Prince Frederik & Princess Mary's Official Visit to Australia: Feb. 27-March 11, 2005

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Launceston(Tasmania) Examiner

A rolled-gold royal romantic
Tuesday, 1 March 2005

SYDNEY - Mary Donaldson not only won the heart of a prince - she got herself a real- life prince charming.

Denmark's Prince Frederik observed all the niceties during their fairytale courtship.

He proposed in Rome, he wrote a gallant letter to her father "kindly asking" for her hand in marriage, he wept as she walked down the aisle and he chose a honeymoon in Africa so they could be "just Frederik and Mary" away from the public gaze.

The future king could not keep his emotions in check during their lavish internationally televised wedding 10 months ago.

"You could hear the crowd outside sort of starting to rumble and cheer and now you're getting closer to the final countdown," he told Andrew Denton on ABC TV's Enough Rope last night.

"Suppressed feelings that I had kept within me for, I would say, maybe years suddenly could not be held back, and should not be held back.

"So I said to hell with keeping the facade. This is the moment ...

"There might as well have been no people in the church, for me it was just the two of us living that intense moment, which was quite the most fantastic part in that day I think."

Prince Frederik felt the couple would need to honeymoon somewhere like Antarctica or Greenland to get some privacy.

He surprised her with a safari in Africa.

"We were completely Mary and Frederik," his bride said.

"We just did as we pleased, went around as we pleased.

"I mean just to sit and watch the animals as the dawn's setting.It was just such a magical experience."

Princess Mary said her father was "very touched" to receive Prince Frederik's letter proposing marriage.

"He was very happy to receive the letter in that traditional sense of being asked in that formal way," she said.

"Also very pleased for me to be so happy and to be getting married to the person that I love."

She said she felt no sense of obligation to produce an heir because "it's something that we very much want to do. We do want to start a family and there's no secret with that," she said.

"When it happens it will happen."

Recalling their meeting during the Sydney Olympics, she said: "I gave Frederik my telephone number and he rang me the next day, so you could say something clicked.

"It wasn't the fireworks in the sky or anything like that but there was a sense of excitement."

Her husband added: "There was definitely that sense that I've met somebody special that was definitely worth another call, at least one call."

"I got to the second round," laughed Princess Mary.

She said the things she missed most about Australia included family and friends, the coastline, funny Australian characters and her "childhood love" Fruit Tingles."

Awww. Tugging at the old heartstrings.
Sunday Telegraph

Royals soak up Sydney's glamour
By celebrity writer PHILLIP KOCH and DESIREE D'COSTA
February 27, 2005

CROWN Prince Frederik delighted spectators yesterday when he embraced Princess Mary and kissed her after finishing a yacht race at Rushcutters Bay.

Happy together: Crown Prince Frederik and Princess Mary yesterday
"I am quite ecstatic," the heir to the Danish throne admitted after greeting his wife with a huge smile on the dock of the Cruising Yacht Club of Australia.

The royal couple laughed and chatted with each other on the dock before spending 30 minutes mingling with sailors at the famous harbourfront bar.

Looking tanned and relaxed, Princess Mary also appeared to be happy to be home – and burst out laughing when she was asked if she was missing the Danish winter.

But then she had spent much of yesterday soaking up Sydney's million-dollar views, haute couture fashion and exclusive restaurants.

While Frederik hit the harbour to sail in the Rolex pre-world Farr 40 championships, his Australian-born wife treated herself and a friend to some expensive retail therapy.

She secretly met with Sydney fashion designer Jayson Brunsdon before splashing out on a $300 lunch with her bridesmaid, Amber Petty, at Pier restaurant, Rose Bay.

"She's much more than a celebrity – she's a princess," enthused Brunsdon, after the meeting yesterday morning. "It's the whole fairytale thing.

"It puts her in a completely different league. She really is in a league of her own. She is fabulous and she is beautiful."

Rose Bay sisters-in-law Yvonne and Irene Sammons were delighted to catch a glimpse of the princess, who hid her jet lag behind Christian Dior sunglasses and left the restaurant by boat to meet up with Frederik at Rushcutters Bay.

"It's so exciting to see her – she's so gorgeous," Mrs Sammons said.

"I think all of Australia is just so proud of Mary. Her visit will be very well received."

