Prince Frederik & Princess Mary's Official Visit to Australia: Feb. 27-March 11, 2005

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Polfoto 03-03-2005 Kronprinsesse Mary deltog torsdag i en frokost arrangeret af Mental Health Foundation i Australien. Frokosten fandt sted på Four Seasons Hotel i Sydney. Kronprinsessen er protektor for Landsforeningen SIND. Sammen med kronprins Frederik er hun på officeilt besøg i Australien frem til den 11. marts. (Yasmin Gimellaro/POLFOTO)


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Few more pics from Gettyimages


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what time is it in australia now?
and as i asked in mary news thread if anyone have some time over we need some new photos posted of her jewllery in the jewllery thread
Josefine said:
what time is it in australia now?
and as i asked in mary news thread if anyone have some time over we need some new photos posted of her jewllery in the jewllery thread

Its around 7:30 in the evening in Australia at the moment.

I will try to post pics of Mary in the jewelry thread as soon as I get some good pics of her jewelry.
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thank you so much
and it would be great if you could find some good photos of her jewllery

i saw on a video that they sang the song elton johan sang on dianas funeral
that was a bit icky for me

i just saw in the jewllery thread what she wore last night a red dress with her wedding tiara as a necklace

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I just saw that red dress as well and came over here hoping to find a few more pictures! How lovely! I can't wait to see what my fellow forum members dig up. I think the dress is simply splendid!
LOVELY gown, LOVELY jewellery, LOVELY princess!!!!

Some more pics... thanks to gudinde from CPMaryMB! :)


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March 3, 2005: Prince Frederik and Princess Mary at the 2005 NSW State Dinner at the Government House.

Can I just say that she looks GORGEOUS. I don't know what else to say. I might not have liked the previous outfits that she wore on the trip but this more than makes up for all of them. Wonderful dress and Mary looks magnificent in it. The only qualm I seem to have is the hairstyle--too matronly. Other than that, "two thumbs up."

UK Press


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I think Mary has looked wonderful in all of the photos we've seen so far. And I also think Frederic has looked very happy - although the attention is on Mary all the time, so we don't get to see much of Frederic do we? But hey she is worth the attention. :)
More pics from Polfoto


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By the way - thanks everyone for sharing the pics - good job!
I know I should have posted these earlier, but I couldn't. Here are more pics from Mary's attendance at the Mental Health Foundation of Australia luncheon.

UK Press


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No Watermark!

Just 1 pic, courtesy Sydney Morning Herald



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other pictures!

1- AUSTRALIA: Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark (centre-L) and Australian-born Crown Princess Mary (C) listen to a speech by New South Wales Premier Bob Carr during the a state luncheon in honour of the Danish royal couple's visit in Sydney, 28 February 2005. The Danish royal couple are on a 13-day visit to Australia. AFP PHOTO/POOL/Dean LEWINS (Photo credit should read DEAN LEWINS/AFP/Getty Images)

2-SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - FEBRUARY 28: Bob Carr, Premier of New South Wales (L-R), Crown Prince Frederik, Crown Princess Mary of Denmark and Helen Carr pose on the steps of Governor Macquarie Tower after the New South Wales Premier's State Luncheon in honor of the Danish Royal couple's visit to Australia February 28, 2005 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Patrick Riviere/Getty Images)

3-CP.Mary with her friend


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Girly Photo

this time courtesy of the Daily Telegraph



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Set 2


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Set 3

#4-6 Reuters


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Thanks to everyone (Pdas1201, Mandy, Warren, Monalisa, Jasl) for having posted the latest pics of Frederik and Mary at these last few events.

I think Mary's wardrobe on this trip has been spectacular (with the exception of the pink skirt and floral-print blouse that first day anyway), particularly her evening wear. The pink and black outfit at the Red Cross function and the jewel-toned gown at the recent state dinner are gorgeous gowns.

