Prince Bernhard's Illegitimate Children

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Prince Berhnard recogniezd his two daughters and it became public after his death in a vidéo.
We cannot compare the cases of William because, Charles is not the father of the children of Camilla

Nicolai and Felix are the sons of prince Joachim and his former wife Princess Alexandra, they are born in the wedding of a marriage , their fatehr divorced and married again and had 2 other children with his second is a family where they are grown up with the other children.

Alicia and Alexia are illigitimat daughters , born after the affair of their father with their mother , their father being maried with the queen Juliana. They perhaps saw their father, we had no proofs. The princesses Béatrix, Irène, Margriet and Christina loved their father but we cannot ask them to love their half sisters and to have contacts with them, we don't know their feelings they also loved their mother and were not perhaps very happy that their father had affairs with other wifes.

For the love of:bang: I was not comparing anything. I was Correcting the OP. She asked what relationship Bea has with her STEP SISTERS. Bea has no step sisters, neither parent was married twice to give them any. I used Joachim and Charles to explain difference between step and half. Nothing else:ermm:

And we do know in private he acknowledged the girls (no public relationship, names and such known after he died). Vacationed even with Juliana.
And there is another... or so he claims.

The author Oscar van den Boogaard says in an interview with NRC Handelsblad that he is a son of the late prince Bernhard. He says that his source is his mother, who told him as much. He rhetorically asked: "Why would she have made something up which I was not allowed to tell anybody? It is a terrible secret that is impossible for a child to carry on his own".

Mr van den Boogaard has written about the story in his new novel. He claims that he is trying to deal with a "trauma". According to the author, his mother was invited in the 50s by Queen Juliana to come along on a ski vacation.

The marriage of his parents was a bad one. During the affair of his mother and the prince, the entourage of the prince 'coupled' her to a man, who she married. They divorced when he was 13 and his father moved to Suriname. After the divorce his mother was invited to Soestdijk palace and greeted like the "prodigal daughter". He joined his mother for the party at the palace and it appeared that Prince Bernhard had been following his life from a distance. On the way back from the party, his mother was upset, started sobbing, stopped the car and told him: "Oscar, Bernhard is your father".

He says he did not want to share his story earlier, to protect his 'father'. His parents have both died now. The RVD says that they do not know and can not trace anything about a meeting of Van den Boogaard or his mother with the prince.


He is now being interviewed on television by Eva Jinek:

More details:
- his mother was the secretary of the mayor Utrecht. That is how she met Juliana and Bernhard.

- his mother became depressed and an alcoholic.

- The prince and his entourage respected the 'father', who was a military man who served during the war.

- he was asked in how far he could trust his mother: she was an alcoholic, did she tell the truth?

- the prince visited his mother on her sickbed.

- they asked why he wrote a novel and not a autobiographical book. How can the reader now know what is his/the truth and what not? He says he does not care if people believe him or not, he wanted to be released from his trauma and now feels liberated.

He seemed reasonable enough, not what I would expect an attention seeker. He seems a sensitive character as well. I don't know what to make of it. For what it is worth: there seem to be some facial similarities between the prince and the author.

A logical question -which was not asked- is why the prince would recognize Alicia and Alexia but not this man. I assume that Mr. Van den Boogaard would have answered that his other father was still alive.
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