Prince and Princess of Asturias's Official Visit to Peru: November 22-25, 2010

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Apr 28, 2005
Their Royal Highnesses the Prince and Princess of Asturias will come to Lima on November 22 in the night to realize an official visit of three days to Peru.

On Tuesday, the 23rd they will meet the President Alán García and the President of the Congress.

They will meet businessmen, representatives of the Spanish community and will visit projects of the Spanish cooperation in Arequipa.

Príncipes de Asturias vienen al Perú en visita oficial | El Comercio Perú
Monday 22

Arrival to Lima

Tuesday 23

Offering in the Monument to the Predecessors and Illustrious of the Independence

Meeting with His Excellence the President of the Republic of Peru, Alan García, in the Palace of Government

Academic act in the National Major University of San Marcos.

Gala dinner offered by the President of the Republic in honor of Their Royal Highnesses.

Wednesday 24

Breakfast of work with representatives of principal Spanish companies in Peru

Reception to the Spanish collectivity

Lunch with Peruvian personalities in the Residence of the Ambassador of Spain.

Managerial meeting Spain - Peru

Reception in honor of the Prince and Princess offered by the Secretary of State of Peru

Thursday 25

Visit to Arequipa
  • Visit the project of cooperation of the Tambo de la Cabezona
  • Meeting with workers of the Spanish Cooperation for the Development
  • Visit to the the Monastery "Santa Catalina"
  • Meeting with a representation of Spanish residents in Arequipa
  • Lunch offered by the Regional President
Viaje Oficial de Sus Altezas Reales los Príncipes de Asturias a la República del Perú. Casa de Su Majestad el Rey de España
It looks very cold in Spain.....
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I have question. Why did the President of Peru greeted P. Letizia and walked the red carpet up and down with her?
I don't know but maybe becuse she hadn't the chance to greet the Presidential Guard.
Edit; Acoording the journalist of El Comercio, the fact that Letizia didn't walked along with the Prince Felipe at the red carpet was a missunderstanding of protocol.

The Prince and Princess of Asturias attend a wreath laying ceremony prio to their meeting with Alan García.

One more from the wellcoming ceremony.

Livestream: Visit to the Parliament
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Visit to the Congress


Video - Príncipes de Asturias visitan sede del Congreso de la República. Fuente: TVPerú
Video - Príncipe Felipe de Borbón ratifica ayuda de España en el desarrollo del Perú. Fuente: Canal N

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Wonderful coverage. The princes look happy and relaxed. Letizia looks beautiful and well dressed.
One question: how many times has Letizia worn that dress? I am all for royals recycling outfits, but I think she's worn it too many times.
One question: how many times has Letizia worn that dress? I am all for royals recycling outfits, but I think she's worn it too many times.
It is probably inconsequential. It is the first time she is wearing it in Peru. Unless you are a daily participant on these boards no-one will know how many times she has worn it.
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