Being back in Australia obviously agrees with Mary!
My observation: Mary looks really good in shades of red. ;)
Mary looks great , i like her red Dress , just lovely :)
Portrait of Mary by Chinese artist Jaiwai Shen. As you know he is making the official portrait of Mary that will be hung in National Portrait Gallery in Canberra. This is NOT the official portrait instead it is just something the artist "churned" out. The official portrait will take seven months to complete and in that Mary will wear a long red dress (maybe the same one she wore before the wedding) with the Order of the Elephant and a pale blue sash.


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Really lovely photos! Just wondering has CP Mary got a new order? And if so, which order is it? An Australian one? It can't be the Order of the Elephant, since there isn't a sash, can it? I know it is comon that royals on their first official visit to a country they get the countrys order. But other than that I haven't got the foggiest about orders:D
KikkiB said:
Really lovely photos! Just wondering has CP Mary got a new order? And if so, which order is it? An Australian one? It can't be the Order of the Elephant, since there isn't a sash, can it? I know it is comon that royals on their first official visit to a country they get the countrys order. But other than that I haven't got the foggiest about orders:D

Princess Mary doesn't have a new order. She is wearing the star of Order of Elephant.

The Order of Elephant has four parts:

The badge: The badge is the elephant made of white-enamelled gold. It is about 2 inches high. On its back the elephant is bearing a watch tower, and in front of the tower a Moor is sitting holding a golden spear. On the right side of the elephant there is a cross of diamonds and on the left, the elephant bears the monogram of the bestowing monarch.

The collar: The collar of the Order is of gold. It consists of alternating elephants and towers. On the cover of the elephants there is a D which stands for Dacia, mediaeval Latin for Denmark.

The sash: The sash of the Order is of light-blue silk moiré and 10 cm wide. It is placed on the left shoulder with the elephant resting against the right hip. The collar is not worn when the sash is used.

The star: The star of the the Order is an eight-pointed silver star. At its center there is a red medallion with a cross, surrounded by a laurel wreath in silver. It is worn on the left side of the chest.

The star can be worn seperate of the sash and badge, like Mary did at the gala.

Attached parts of the Order of Elephant:

1. The Collar and the Badge
2. The Sash and the Badge
3. The Star


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Though I was not crazy about her Red Cross gala outfit I do absolutely love her claret colored gown! Her wedding tiara as a necklace is charming and her overall look is just marvelous. This may be my favourite formal outfit that Mary has worn. As norwegianne pointed out Mary looks really good in shades of red. She also wears other jewel tones well (shades of purple and deep greens).

Fred looks pretty darn good as well; quite handsome in black tie! ;)

Thanks to everyone who posted wonderful photos and news.

photos from

1. Charming Fred and Mary
2. Walking in
3. Mary


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I found the following article to be really surprising. Is The Australian a reputable source for information or is this just sour grapes on Jacquelynne Willcox's part??,5744,12433285%255E7583,00.html

Jacquelynne Willcox: Bringing down bloody Mary

March 04, 2005

WITH a little more than two weeks left of the Danish royal tour, there are worrying signs that the nice Tasmanian girl who met her sailor prince at the Slip Inn could slip up.

<SPAN class=bodytext>Princess Mary might be hogging headlines and hearts, but she should heed the advice of another local uppity aristocrat, Dame Edna Everage, and mind she does not get too grand. For it is a truism that despite bold attempts at internationalism, Australians remain uncomfortable with success and will readily cut someone down should they get above themselves.

Already newspapers are complaining about her highfalutin' ways, driving fast getaway cars Diana style, swanning around in posh frock shops or hiding away in a zillion-dollar harbourside penthouse having her portrait painted. In a sure sign lips are thinning, they have published embarrassing pictures of the old, gauche Mary (and her nipples) with extra kilos squeezed into a skimpy polyester top. There was a toe-curling years-old snap hinting that Mary might have harboured a penchant for fame, all wide-eyed - with face to match - securing an autograph from fashion princess Sarah O'Hare.

