Prince Emanuele Filiberto, Princess Clotilde & Family 4: Oct 2006-May 2008

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I guess he'd better search for support amongst the Italian expats, because I think he won't be getting much at home...

Here's a gallery from EF's press conference:

Grazia Neri Archive
Prince Emanuele at the Emission " Les Grands du Rire 2008 "
presented by Yves Lecoq at FR3. Paris. FRANCE.14/03/2008

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Pics 27.3.2008

Prince Emanuele Filiberto of Savoy and his wife Clotilde attended
a mass in the masterchurch of Turin and afterwards a gala dinner
at the Palazzo Madama, Turin, Italy, on March 27, 2008. The
Palazzo Madama was the building where the Queen lived untill
1870 when the Savoy family was the italian royal family.

** Pic 1 ** Pic 2 ** Pic 3 ** Pic 4 ** Pic 5 **
Pics 2.4.2008

Prince Emanuele Filiberto at Charleroi, Belgium, visiting the
site of the "bois du cazier" on April 2nd, 2008 .
In case I remember it right it's the scene of the biggest
mining accident of the Belgian history.

** Pic 1 ** Pic 2 ** Pic 3 ** Pic 4 **
In case I remember it right it's the scene of the biggest
mining accident of the Belgian history.

You remember it well: it's where lots of miners, mostly of Southern Italian origin died. It occurred in the mid 50's. I wasn't born yet, but I recall that the teacher often talked to us pupils about that tragedy.
I hope this is not a political move from him, but it's due to a genuine hommage to the victims and a sincere participation to their relative's sorrow, since he's a candidate in the next general elections.
Strangely no Italian media coommorated that sad event: this is how this country treats her children, who lost their lives to honour her. Shameful!
Pic 21.4.2008

Clotilde Courau, Princess of Savoy at 'La Fille Du Regiment'
Opening Night, Metropolitan Opera, New York -21 Apr 2008

------> Pic
Thanks Iceflower! The dress is simply awful. I'd have expected her to wear something more elegant.
And she still has that awful hair colour, now we can see a lot of her roots too. A shame, really, she's a beautiful woman!

Does the Savoy family law allow female succession? Or is there some pressure on Clothilde to give birth to a son? Unless they let the succession pass to the Aosta-branch, but I somehow don't think Vittorio Emmanuele would like that...;)
Poor Clothilde! Such a sweet lady too...there was a special on American television about young European Royals and she seemed to be a doll. I don't think the dress is that bad, really.

EF is very good looking...he seems devoted to his wife which is great.
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please,can anyone tell me something about the italian elections?did EF achieve any success?
I think the dress looks worse because of the 'busy' background that she is photographed against.

Yes, Hannah Regina, there is pressure on her for a son. At the time Italy became a republic, the salic law (men only inheriting) was in operation in Italy.

Although almost all the reigning royal families either did not have the salic law or have removed it, most of the non-reigning houses have not. Some say this is because it is not possible to do so when you are not reigning (that is EP's view). Others, like Roumania, have changed theirs. Ex-King Michael (who only has daughters) has re-written the House rules and has quite clearly set out the new succession.

However, before his younger daughter was born, EP did not seem to want the salic law changed. Maybe he thought he was about to have a son! Certainly, there is no love lost between his line and his distant cousins, the Aosta branch. But I think there is a problem there too, as the current Duke of Aosta has only one son, and he is aged 41 and unmarried! There are a lot of Italian Princesses, though!
poor man!!!but I can't call the result a disaster regarding that this is the first time he participate in such political action, besides there weren't enough time bet. the calling for elections and the election day.

thanks for information zarat.
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What did you expect?
He hasn't many fans!
What did you expect?
He hasn't many fans!

Here's the latest videoclip about Emanuele Filiberto, that went to visit a factory which is about to be closed down in the Swiss city of Bellinzona. He wanted to show his solidarity with the employees, but was booed.
The lady interviewed in this videoclip, told the reporter her father had to repair to Switzerland, because of EF's grandfather who supported Mussolini.
Then the lady called EF names, that I won't translate of course...;)

Hi! I am new to this particular thread and I am interested in Italy and the House of Savoy. I have read about the recent scandals involving EF's father, but can someone here explain why EF himself is not so well liked? I saw a TV program on American television a few years back and he seemed charming.

EF may not be so popular with Italian voters, but he and his family seem to be popular here in the Forums.
Time to move to part 5

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