Prince Felipe, Current Events Part 2: May 2003 - June 2006

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Has anyone knows any unofficial website of prince felipe? I know that appeared in this web but i don't know where?
Since the King is out of the country, Felipe is "taking his place". Today, he received some people to hearings at La Zarzuela. Pictures from Casa Real


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The last photo is so funny! Felipe is a giant indeed! :D
His Ring

In some pictures I have seen Felipe wearing his wedding ring on his left hand. Does anyone know why? I thought in Spain the wedding ring is worn on the right hand.
marezdote said:
In some pictures I have seen Felipe wearing his wedding ring on his left hand. Does anyone know why? I thought in Spain the wedding ring is worn on the right hand.
Could you please point out the pictures where you have seen this? Are you sure it wasn't just another ring?:confused:
You're right, Marezdote. I can't say why, but many Spanish couples use their wedding rings on the right hand. If I find a plausible explanation, I'll post it here.
These photos show clearly that Felipe uses it on his left hand, while Letizia uses it on her right hand:


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Thanks for posting the pics Elsa. I was going to but I don't know how. :)
marezdote said:
In some pictures I have seen Felipe wearing his wedding ring on his left hand. Does anyone know why? I thought in Spain the wedding ring is worn on the right hand.

In Spain all the couples wear their wedding ring on the left hand, not on the right hand.
Only Catalans wear it on the right, so I don't know why the Prince sometimes wears it on his right hand... But well, he often wears his watch on this hand too (and the King as well), while everyone in Spain wear it on the left...
It can be just a habit, or a superstition... who knows?
Funny you say that Isabella, because the princess (As well as Cristina and Iñaki)uses hers on the right hand and, not so long ago, this was a topic of discussion on another thread (why do Spanish people wear their rings on the right hand). But, since you're from Spain, I'll believe in your words!:D
I believe it is also a European Catholic traditiion to wear one's wedding ring on the left hand. I believe the royals of Belgium, Luxembourg, and Liechtenstein all wear their wedding rings on the right hand.
Well, I did my homework and found some pictures from Felipe and Letizia's wedding were they both wore their bands on the right hand... Felipe must prefer the left, go figure....;)


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As far as his watch being on the right hand, I wonder if he is left handed? I have a friend who is left handed and wears her watch on the right hand because she thought it was write with it that way. This doesn't solve the wedding ring dilemma - although as someone else mentioned today, I thought the Belgian thread had something about European Catholics wearing the ring on the right hand.
....sorry, I meant "easier to write" with it that way!
Emily said:
I thought the Belgian thread had something about European Catholics wearing the ring on the right hand.
I am an European Catholic, 95% of the couples I know are European Catholics and none of them wear their wedding rings on the right hand. As far as I know, we use it on the fourth finger of the left hand, since the Egyptians believed there was a vein that connected that finger directly to the heart. Only the Spanish and the Austrian use it on the right hand, but I was never capable of understanding why... Letizia uses her wedding band on the right hand and her engagement rinh on the left, and so do the Infantas and Queen Sofia. Felipe also did so on the wedding day, on their honeymoon, he still used it on the right finger, but when they came back, he already used it on his left hand... Why?
I'd say we have a mystery here... :D

P.S. - I'm really surprised by your statements, Isabella... Since you are Spanish yourself... well, that throws completely down my whole theory! :D


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Thanks for your thoughts everyone. I appreciate it.
Today is Felipe's 37th anniversary.

Have a wonderful
sweet prince! :)
Prince, husband and future father

What better gift of birthday for the prince of Asturias that the announcement of his next paternity. Spain and part of the foreigner live pending on the pregnancy of Doña Letizia, and like whenever a significant date in the real family approaches, the rumors that finally good the new one will become public have untied to these days in the occasion of 37.º anniversary of Don Felipe. Such day as today of 1968, princess Sofía gavebirth to his third son, and shortly after Don Juan Carlos shouted: "He is machote". Every time is the more close moment at which Don Felipe gives account of the birth of his first hijo/a, but still we have left to keep awake the moment at which the future infant begins to be developed.