When Mary ventured out of her $5000-a-night suite at the Shangri-La Hotel, in The Rocks, at 11am, she and Ms Petty headed straight to Brunsdon's Surry Hills studio, flanked by eight bodyguards including a Danish officer.

"No comment," said Brunsdon when questioned on why Mary and Ms Petty spent more than an hour inside his design studio.

When pushed, he revealed Ms Petty had had a fitting for a frock to wear to the $1000-a-head Red Cross 90th-anniversary gala dinner on Wednesday night.

"I can tell you Amber was here trying on a dress," confirmed Brunsdon, who refused to say if he was also designing something special for Princess Mary.

Brunsdon's elegant, pure silk gowns have made him one of the hottest designers in Australia.

He counts influential Sex And The City stylist Rebecca Weinberg, movie star Naomi Watts and supermodel Linda Evangelista among his fans.

US television presenter Dianne Sawyer has requested one of Brunsdon's $2000 gowns to wear to the Academy Awards tomorrow.

Brunsdon knows that if Princess Mary wears his label on Wednesday, it will boost his profile and translate into sales around the world.

"She has become a fashion icon," he said yesterday.

"She looks amazing, and she's clearly very interested in fashion.

"I think she's fabulous."

CROWN Princess Mary was sitting for a portrait in her inner-Sydney hotel today, Danish officials said.

The painting, by Chinese artist Jiawei Shedhen, will be hung in the national portrait gallery in Canberra when finished.

Lis Frederiksen, head of press and information for the palace, would not confirm details of the portrait today.

However, it has been reported the portrait will be a full length painting showing Mary wearing a long dress and a pale blue sash.

Ms Frederiksen said the sitting began at the Shangri-La Hotel shortly before 11am (2 hours, 46 minutes ago) today.

She did not know how long it would take, and could not confirm if multiple sittings were required.

"I don't know how long it will take, it is up to them," she said.

The Tasmanian-born princess had no official engagements today but husband Crown Prince Frederik was spending the day on Sydney Harbour, taking part in the Farr-40 world sailing championships.
Josefine said:
has her friend amber written anything yet about marys visit
Amber Petty has been extremely discreet.

The most a reporter got from her when asked if Mary had changed was "No, she's still the same person".

And that pretty much was that.
Warren said:
Amber Petty has been extremely discreet.

The most a reporter got from her when asked if Mary had changed was "No, she's still the same person".

And that pretty much was that.

Mark of a true friend.
what is the next official event is it tomorrow?
how much media attention is it un australia about frederik and mary
Josefine said:
what is the next official event is it tomorrow?
how much media attention is it un australia about frederik and mary
Big day coming up today:

Frederik sailing (what's new?)
Mary: hair, dress, make-up
then ... Red Cross Ball 90th Anniversary Gala Dinner in the evening.
This will be the big one.

Frederik sailing.
Mary at a lunch for the Mental Health Association
then ... Dinner at Government House, hosted by the Governor (the Governor is the Queen's representative in New South Wales. Each state of the Commonwealth has a Governor; the Commonwealth has the Governor General).
This may be a tiara party, who knows.

Extensive in both newspapers and TV. This tour is big news. It helps that they are both so photogenic, and sweet.
Not a surprise, the wedding was televised live and was a real big deal.

She is lovely, he is cute, he likes it here. He's having a great time sailing every day. They are an appealing and attractive couple, and she is one of ours. In effect, what you give out, you get back.

Josefine said:
how much media attention is it in Australia about Frederik and Mary

The television ratings for Monday evening show that more Australians watched the Frederick and Mary interview than watched the Academy Awards, which was being broadcast at the same time.
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Is there anywhere online with video clips of the interview?
Crown Princess Mary looks lovely!

what about her father and step-mother? and siblings getting greets at her when she arrived in Australia if her father not see Mary?

Sara Boyce
The Australian

Mary goes window shopping
Annabelle McDonald and Debra Solomon
March 02, 2005

A LAZY weekday afternoon spent engaging in some retail therapy with girlfriends might be a guilty pleasure for many, but Princess Mary yesterday looked carefree as she sauntered through Woollahra in Sydney's east checking out the latest fashions.

On a break from her official duties, the princess spent yesterday morning sitting for an official portrait by Chinese-born Australian artist Jiawei Shen, and followed up with an afternoon of shopping with two female friends.

