Portraits of the British Royals

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Check out the Duchess of Cornwall thread - there appears to be pretty universal approval for the portrait ( not a tiara in sight):lol:
I have carried out a little investigation & am now going to answer my own question :ROFLMAO:
Found this portrait of Sophie by Richard Stone which apparently was commissioned for Queen Alexandra's Royal Army Nursing Corps - I think Sophie must be their patron

There is quite a collection of Royal portraits on this link

Royal Portraits (scroll down for Sophie)
I don't know if the Stone portrait of Sophie is very flattering. It seems to lack her animation, maybe because it doesn't show her very charming freckles?
Yes I agree, the face lacks character & the dress/tiara tend to dominate.
Sophie came across looking....well, stony, in the Richard Stone portrait. If the slight crease around the mouth was ment to immitate Mona Lisa, the painter didn't succeed. Instead, it was as if her mood was of a simmering anger at the time of the portrait sittings. The rest of the colour pallet wasn't much inspirational either. Scrolling through his other royal subjects, one get the feeling his favorite was the late Queen Mother.
I didn't think Stone's portrait of Princess Margaret was flattering at all. It seemed she had the flu when she sat for it, and I think it shows.
A historic painting of Queen Elizabeth II has been acquired by The National Museum of Australia. Apparently, Her Majesty has an identical painting in her private collection

Auction of painting of a young QEII
A historic painting of Queen Elizabeth II has been acquired by The National Museum of Australia. Apparently, Her Majesty has an identical painting in her private collection

I think it was the most widely used portrait of HM in Australia in the past. It is also one of my favourties! :)
I think it is a very nice picture. William does appear to look a little older then his years but Harry is dead on...
What a beautiful portrait of the princes. They look so handsome in their uniforms!
Can anyone identify the subject in the portrait-within-a-portrait, over William's shoulder in the new painting? I'm having trouble deciding who it is. Supposedly the scene is set in Clarence House, maybe in the library, if that helps at all.

ETA: I've found an answer -- it's Augustus John's portrait of George Bernard Shaw.
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This first portrait of the brothers is really nice. I like how it shows where William and Harry are in their lives with them wearing their current uniforms. And they look formal but yet relaxed. Nicely done.
Actually William has left the army and is now in the RAF and I think Harry has left this regiment as well so they aren't their 'current' uniforms but ones they were wearing in 2008.
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Actually I meant "current" at the time the painting was done.
Paragraph from the article:
"Both wear the uniform of the Household Cavalry, in which Prince William, now 27, was a lieutenant at the time of the sittings from August to December 2008."

Double portrait of princes William and Harry unveiled
I think the joint portrait is fabulous.Diana would have been so proud of her sons.
I quite like the first official portrait of Princes William & Harry. What do other folks think?
Royal Portrait

I like this painting. You have to watch it from a little distance of course, otherwise William looks a bit old. But I'm fond of their both poses. William and Harry appear very smart in their uniforms. :flowers:
The new portrait is a fine piece of artwork. It looks wonderful!
New Queen portrait by unknown graduate - Telegraph

The Scottish Parliament’s first official portrait of the Queen will be taken by an unknown photographer instead of a seasoned professional, it has been announced.

Holyrood chiefs have decided to launch a competition for a photography graduate to take the picture at the Palace of Holyroodhouse in Edinburgh this summer.
Its wonderful that the portrait is going to be available for the public to see. :flowers:
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:previous:My he looks like his mother in that portrait!
Yes, right down to the shape of the eyes...like his aunt, Lady Jane Fellowes has.
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Indeed very much like his mother. The portrait is very striking.
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