Prince Albert and Princess Charlene's Relationship - Part 2

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MARG, you have a valid point, well said. I suppose alot of people do believe what the media says or better yet, I think people have a question mark on whether maybe what they say may have some validity to it. I suppose that is why there were so many assumptions about how she was feeling and how she reacted at her wedding. I know that I questioned her facial expressions and reactions and almost completely bought into the " she wanted to run away" theory. I see that there is some affection between them but I still question the "they did it for love" reason. I dont know, they are hard to figure out.
I really didn't believe the rumors either but the rumors actually ruined the wedding coverage for me. The rumors and the tension between the couple on that day just wasn't right.

I'm glad Charlene has settled in her role because I think there was a sadness to her at first.
Seems too much importance was given to rumours. Princess Charlene and Prince Albert are happily married and represent Monaco well. so there you have a happy ending.
Albert looked fine on his wedding day, Charlene was the one who looked miserable, but it doesn't necessarily mean anything. Grace looked even more sad and in shock and it came out she was just tired.
Call me naïve but I never bought into the rumors that she was more or less coerced into the wedding and wanted to flee. I think Charlene was already tense about being the focus of world attention and the embarrassing, humiliating rumors combined with her already fraught nerves are what brought her to tears. It was so obvious to me that both she and Albert were trying to put a good face on what a circus it had become.

I watched both of them closely during their Nuptial Mass. They were tense but sought each other out to lock eyes and touch several times. All the tension was, imo, a reaction to the controversy that was swirling around them.

I also think the story that she is only around to bear him an heir is ridiculous. They have been married for well over two years and there is no child in sight...yet neither have ever appeared more relaxed and content.

Albert and Charlene are the poster couple for don't believe everything you read.

YES. !!! I couldn't have said it better myself. :flowers:

Poor darling, if I had had to put up with all the horrible media nonsense, vicious rumours and what-not that Charlene did I would have done more than shed a few tears. !!
I always thought that Charlene looked stiff and almost terrified during her civil marriage and parts of the religious ceremony. It must be a heavy burden to be the focus of that much attention. To give her credit she did look poised and beautiful. To me she seems naturally reserved and somewhat uncomfortable with the protocol of the Palace.
I was concerned when I saw the interview when they were first married when Albert called a time out. That he did it during a softball question that certainly Charlene should have been prepared to answer did not seem right. And it's true that she has looked morose and not happy during several outings during their first year
of marriage. Plus that pale make up made her look colorless and washed out. I have to say I was not a fan.

It seems to me there's been a huge change recently. She seems more relaxed and is dressing better and even sports some jewelry now and again. That sapphire dress was just stunning. I hope this means she is contented and settled now. It can't be easy dealing with the venom of some of the populace. I've read some other forums and it seems a small claque of women have nothing good to say about her and are VERY disrespectful towards the Prince. They claim to live in Monaco and be "in the know ", but the more I read the more I have to wonder at their maturity level. Lord knows Albert is no saint but he does seem to work hard for his Principality.
Does anyone know how they are regrade at home ? I know the Monagesques were very hard on Princess Grace for a very long time but I would like a realistic view of this couple. I'm inclined to like her and not to put too much credence in the harsh words against them.
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I also have the Feeling, that Charlene is more self-confident - and this gives her more glowing appearance and personality. Great Progress!
BYe Bine
Since his wedding, Albert has no more problems of language, his speeches are fluid, he no more stutters
That is a very interesting observation. I think that while he had his friends and family around him, they had their own families and Albert, whilst not alone, always seemed to cut a somewhat lonely figure.

Since his marriage he has been so much more relaxed and at ease. You only have to look at the photos of he and Charlene at the Olympics to see the easy camaraderie between them. But those photos were not posed shots or taken at official engagements, they were taken in the VIP stands, surrounded by royals from around the world, all relaxing and supporting their various countries while catching up with their fellow royals. Both he and Charlene interacted as easily as the rest.

And yes, he looks positively chuffed when he is standing beside his beautiful wife who is looking absolutes gorgeous and very happy to be with him.
I am so happy that they are expecting!
It is very nice to have babies around and this one will be close in age to several cousins. Second cousins, I think? I just hope this newest Grimaldi will get to have a happy life. Grace and Rainier loved their kids so much, I hope this baby will always have that. Knowing you are loved by your parents must be an amazing feeling! I loved that Grace and I believe Rainier as well talked a lot about "leaving the door open" for them, that even if they chose something in life their parents weren't thrilled about, they were never going to be kicked out or not loved any more.

My 3rd post and I am about to cry, how embarrassing! Congrats again to Albert and especially Charlene. <3

I hope you don't mind too terribly much if I tag along here :)
My first thought was that "Ohhh, it's from Huffington Post!". IMHO, that is not always a very nice web site, there is a lot of fighting and it seems to me they enjoy throwing chum in the water.

Also, a candid shot can look like something other than what is happening. I have a face that, in repose, looks angry :( I work for a musician occasionally and only get to see him once a year at most. My dad took photos of us just before a gig last year and e-mailed them to me; they made me so sad. I had been listening intently as he spoke and that was when the pics were being taken, unknown to me.

They were then put on the Internet later and people asked about the "mean girl staring daggers at [this sweet musician]". My brother says he has the same problem, we just look solemn, especially as we are getting a bit older, when we don't smile. People who were just talking and then photographed can also look un-happy.

A picture may tell a thousand words, but those words can often be wrong.

Just my $0.02
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I think this child will bring Albert and Charlene closer together. A baby somehow has a way of bringing joy and love into a relationship. I believe this is the miracle that was needed.
I don't think they needed a miracle, that they care a great deal for one another. And a baby will be wonderful. It does not make a marriage. A marriage makes a family. All the innuendo crap is just that. You have no idea how a couple feels about one another from a photo.
I don't understand why AfricanAUSSIE speaks abuut this photo taken last year in 2013 during the rose bal, These photo does not show anything apart she is posing for the photographs where Charlene is not very at ease.

But this year there was the other rose bal where there was on another photo like this one

there were also other photos during this rose ball where Charlene was very at ease

Wa saw a lot of photos where Charlene and Albert are always hand in hand or kissing in public but we had also photo of Albert and charlene on the airport in Gstadt . Albert kissed and huged Charlene and it was a privat place

I published again the photo of the kiss on the heliport of Gstaadt , it was not a public kiss .

Image - Free Image Hosting - View Image

Now, th baby who is coming soon is a big joy for Albert and Charlene , they love the children and Albert always said that in a interview just before the wedding, that a child is a benediction for a married couple and they will welcome all the children who God will give them . and they will be overjoyed at each birth.

It must be a very difficult time for Charlene now because she seems to have a difficult pregnancy and must be looked after by doctors and the palace because she is waiting the heir (s) that all the people of Monaco is waiting since so long time.

I hope to see her soon at the Red Cross Gala on august 1st
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Once again there are comments of some persons about a possible agreement between Albert and Charlene bbefore the ir wedding

Six years of wedding and two beautiful children, there is still untrue story about Albert and Charlene.

They are always holding their hands and they are kissing in public and they ate not afraid to show their happiness in public

In May, when there was the football match between Juventus and As Monaco, Albert and Charlene were attending and we can see that all is OK

Monaco-Juve, Alberto e Charlène mano nella mano durante la partita - Corriere TV

And for a couple who is about to separate, they are very in love

Qui ose dire ou écrire que c'est un couple de façade ???? - duchesse-74
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