The three -- watched closely by a solitary security guard -- chatted to each other in Danish and English as they perused the latest fashions of some of Sydney's high-end retailers.

Casually dressed in a pink kaftan-style top, white jeans and sandals, the former real estate agent admired some of Australian designer Akira Isogawa's creations, before leaving the store empty-handed.

Probably a wise decision, Akira sales manager Fiona Marsh said. "Lots of Sydney women have been in last week and bought formal dresses for functions being thrown in Mary's honour.

"I doubt she'd want to turn up in the same thing as anyone else."

Mary and her friends then stopped briefly in Yipse boutique on Oxford Street, before leaving the area with not a single shopping bag in sight.

The princess then jumped into the driver's seat of a silver Audi convertible happy to chauffeur her two friends to their next destination.

Shen's work, understood to be a full-length portrait of Mary wearing a long dress with a pale blue sash, will be hung in the National Portrait Gallery.

While Shen's piece will end up in Canberra, another Australian portrait artist, Ralph Heimans, has been commissioned by the National Gallery of Denmark to paint the princess in her adopted home when she returns from her Australian visit.

"I was over the moon when I found out the news. I'm fascinated to see what Princess Mary's world is like, it's visual beauty, and to somehow capture the passage of her journey in the painting," Mr Heimans told The Australian.

He believes he was granted the commission because, like Mary, he is an Australian living abroad and, more importantly, is trained in the European tradition of art, which is well suited to royal portraiture.
Daily Telegraph

Pain for Danes but Prince shouts beers


March 2, 2005

HE'S the perfect bloke to have around. After being whipped on the water yesterday, Crown Prince Frederik shouted beers for everyone in the bar afterwards.

Sydney turned on near-perfect sailing conditions for the opening day of the Rolex Farr 40 world championships.

The event is for yachting's equivalent of royalty -- boats full of America's Cup and Olympic-class sailors.

Arriving at the Cruising Yacht Club of Australia early yesterday morning, the Prince met up with his eight Danish crewmates on his yacht Nanoq before heading out to sea for the first two races of the series.

There was nothing to brag about for the Danes. They finished 22nd and 23rd out of 28 boats in the two races.

He also got beaten by his wife Crown Princess Mary in a best-of-three match race series on the weekend.

He doesn't seem too bothered about all the beatings, though.

Throughout it all Frederik has been his normal smiling self and a popular figure around the CYC dock, which has been his second home in Sydney. The Prince, a well-known sailor in the former Olympic Dragon class, is contesting his first Farr 40 world championships after being convinced to buy the one-design boat by crewmates.

Having attended the opening cocktail party with his wife on Monday night, Frederik yesterday restricted his socialising to his own yacht after the racing. But not before offering beers for the other crews as well.

Like most of his rivals, Frederik left early to prepare for today's three races off Sydney Heads.


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Daily Telegraph

Perfect pose then Mary races away


March 2, 2005

IT'S not everyone's idea of relaxing but Princess Mary spent part of her day off posing for a life-sized portrait.

With her diary free of any official commitments, the Australian-born royal sat in her hotel room for several hours yesterday morning posing for an official portrait by Bundeena-based Chinese artist Jiawei Shedhen.

Later she managed to evade a huge media pack outside, driving herself and two friends to a clothing boutique in Woollahra where she purchased a $229 black cardigan before heading back into the city.

There was no such escape for 57-year-old Mr Shedhen, who was tight-lipped about the morning spent with Princess Mary other than describing her as a "perfect" and "very natural" model.

While no details of the portrait have been released, it will reportedly show Mary in a long dress with a pale blue sash and an elephant brooch worn by Danish royalty.

Mr Shedhen, who would normally request three sittings with a portrait subject, replied "I don't think so" when asked if he would ask the Princess to sit for him again.

The artist has an accomplished record, having previously depicted Tom Hughes QC, Melbourne Lord Mayor John So and Mary MacKillop.

His painting of Princess Mary will be hung in the National Portrait Gallery, Canberra, when completed.

National Portrait Gallery director Andrew Sayers, who accompanied the artist to yesterday's sitting, would not reveal any further details but praised Mr Shedhen's skills as the reason he had been entrusted with such an important commission.

