Prince Albert II of Monaco Current Events - Part 30: April 2013 - December 2015

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Yes, what a great result for AS Monaco. Here's hoping they can even go further in the competition. The Prince must be extremely proud today!

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Prince Albert watched the RBS Six Nations rugby match between France and Wales at the Stade de France stadium in Saint-Denis near Paris yesterday, February 28:

** Pic 1 ** Pic 2 ** Pic 3 **
:previous: Albert is looking relaxed and radiant, if men can be radiant. ;) Happy papa. In recent pictures he is exuding joy.

The AS Monaco had been successful in London last week (see on the previous page of this thread), but they have not been on a winning streak: On March 1st they played against the Paris SG in Monaco and it ended 0:0. Prince Albert's face expressions spoke volumes..;)

** pm gallery: Monaco-PSG, le prince Albert ne cache pas ses émotions **

(The first three pics of the gallery are from the rugby match on February 28!)

Prince Albert attended a conference concerning climate change in Paris yesterday, March 17 (the gallery below starts with some more pics of the Red Cross event):

** pm gallery: A Paris pour défendre le climat avec Laurent Fabius **

Back in Monaco he watched the AS Monaco vs Arsenal FC, UEFA Champions League game. Monaco lost with 0:2, but thanks to the 3:1 in the first leg, Monaco can compete in the quarter-finals nevertheless.

** zimbio gallery ** gettyimages mixed gallery of both events **
You can tell now that he is far more relaxed now! He never ceases smiling :D

Only when his team wins or gets a chance for the next round ;) If they don't..well, see the pics from March 1st (Paris SG vs Monaco) ;)

On March 18 Prince Albert inaugurated the office for the "Protection of Rights, Freedoms and Mediation" in Monaco:

** Pic **
Prince Albert and prince Charles de bourbon Siciles attended the landing of the solarimpulse at the center of Monaco

Prince Albert and the pilot Bertrand Piccard are very good friends
there was a discussion between Albert and Bertrand Piccard at I 04, Bertrand said to Albert :
kisse Charlene and your adorable twins from me
Albert answerd: I will do it this evening when I will return home, thye are with you.
Bertrand said : bring Charlene, I would like to speak with her.
Albert answered: yes, she is expecting to come , I spek of this with her , she would come when you would be on china
Bertrand Said: excement , we will on the china, I think next wednesday.

it is perhaps boring but this speaking is the proof that all is fine between Albert and Charlene and that we may see Charlene before the bal de la rose.

We also see the prince Charles de Bourbon Siciles, he is a very handsome man.
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Prince Albert yesterday, March 24, attended a ceremony where Dr. Michel-Yves Mourou was honoured as Knight of the Legion of Honour. Dr. Mourou is a "pioneer of radiology in the Principality and the founder of Medical Imaging Centre, he is also Chairman of the Crown Council and a leading member of the Council of the Monegasque Red Cross".

** Pic ** mc: Remise de la légion d'Honneur au Docteur Michel-Yves Mourou **
I think Prince Albert seems very nice. Melina, do you think he means we will see the twins on 4-10-15?
I think Prince Albert seems very nice. Melina, do you think he means we will see the twins on 4-10-15?

I sure hope we'll see them sooner than the 4th of october :lol:
(international dateformat variation, couldn't resist :lol:)

Surely we'll see more of them at the baptism, hopefully even some new official pics...
I think that we will surely see them at the baptism on may 10th, it is in a month. perhaps it will be nice to see them before the christening but I doubt about it.

I hope that Gabriella is better now. she was ill saturday.

Max Roustan, Mayor of Ales, France, and former professional beekeeper presented a new hive for the Palace garden to Prince Albert today, March 31. Eight other hives are already placed on the terraces of the Gardens of Fontvieille. Since 2011 the Principality takes part in the programme: "Bee, sentinel of the environment" by the National Union of French Apiculture.

** fb gallery **

Since yesterday, Prince Albert is on a three-day state visit to the Czech Republic.

Today, April 9, he was welcomed by Czech Republic's President Milos Zeman during a ceremony at Prague Castle:

** Pic 1 ** Pic 2 ** Pic 3 ** Pic 4 ** Pic 5 ** Pic 6 ** Pic 7 ** gettyimages gallery **
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