Prince Albert & Princess Charlene Current Events - Part 4: March 2015 - December 2017

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:previous: OMG...every time I think the twins cannot get any more adorable the Palais releases more photos! They are simply perfect.

I cannot wait to see them at National Day next week!:whistling:
Their little girl looks like Albert and the Kelley's.

:previous: She sure does...she looks like Albert gave birth to her! :lol:
Thanks, melina. Sounds like an interesting venture, joining forces for the Sevens tounament. Love the colour of their jackets.
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Here are two first photos - I also hope to see more :flowers: ** Pic 2 **

Ah, so we clearly see their temperaments! :flowers: Jacques is shy (we see it in the video especially with Charlene having to coax him). Gabriella is confident, went right into the situation. She reminds me of one of my little girls. ;)
I cannot get enough of Les Jumeaux de Monaco, they are too adorable for their own good. Time was when Gabriella was so shy she would cry almost every time she was around strangers.

But lately she's come into her own and is even carrying out public engagements with an aplomb that would put some adult Royals to shame. She's feelin' herself for sure! :lol:

Prince Jacques is rather big for his age. He is going to be a tall, blond heartbreaker I think.;)
Moonmaiden23, I agree with your comment 100%. I am sure that Jacques will break numerous hearts! Gabriella seems to have overcome her initial shyness and has settled in her role of Princess!
Iceflower, thank-you for sharing these wonderful photos of the two enchanting cherubs!!!
Thanks, iceflower. How beautiful they both are! And growing up so fast!
The Monegasque twins with other children = cuteness overload! Gabriella in particular seems to be a very sociable little girl. I love this photo of her smiling at the baby. You can tell she's going to be a friend for life for Jacques.
:previous: That one is my favorite too. She is so intrigued and fascinated by that baby...and she is still a baby herself of course! It's precious.?

It fascinating to me how Jacques and Gabriella seem to have changed roles. Not long ago the little Marquis des Baux was throwing salutes and waving spontaneously at the crowds, now he seems to have withdrawn somewhat.

But the Countess of Carlades, who used to be so overcome with stage fright that she had to be taken away by her nannies, is now coming out of her shell.

And yes, the twins are so close and bonded to one another!
Thanks, melina p. Nice pictures of a smiling couple.
So cute to see Gabriella there - she looks like such a little cherub in her tartan pinafore!
I really like the work that Charlene does with the elderly in Monaco and it's nice that she often takes her children to visit care homes with her. I'm sure that seeing the little twins as well as Charlene makes the residents' days.
:previous: It would certainly make my day!

I am not really a "baby person" but those twins are two of the most enchanting toddlers I have ever seen anywhere. They look like they stepped straight out of a fairy story, imo.?
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Oh not a doubt in my mind that they are proud. You can see it in the posts of Charlene, and in the pictures of them with their kids :flowers:

Just referring to the comment that Jacques would turn into a little handful. Think Gabrielle has the mischevious elf look. Daughters always have a way of keeping daddies on their toes ?
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