"His work appears very often in the National Portrait Gallery and that's why he was chosen," Mr Sayers said.

With his wife posing, Crown Prince Frederik spent much of the day on Sydney Harbour taking part in the Farr-40 world sailing championships.

The Princess finally left her hotel at 2.30pm, driving a silver Audi TT coupe believed to be on loan to Prince Frederik while in Sydney.

With two female companions and with her face obscured under sunglasses and a large visor, Princess Mary drove to Oxford St, Woollahra, to Yipse boutique, which carries clothing from overseas labels.

Sources said the group spoke in Danish during their 15-minute visit, with Princess Mary trying on just two items -- a white pleated summer skirt and a long-sleeved black top.

It was the second time in two days she had attended the store and, while she left empty-handed on Monday, she bought a black vintage-style cardigan yesterday.
Sydney Morning Herald

Mary's private picture upsets paparazzi
By Ellen Connolly
March 2, 2005

Princess Mary was happy to pose for a private portrait sitting yesterday but was shy when it came to appearing in public.

Mary, who had no official duties yesterday, was understood to have spent three hours at her hotel posing for Jiawei Shen, who is painting her portrait.

At 2.40pm she left the hotel in an Audi sports car, which was quickly driven away her minder.

"All we heard was the wheels screeching," said one paparazzo waiting outside the hotel.

"When we tried to follow her, the police blocked our cars. It was crazy behaviour and totally unnecessary. She could have left quietly and we would never have known. It's encouraging this kind of Diana hysteria. All we wanted was a photo."

Later in the afternoon, Mary was spotted on a shopping trip in Oxford Street, Paddington.

While she was trying to avoid the public attention, her husband, Prince Frederik, was happy to be photographed and talk to the media before competing in yachting's Farr40 World Championships on the harbour.

On Monday, a Danish journalist, Anne-Mette Gregers, from the Danish newspaper Ekstra Bladet, urged Mary to "press the flesh" with the public. "Go public, Mary. Meet the people," she wrote.

When Frederik was asked yesterday whether he believed he and his wife should interact more with the public during their visit, he said: "We will see how things go." He said they did not want to force themselves on the Australian public.

Chinese-born Shen, who was unaware of any such claims, said Mary was the perfect model to paint. "She's a natural. A fantastic model," he said.

Mary wore a long red dress and the Order of the Elephant, a pale blue sash with an elephant brooch worn by Danish royalty.

Shen expects the portrait to be completed in seven months. It will be loaned to Denmark's portrait gallery before being hung in the National Portrait Gallery in Canberra.
Some photos from Getty Images

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - MARCH 1: (AUSTRALIA OUT) Crown Princess Mary of Denmark returns to the Shangri-La Hotel after her shopping trip at Paddington March 1, 2005 in Sydney, Australia. Australian born Mary and her husband Crown Prince Frederik are currently on a 13 day visit to Australia. (Photo by Brett Costello/Newspix/Getty Images)

Some more form Getty Images

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - MARCH 1: (AUSTRALIA OUT) Crown Princess Mary of Denmark goes shopping at Paddington March 1, 2005 in Sydney, Australia. Australian born Mary and her husband Crown Prince Frederik are currently on a 13 day visit to Australia. (Photo by Kristi Miller/Newspix/Getty Images)


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Note the debut appearance of the new anti-paparazzi "sun" visor.
Yes, true. Did you watch the news where she met the school children, and saw their little performance? It was so cute. I'm looking for an article about it.
Danielle said:
Yes, true. Did you watch the news where she met the school children, and saw their little performance? It was so cute. I'm looking for an article about it.
Yes, and Ray Martin extended his program to show live the arrival of Mary and Frederik at the hotel for the Red Cross Ball.

Not sure about her dress, or her hair (I'll leave those to the fashionistas), but the kids near the womens' refuge were cute.

Her visit earlier today wasn't in the official program, but they managed to get the kids out in force. The Danish media will now be happy.

Not as good as cuddling koalas, but of course Mary would be wise to that old ploy!
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although too hollywood and not too princessy, i liked mary's outfit in the red cross gala ball.
Ok, i belive they are new... Mary is stunning elegant :) :D



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I, for one am also unable to decide on the dress, the safe thing to say for the moment would be "No comment." Its just something about the dress that doesn't seem right to me. I'll dwell on that for a little longer and try to figure out what. Maybe its the halter neck top with a ruffle skirt or the colors.