Articles have appeared claiming Mary demanded a local charm school remove from their website gushing references to her as their most successful student (she enrolled after that night in the pub). And we've learned that she lived with a Melbourne lad for seven years before she dated a footballer, then moved on to the prince. Neither chap has blabbed yet.

Now, the normally sycophantic Danish press appears to be tiring of Mary's pomp. This week, headlines urged her to step out from behind the plush veil of exclusivity and get among the people. They meant the people on the street, not the toffs in their yachts on Rushcutters Bay.

It might be the influence of my Methodist Marxist upbringing in a parched city that frowns at the tarty ways of Australia's lush east coast, but I first started worrying about the new posh Mary when she became engaged. Being from Adelaide, I forgave her the elocution lessons that wiped any trace of Aussie accent, yet by the wedding day the transformation was too much. Even for me.

"This is no blushing bride," I snapped to my gentleman caller, a passionate Sydney republican who quaintly manages blind devotion to the Glucksborgs while remaining trenchantly scornful of the Windsors. "It's like she's done this before."

Perhaps the European chill had frozen more than her tonsils, but Mary appeared extra rigidly royal than those born to it. Contrast her regal bearing with the human charm of her soon-to-be mother-in-law Queen Margrethe, when the dear mum planted a lipstick kiss on her son at the church altar. Then there was the groom's nervous, clenched-teeth mumbling to his princely brother and, sigh, his subsequent blubbering.

Not even the Sharon Stone moment of Mary's kilted father or the sight of her jolly stepmother's - surely unnecessary - wristwatch, when she frantically waved her sweet, chubby arms from the palace balcony, or even a flowergirl niece named Maddison, shattered the nascent princess's imperious demeanour.

Unlike Britain's crown prince consorts, Camilla and the beatified but aristocratic Diana, Mary's main attraction has been that she was not born to poshdom. She was one of us. That's the Sydney us - an autograph hunter. And Sydney is the city that has, Statue of Liberty-like, brazenly carried a beacon proclaiming itself Australia's opportunity capital.

Indeed, as a Sydney resident too, I can boastfully reveal a brush with minor royalty. Not long after Mary met her nobleman in a pub, I was introduced to a minor kingdom's prince in a ritzy bar and briefly enjoyed being royally wined and dined. His Highness even sent me a personally inscribed book (about the liberation of Berlin) in a move that prompted the more hysterical among my royalist friends to wonder how I might cope with a title.

So you see, I empathise. I understand that what Mary's good marriage says to women embarking on the golden pathway of success is that any law graduate can make her way to the emerald city, wangle a career in the quintessential Sydney profession - real estate - go for a drink at the Slip Inn, then slip into Europe's oldest royal family. It's a no-brainer. While the much warmer, but certainly dimmer and odder, Diana gave hope for uneducated earls' daughters, clever clogs Mary inspires career girls on the make. Ambitious law graduates need no longer set their sights on a managing partner when they can put all those turgid constitution tutorials into practice and seduce a kingdom.

But it's not just about her. Until Mary's dreamy reality, Denmark was for most Australians a small country largely known for producing that great pedlar of fairytales, Hans Christian Andersen, most of Europe's disparate royal families, herrings and a supermodel who made it (in our eyes) only when she became the consort of an Australian rock prince, Michael Hutchence. But, then, that was a fairytale. And it ended in tears. Jacquelynne Willcox is writing a book about men and women who abandon their religious vocations.
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Josefine said:
the press still wrights crown prince frederik and princess mary

Maybe because there's some thruth there,since a crown princess is too a princess,but i understund that a princess is not always a crown princess;)
Josefine said:
i know that maxima has worn something like marys dress and maybe even mathilde

Yes it seems to be the same style of combinaison,but i'm not sure that maxima's and mathilde's tops were nude on the back as mary's one!

Any one has a picture from the back of P.mathide and P.maxima to compare?


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