The last year, in the occasion of their anniversary, Don Felipe, next to his fiance, Letizia Ortiz, visited the monastery of Covadonga, in a significant trip to Asturias. It was his last birthday unmarried, as the one of today first is married and, if the thing goes well, the one that comes will be first like father. Let us continue formulating plans for the Princes and we do not leave reality to spoils them. If Doña Letizia and Don Felipe were the personages of the monumental farce of the heart that seems to have appropriated the Spanish society, they would gain a paste going to Salsa rosa or Donde estas corazon ? in order to speak of that virtual pregnancy that comes attributing to her to Doña Letizia from the day in which she married. But they are, dumb there from the last time that some impatient one embarrassed Doña Letizia. Any day we rose with the surprise; that it will be it like the one of the wolf that ended up attacking the lambs after the false warnings, as it explains the story of Pedro and the wolf. There have been some pedros in this real story to those who in addition to the wolf the bull will pillará to them. The married Princes want to arrive at their first year from with the put pregnancy, but meanwhile their close friends remember that, at the moment, a king in exercise, a prince titled like heir and married exists, one second in the line sucesoría call Elena de Borbón and up to five real grandsons plus whom he is developing Doña Cristina, so that it does not seem that the Borbón dynasty is in extinction danger. We would not have to be worried than directly implied, that more, according to he consists, know which is their obligation. To which we go, we are realistic, we do not know if Doña Letizia is pregnant woman, but who she is in it.

With respect to the birthdays, spokesmen of Zarzuela have said that the Prince will spend the day in private, that means that he will celebrate his anniversary without consideringhis condition of prince, that is to say, like a gentleman whom when he leaves the work Friday he does not have why to explain what he will do on Sunday. In this occasion, to make sure privacy and, at the same time, free air, Don Felipe and Doña Letizia they are spending the weekend in a property of hunting, pertaining to friends and located to a pair of hours of car from Madrid. Last night, the friends who accompany the princes by Asturias had predicted supper with surprise of pie for Don Felipe, and today, Doña Letizia will give him her gift.

If in something it has changed the life of Don Felipe after his wedding with Doña Letizia it has been in their destinies of weekend. Asturias, and concretely the council of Sardeu, in which the grandparents of Doña Letizia live, wins by made goals to other enclaves, with joy of the Asturian ones in general. Those are many in the principality that the future hope that in the large house of Sont Vent, in Marivent (Majorca) competes, like place of vacations, with some other located in Asturian territory. They do not have it easy, Majorca is not going to let save the prey so easily. It will not happen to them what it has happened in Baqueira Beret, where the success of the work has finished making leave to the protagonists before the avalanche of spectators.
From ABC:

No es el primer cumpleaños que pasa junto a Doña Letizia, pero sí el primero que celebra desde que contrajo matrimonio con la actual Princesa. Su Alteza Real el Príncipe de Asturias celebra hoy «en privado» su 37 cumpleaños. Aunque los miembros de la Familia Real acostumbran a conmemorar las fiestas familiares en la intimidad, no siempre es así y hay excepciones. El año pasado el Heredero de la Corona, comprometido desde hacía tres meses, estuvo en esta fecha en el Principado junto a la que era entonces su prometida.

Aquel 30 de enero de 2004 Don Felipe y Doña Letizia se acercaron hasta el santuario de Nuestra Señora de Covadonga y en la Cueva de la Santina asistieron a una ceremonia religiosa, en la que estuvieron también los abuelos paternos de la Princesa. Los ciudadanos que se habían acercado hasta las inmediaciones del santuario entonaron espontáneamente el «cumpleaños feliz».

También la Reina celebró su último cumpleaños, el pasado mes de noviembre, fuera de su residencia del Palacio de la Zarzuela, ya que ese día coincidió con unas pequeñas vacaciones que Doña Sofía disfrutó en Siria junto a su hermana, la Princesa Irene de Grecia.

