First anniversary of the Abdication and Proclamation: June 2015

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T.M.preside over the decoration ceremony of the Order of Civil Merit medal at the Palacio Real in Madrid.


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That is Marengo a very high number . I beleive the new King is more carefull and he don't make the mistakes of his father.

He is just one year (!) King. Trust me, his mistakes will come. Even La Regina Perfectissimae, Queen Elizabeth II has had her anni mirabiles but also her anni horribiles, as we all know...

:previous:I agree Felipe has been very shrewd and has had an amazingly successful first year.

But (hopefully) he will be on the throne for at least another 30 years and it's far too early to call him a successful king based only on 12 months.

Juan Carlos was considered the best monarch in modern Spanish history-until the house of cards came tumbling down in the last few years.:sad:

A lot can and probably will change for Felipe.
I do think Felipe has the ability to bring the prestige of the crown back. But what endangers Felipe's reign is imo the economic situation in Spain and two certain regions, so something he can't control.
A new broom always sweeps clean! In the long run Felipe will need a purpose, like his father (democratisation), maybe catalonia.
Heu... your quote puzzled me. Is it the King's job to make videos for Spaniards? And how did you know the Spaniards "enjoyed the videos"?


Knowing personally quite a few citizens of Spain, I know for a fact that they enjoyed the actual video. Of course it is not a king's "job" to make videos but this time it was welcome by many and they were pleased. It was a PR that worked well. British Royals have been doing "insight to royal family life" for years. Many other countries also use this format. The normal citizen enjoys.
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