Prince Albert Current Events 1 : Nov.2002 - May 2003

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Royal Highness
Sep 28, 2002
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Lovely Julia,

Thank you so much for the adorable photos of Albie. He looks so incredible and delicious *sigh* :D
Hi Galisteo! :D

I have no complete explanation as to why Al doesn't drink or smoke. I have often wondered that myself. However, Al does seem to be really health-conscious. He enjoys many different sports, and he works out regularly, so perhaps that's why. He may have that "My body is a temple outlook on life." :wink: I guess that it's kind of refreshing. I wonder if he is at all bothered by women who drink a bit or smoke? He has dated a few models, and I am not trying to stereotype anyone, but a few of them definitely smoke. He seems to be a fairly flexible guy, so maybe he doesn't care.

It's very interesting since his father smoked (smokes-not sure since his health problems) and his sisters can't stop, especially Caroline. Maybe Stephanie smokes more than Caroline, but I always see pictures of her and Ernst smoking. Caroline prefers to smoke Marlboro Reds too, *Yuck!* I am not against her smoking, but Reds are just soooooo...... powerful, especially when you're an avid smoker as she is. :shock: I had a friend who smoked those for years and one of our friends could barely breath when she was around her, just from the second-hand smoke. Finally, she has worked her way down to Marlboro lights and Cloves from time to time. Thank goodness. She is so much more pleasant to be around for all of us. :)
Julia and Galisteo you are two kind! :oops: :)

Speaking of our guy, Al here's a link to an article about a school that he dedicated in Essaouira.

Prince Albert of Monaco Dedicates Community School in Essaouira
Morocco-Monaco, Education, 10/30/2002

Prince Albert of Monaco dedicated on Monday a community school in a small locality near the southwestern city of Essaouira.

The school built thanks to a contribution from the principality of Monaco and BMCE Bank foundation is the 55th school of the project carried out by the BMCE bank foundation with the collaboration of national and foreign partners.

After cutting the ribbon and visiting the classrooms and other facilities, Prince Albert distributed prizes to winners of a race held by the village children. He also attended a play performed by local children on the importance of electricity, drinking water and schooling in rural areas.

On the same occasion, the BMCE bank foundation and the principality of Monaco signed a convention under which the principality undertakes to bring an assistance of 150,000 Euros to the construction of a rural community school in the Moroccan southern region of Taroudant.

On Sunday, Prince Albert dedicated an Argan oil cooperative in the small rural locality of Tiout (province of Taroudant), a joint project by a Moroccan and a Monaco associations.

The project, a fruit of cooperation between Moroccan association "Iben Baytar" and Monaco's "Monaco Aid and Presence," will develop a new economic activity as it will develop an economic resource, Argan oil, which is both an edible oil and a cosmetic product.

The activity will generate new jobs and income for women contribute to maintaining the region's eco-system with the planting of new Argan trees that grow exclusively in Morocco.

Article taken from:
Great article! It's nice to see Albert getting out there and doing worth while things. He's a "prince" of a guy! ;)

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Dear Galisteo,

How are you? Thank you so much for the link. It is much appreciated. About posting the pictures. Thnaks you again for giving me some excellent ideas. I will try to get something posted in the support section. I hope you have an incredible day, hugs, friendship and love. :heart: :grrr: :) :heart:


:heart: Lorissa
Galisteo, when you find the photo you want from Rex Features you right click on it, highlight the URL of the photo, and paste it up in the URL address box at the top of your computer screen. After you do that you go up in the address and change the word thumbs to the word previews. That will get you a bigger photo in Rex Features. You don't need to put the word previews in italics though. I just did that here.

To post photos you just right click on the picture you want. A gray box will appear with the word properties in it. Click on properties. Another gray box will appear with the picture URL. Highlight the URL and copy it. Come to the message board and open up a new message box. Above this message box are a series of buttons that say http:// IMG @ QUOTE CODE LIST. Click on the button that says IMG. IMG with brackets around it will appear in your message box. Right beside that copy your URL address for the photo and then click IMG button again. IMG with a / and brackets should appear again. I would advise you to always preview your posts before you actually submit it. That way you know whether or not your photo is going to appear. If it doesn't appear then you know not to even post it at all or you know that you should keep trying until you get it right.