Don Felipe celebra su 37 cumpleaños «en la intimidad», según han informado fuentes de la Casa del Rey, sin que haya trascendido hasta ahora si lo hará en su residencia, dentro del recinto del Palacio de la Zarzuela, como ocurrió el pasado mes de septiembre, con motivo del 32 aniversario de la Princesa de Asturias. Doña Letizia había expresado unos días antes su deseo de que no hubiera nada especial por su primer cumpleaños como miembro de la Familia Real.

El Príncipe de Asturias celebra hoy en la intimidad su 37 cumpleaños, el primero desde que contrajo matrimonio con Doña Letizia
The day of his 37th anniversary, perhaps it would be appropriate to revisit the life of the Prince of Asturias. Today, I suggest you a visit to the private life of our beloved Prince Felipe…
Felipe Juan Pablo Alfonso de Todos los Santos y de la Santissima Tinidad was born on the 30th January 1968. 1.97m high, shoes nr. 44,5, blue eyes and dark blond hair. He likes to watch the sky and observing the mysteries of the stars with a telescope, a liking that he acquired during the years he passed in the ship-school Juan Sebastián Elcano. The Prince is also a fan of potato tortilla, Coca-Cola and Alvarez Gomez’s cologne, a trilogy of such normality he has been searching for his whole life, despite everything else. Felipe has received an exclusive education and a privileged preparation (he’s said to be the better prepared prince of Europe), he has travelled all over the world and has a sweeping body. In spite of all the efforts, he could never judge himself a normal person. And it could not be otherwise. The first time he verified this cruel circumstance, was in primary school. A classmate celebrated his birthday with all the pomp. It was an infantile celebration which Felipe wanted very much to attend. But his illusion was soon deflated like a balloon. All the class was invited, except him. Why? He was born a Prince and the mother of his friend did not know how could she invite a prince… All his life, he struggled to integrate himself among the others, to do what the others did; not to be different.
One day, when visiting a school in the surrounding of Madrid, a boy asked him: "Do you like to be a prince". Felipe smiled, wrinkled the lips and said: "I do not have another remedy".
The Heir to the Throne made his first studies in the school Santa Maria de los Rosales. Those days, the King and Queen were constantly travelling abroad and the young Felipe was used to see his parents always up and down the stairways of airplanes. So, when he was asked, in a school test, what was his father’s job, the young prince answered: "My father works in airplanes".
At the age of fifteen, he lowered his school performance, reason why his parents decided to send him to Lakefield College School, in Canada, to study the equivalent degree of COU. That year, he learned how to survive. Later on, from September 1985 to July 1988, he made his studies in the military schools of Earth, Sea and Air. Surely, his main difficulty was to awake up early in the morning. He sleeps placidly and deeply, like a baby. In the military school of San Javier, he used to have four clocks around the bed… Not enough. During his stay in the three academies, he was punished several times, and always for the same reason: to arrive late at formation. His education was finally completed in the Independent University of Madrid, where he received a degree in Law. In September of 1993, he went to Washington, in order to get a master’s in International Affairs, by the University of Georgetown, where he was graduated on the 26th May 1995.
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Nice text Elsa! :)
I've found some more great pictures of Felipe from seegerpress.
Ha... :eek: ;)


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Sometimes. I saw once that felipe was very strange reading some texts in public.
I don't know for sure, but can he be dyslextic? I know that other European royals are dyslextic, i.e. CP Victoria. And having dyslexia makes some people not very fond of public speaking. Just thniking...
KikkiB said:
I don't know for sure, but can he be dyslextic?
Never heard of that before. Actually, I think he's said to be very articulated, but very shy too... :eek:
Elsa M. said:
Never heard of that before. Actually, I think he's said to be very articulated, but very shy too... :eek:

I was just thinking since quite a few royals through out Europe have it, there might be a chance that he did too, but as I said I don't know for a fact. CP Haakon has it, and he is articulate too, but I think the problem for him is to read, and when you are making a speach, you have a manuscript in your hand. I think CP Haakon use a lot of time to memorize what he is saying.
Felipe and the King presided today the Consejo de Dirección in the Defense Ministry. Great thing to do on Valentine's day, don't you think?:p

Felipe's next engagements will be solo according to the Casa Real website so, no new or recycled outfits from Letizia in the next few days...:cool:


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