such an admirable group of people, and it looks like she was on equal footing with them.
Thank you, Lucien. I had no idea that things were still so divided in Cyprus. Mabel had the opportunity to work with such an admirable group of people, and it looks like she was on equal footing with them.

Press Releases - The Elders - Visit to Cyprus


It is a pitty,absolutely,such a beautifull island,such an impressive history,and this black page bungling there.
Both communities want to lift the devide,but politics doesn't always follow suite.

There is that ghost town,Famagusta,on the south of the island,once one of the most beautifull of mediterrenean cities,beautifull hotels,marina's,casino's the lot.
After the truce between both communities,the UN declared the city no-mansland.It still is,no-one lives there except creepy crawlies,
all those once beautifull buildings totally derelict after those over 30 years now.I've often sat on the cape at Protaras to look over
Famagusta in the near distance and thought,what a waste.It will take billions of euro's to patch the place up again,if ever.Sad really.
11-11-2008 Amsterdam Prince Friso attended, as manager of TNO Space, the Flying Dutchmen ( Vliegende Hollanders 2008), the Science and Technology Summit 2008 at the Passenger Terminal in Amsterdam.
PPE Agency
After this official function the prince was interviewed by the item 'De Jakhalzen', which is the light note in the already light infotainment programme 'De Wereld Draait Door', he seemed rather stiff and nervous which made an odd contrast with the rather relaxed ways of the presenter. In the end the presenter asked the prince to make a plea for technical studies and he offered the prince two boxes of mekano, for his daughter. The prince replied that his daughters probably had those aleady.
HRH Princess Mabel,Chair of The Elders,will visit South-Africa and Zimbabwe this weekend along with
Jimmy Carter and Mrs.Mandela,formerly Graca Machel.

It is a special mission in view of the political and economical crisis in Zimbabwe and The Elders will have talks with politicians of both sides.
TRH Prince Friso and Princess Mabel were invited,and attended,the Nobel Peace Prize ceremony at Oslo today.

The Prince,btw,is a godson of King Harald.

Prince Friso supports Clinton Foundation
Among the 205,000 contributors to the William J. Clinton Foundation is Dutch Prince Friso, according to records made public on Thursday by the charity organisation founded by the former U.S. President. Other contributors are the government of Norway, the Princess Diana Memorial Fund and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Read more here.
Nobel Peace Prize 2008, Grand Hotel Oslo 10/12/2008
Princess Mabel & Prince Friso

Thanks, Queenece29. Princess Mabel looks great in this dress. Plus I like the way she wears her jewellery.
HRH Princess Mabel will officially open the Amnesty International Filmfestival "Movies that Matter" on april 2nd,The Hague
as was announced by the organisation this morning.
Love the dress, shoes - and the long leather gloves - what a kick!
Those leather gloves are absolutely amazing! The Princess looks so elegant and makes an amazing statement in those gloves!
She has beautiful hair!! She looks amazing. Like the dress, don't like the gloves
Princess Mabel pregnant perhaps?

Is it just the shape of her dress or could she perhaps be showing the first signs of a pregnancy?
I just looked at several pictures of Princess Mabel at this event and I wouldn't be surprised if we would hear some happy news shortly...
I don't want to start rumours, but I would be delighted if it proved to be true.:flowers:
I always expected her and Prince Friso to have a third child and the Princess will be 41 in August, so there is not much time left for her...
What else do you think it is?It is absolute nonsense,but it sells and those creeps will do anything to make an extra buck as long as there's a certain breed believing all the crap,no,worse,they thrive on it.Disgusting,I have always strongly disliked that sort of pulp.

Have a nice sunday.:)
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