Meanwhile, here are more pics from Getty Images and Anp


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Red Cross Ball

Josefine said:
i can´t decide on the dress
Perhaps it "twirls" on the dance floor?

From TV, the dress had sheen and movement. Nice diamond earrings.

The late-evening news here in Sydney led with the arrival at the ball, scenes from inside, and the departure (Frederik and Mary stayed over an hour longer than the appointed schedule).

This tour has been more successful than anyone could have imagined.

Anyway, tomorrow night is Dinner with the Governor: Royals dine with the Vice-Regal. This may be interesting, certainly it will be more formal.
Warren said:
Nice diamond earrings.

Those are the earrings she wore on the day of her wedding. They were especially made for her wedding by jewellry designer, Marianne Dulong. The earrings are made of platinum with brilliant-cut diamonds and South Sea Island pearls.

More pics of the gala from Newspix


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Set 2

Fews pics from Corbis


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Hot off the Press!

Josefine said:
so any articles yet from down under

From the Sydney Morning Herald website... Courtesy of AAP
Denmark's Crown Prince Frederik and Princess Mary wowed hundreds of Sydneysiders on Wednesday night as they arrived for a Red Cross charity dinner in the city.

The royal pair alighted from their official car to the cheers of several hundred people who had waited outside the plush Westin Hotel to glimpse the glamorous couple.

Australian-born Princess Mary was wearing a pale pink satin halterneck top with a midnight blue layered skirt, and open-toed strappy stiletto shoes.

Her dark brown hair was swept up into an elaborate bun, highlighting a pair of diamond drop earrings. She was carrying a small silver jewelled handbag.

Princess Mary did not talk to waiting media, other than to respond to a question about the origin of her outfit: "It's a combination of Danish and international designers."

Ten-year-old schoolgirl Melody Cargill handed her a bunch of pink roses before the couple attended a pre-dinner cocktail party for VIP guests.

Wednesday night's appearance follows criticism there have not been enough opportunities for locals to mingle with the royal couple during their Australian tour.


Singers Delta Goodrem, Alex Lloyd, Olivia Newton-John and Katie Noonan, from the band George, later performed at the gala dinner, titled One Enchanted Evening.

With some guests paying as much as $1,000 per head, the night was expected to raise more than $700,000 for the Australian Red Cross.

The artists were chosen because they are the princess' favourite Australian performers.

Delta Goodrem, wearing a yellow beaded Tea Rose gown, said that, when introduced to the royal couple, she spoke about a recent trip to Denmark.

"They were beautiful, they were really lovely," she told reporters.

Alex Lloyd said he was surprised when the royal couple asked him about his music, and discussed his first album when he was introduced.

More than 900 people, including NSW Premier Bob Carr, former prime ministers Gough Whitlam and Malcolm Fraser and Australian Idol finalist Anthony Callea, joined the event.

But some celebrities were not so well known to the foreign press - when asked his name by a Danish journalist, swimmer Ian Thorpe told a bemused media contingent he was Bob Marley.

Earlier on Wednesday, Princess Mary was cheered by up to 100 school children as she visited a women's shelter in Sydney on behalf of the Red Cross.

Inside the grand ballroom where the dinner was held, the main feature was the royal table, which was furnished in assorted shades of red, with gold chairs for the couple.

There were also three arrangements of red roses, containing 300 roses styled as large crosses, and 120 tealights on the table.

The dinner menu was by award-winning celebrity chef Luke Mangan, who designed an entree of smoked salmon and potato terrine with baby beetroot and, for the main course, a breast of Kangaroo Island chicken with sweet potato puree.

Dessert was star anise and cinnamon pannacotta with pistachio fairy floss.

Ticket proceeds help the Red Cross young women's health program, a service that provides support for pregnant and homeless teenagers.
were they the earrings that she wore during her wedding? they look pretty similar.
as for the dress. i say that it's alright. though i do think the roses are beautiful though. ;-)
Several more pics from Aap


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and a few more from Aap


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pdas1201 - YOU'RE A STAR!

Red Cross Ball - Courtesy Sydney Morning Herald


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