I hope this helps! :)
Well, I like her independence, but she didn't have to come off as so snotty when speaking of our beloved, Albie. The absolute nerve.
She may have been honest, but she wasn't too classy about it. It might have been better to say, "I met him, but we never dated" and just leave it at that--rather than saying she turned him down AND call him a ladies man.

I have never heard of her before. What kind of music does she sing?
I think I would like to see Albert in action with the ladies at one of these gala functions. Does anyone know if he has truly been in love with someone?
Great Question Tisha! :)

I have no idea. I have honestly looked at some of the young women that he has dated and wondered the same thing. I bet that the woman that he has really loved is probably someone that the public never caught wind of at all. ;) :heart: :)
Oh, that would be a teency bit heartbreaking, galisteo! I would have thought that Albie would have wanted to announce his engagment before his 45th birthday so that there could be a spring/summer wedding. Eventhough Albie and Alicia are a darling couple (she's really cute) he's old enough to literally be her father. Would this not make for an awkward relationship in the coming years?

Oh, well the most important thing is that he is happy! Thanks for the news, galisteo!

Well, it is a little saddening, but he was apparently on the brink of engagement before and nothing happened there. There are always so many rumors, I never know what to belive these days. "Sigh."

If they do marry, however, I must say that Ms. Warlick does seem to be a very nice person. I guess we will have to wait and see for the results. I hope that Leyla visits us soon. She may actually have some new information on the subject to share with us. Keep your fingers crossed ladies that Leyla visits soon! :)
Okay, here is what I found on the internet. Curiosity got the better of me.

It appears that Sun isn't the only publication talking about something like this. Maybe it is merely a gross rumor or the real thing.

I found this at Canal Stars.

Le Prince Albert dans "Voici"

On commençait à désespérer ! C'est l'info de la semaine, le Prince Albert de Monaco a trouvé chaussure à son pied, après successivement "Claudia, Mette, Brigitte ou Tasha (...) Le 14 mars prochain, alors qu'il fêtera son quarante-cinquième anniversaire, Albert se fiancera officiellement à Alicia Warlick, 25 ans." Selon Voici, cette jeune femme serait enfin la nouvelle Grace : Américaine d'origine irlandaise, comme elle, mannequin comme elle, et super sportive... pas comme elle. Alicia est en effet encore plus baraquée que sa future belle-soeur Stéphanie. Normal, elle est la quatrième meilleure perchiste américaine ! Attention aux bleus, Albert ! Autre bonne nouvelle : Hélène Segara attend une fille pour le printemps, une petite soeur pour Raphaël, 12 ans. On est vraiment super content pour elle...


Prince Albert in "Voici"

One started to despair! It is the information/news of the week, Prince Albert of Monaco has found a shoe that fits his foot, after successively dating "Claudia, Mette, Brigitte or Tasha.... On March 14 of next year, when Prince Albert celebrates his forty-fifth birthday, Albert will become officially engaged to Alicia Warlick who is 25 years old." According to Voici, this young woman will finally be the new Grace: American of Irish ancestry like Princess Grace, model as Princess Grace was, and extremely athletic... unlike Princess Grace.

There was a little bit more about her being ranked fourth in the U.S. and being more fit then her future sister-in-law, Stephanie blah, blah blah...... and there is a small tidbit about Helen Segura expecting a new baby girl :) ;) I am sure that you all get the gist of it. :)
Hey Galisteo, Julia and Jacqueline,

How are you three? Thanks so much Galisteo for starting the topic and information. Jacqueline, Thanks for the article and translation. Both of you are sooo awesome! I agree with you Jacqueline about the media. Nowadays you don't know what is true and what is manufactured to sell another paper and make a few quick bucks$$. They have been chanting engagement for Fred and Mary for one year now and we are all still waiting for it to happen. :unsure: :blink: :cry: :x

Galisteo, It would be so sad and a real loss for Albie to miss out on a sweetie like you. Alicia is o.k, but I don't really see it happening as Albie enjoys his free and single life too much. :eek:

I wish you all a wondeful day, have fun and take care. :)


:heart: Lorissa
HOLA is saying that the announce might be coming also. At least that's what the little heading says. He's 44 and she's only 24?? :huh: I remember her saying she wanted to compete in the next Olympics...wonder how that would play into it, if at all?? :blink:
Well, if I was going to marry the Hereditary Prince of Monaco, the Olympics would be one of the few things that I would be preparing for in the future. Of course, Ms. Warlick does have her own life and goals, but in all honesty if she and Al do became engaged, she has to put Monaco, its citizens, and her new family (the Grimaldis) first. Upon any engagement she will be expected to immediately begin throwing herself into the daily functions of the royal family of Monaco and those that are expected from the wife of the head of state. I see little time for training for the Olympics unfortunately.
Though they have a BIG age difference..I would think its funny that the next royal wedding might be Albert and Alicia--not Fred and Mary. :lol:
After all the hulla-baloo and speculation.

Who knows if it will materialize? Though it is nice to see a royal girlfriend who did not ditch everything and move her life away. She seems to have very clear goals and has her own ambitions beyond Albert, it seems.

I am sure this makes her more attractive to him also.
No kidding, Kelly. Alicia has a clear set of goals AND she has stayed on her side of the Atlantic to boot. No selling everything off and moving to Monaco to chase Albert unlike a gal we know in Denmark...;)

It would be more than slightly amusing if Albert and Alicia were to become engaged before Fred and Mary. At least Albert looks happy in Alicia's company. I swear Fred looks bored and a bit uncomfortable around Mary.

Ok, I know...more pics.... :blink: But they are cute one's of our Albie!! :heart: :p :)

Albie with his mummy, daddy and sisters! From Corbis


:eek: :heart: :rolleyes: Who says 45 is old!!!! :lol: Corbis



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Lovely Miss Julia,

How are you? Albie is sooooo irresistable and at 45 is still as hot as when he was 25. :heart: :heart: :heart:

Hugs and love you heaps. :grrr:

:heart: Lorissa
Thank you Julia.

Ladies, I couldn't agree more with your replies. Ms. Warlick is lucky indeed!!! :D :heart: :p :heart: :lol: :heart: :)
Hi Galisteo! :) Thank you for the article.

It is nice to know that Ms. Mulder did retract her statement. I really didn't believe that Prince Albert had ever touched her in an obscene or violent way. When I first heard about it, I simply shrugged it off as nonsense. It's good to know that she was attempting to get herself back on track, unfortunately she has had another breakdown and now a suicide attempt.
Thanks for the article. It is nice to know that Ms. Mulder retracked her statement.

She attempted suicide again? Truly sad.

Don't know if you guys have seen these pics...thought I'd post them anyway. Alicia's "Before" and "After" photos... ;)


Her "After" photo...all cleaned up and looking glamourous...


Another pic of Alicia and Albert. I don't know what I think of these colors for her...what do you all think?? I mean she looks great in black but what other colors do you all think would suit her with her very fair complextion, hair and eyes?


Photo from:


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Many thanks, Josefine!! Love the Medevial hat he's wearing... B)

Hi Galisteo! :) How are you?

Thank you for the article.

It is interesting to say the least. :D What is it about Princes and models, especially those that model lingerie and swimsuits. Okay, so I know what the obvious attraction is. :D :p But, why on earth do they always get involved with or date women that may be nice, but that most likely will never be accepted by their families and most of the citizens of their countries? Well, it's just a waste IMO.

After reading this article, I have to say that I don't want to be unkind to Ms. Everhart, but she certainly seems to get around or should I say date quite often to be more politically correct and fair :question: ;) From the brief list that was given, it seems that Ms. Everhart likes to spend her time with successful and well-known men-A few of whom I might add aren't exactly hard on one's eyes. :rolleyes: :blush: :D It does appear, however, that she has a specific type. In her defense, I guess that most people do.

I agree with you Galisteo. This article is very unkind to Albie. :eek: :angry: Saying that he "begged" Ms. Everhart to marry him is a bit far. Why should she be begged? I would love for this writer to have given more proof as to what was so fascinatingly delicious about Ms. Everhart that she had to be begged to become Her Serene Highness and then declined. :question: I have a hard time picturing Albie begging her. I don't think that he needs to beg anyone. ;)

I also find it hard to believe that she and Prince Andrew could have been having this secret romantic interlude without anyone ever finding out about it. The entire thing sounds too odd to keep a secret for very long. Hmmm......very interesting. :unsure:

I wouldn't be surprised if this particular writer simply concocted this entire story under the direction of their superviosr to generate some press and income. Some of it sounds really strange to me. Albie begging? Oh...please! This writer should be barred from computers, pens, pencils, crayons, and magic markers to start. Was that too harsh? :D :blush:
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