"The Crown" (2016-Present) - Netflix Drama Series on Queen Elizabeth II

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Apr 3, 2014
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Online subscription service Netflix is set to order its first original British drama The Crown, a £100m (US$170m) series inspired by the life of the Queen.

Peter Morgan, who wrote 2006 film The Queen and recent stage play The Audience, will write the script with director Stephen Daldry also involved.

BBC News - Netflix plans original UK drama about the Queen

This is a pretty huge project. It's expected to be about 20 episodes, split across a couple of seasons, with at least 3 actresses likely to play HM during different periods of her life. Apparently it will begin with her marriage to Philip and cover the political, social and personal changes HM has experienced over her reign.

Netflix have done a pretty good job with House of Cards, for example, so there's reason to hope that this might be of a very high quality.

It's due to be released in 2016 and, shockingly, Dame Helen Mirren is understood not to be involved.

More information:

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This is not going to be good, it is written by Peter Morgan. Helen Mirren's version of The Queen was not like Her Majesty in either style or personality.
I thought someone would be interested in this, but apparently not.
Franky I quite liked how Helen Mirren portrayed the queen... But I think that a movie is enough... No need of more series...
Wow, so this is now going to be 60 hours and six seasons long?! No wonder the budget's so high!

I have to say that I quite liked Helen Mirren as the Queen. It's not possible for any actress to completely embody a still-living person that we all know so well, but she did a pretty good job.

I doubt that Peter Morgan is going to write all 60 episodes. He's going to be one of a number of writers given the scale of this thing. I'm a big fan of House of Cards and Orange Is The New Black which are both Netflix series so I'm mildly optimistic that this might be ok.
Oh I will totally watch this. Love the idea.

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I don't know if this ins another show about the royals that's worth to be seen... But I must admint that it makes me curious!
The photos look pretty cool and accurate in the costumes. From the article it seems like The Audience play expanded from the setting of the weekly PM meeting scenario.

I loved the Queen, the movie. I thought they nailed the look of the film with the hair and costumes. I don't know the Queen's personality and whatever is written by it is through the filter of someone else. So whether or not Helen Mirren behaved like QEII did that week in August in the point for me. She looked the part, there are corgis and black labs in the right places, the Hermes headscarf.

Totally opposite of the Tudors or The White Queen where the costuming was awful and basically were glorified soap opera with historical characters.

I watched the Marco Polo series from Netflix and it looked gorgeous visually.

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My goodness, I think the budget for this series must be huge - the costumes look like they are exact copies! Really beautiful.
The photographs of the costumes are amazing. Great to see such accuracy.
The costumes look great! I'm really looking forward to seeing this series.
I can see me wanting to watch this for the costumes alone. Given that she got an honour, HM must have been reasonablely happy with Helen Mirren's efforts?
Helen is a Dame of the British Empire. The government picks who gets what for that order and the Queen gives it out. There are other orders such as the Garter, Thistle, Royal Victorian, Merit where is the Queen is the picker not the govt.

But they have met several times at various events since the movie and William made a granny joke at the Baftas so they can't think it was too terrible.

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I don't think HM would have handed it over personally if she had very strong personal feelings, she could have dispatched PC or PW to do the honours instead. :)
I'm somewhat excited about this series. The costumes look superb, and having seen Dame Helen Mirren in 'The Queen', as well as in 'The Audiemce', I'm pretty sure she'll do a fabulous job, if cast.

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BBC lost The Crown jewel because it can't compete with Netflix - Telegraph
The BBC pitched for blockbuster new royal drama The Crown but could not compete with the global financial might of Netflix, its head of television has admitted.

Danny Cohen, director of television, said the corporation wanted to broadcast The Crown, a landmark drama about the life of the Queen, considering it a "classic BBC subject".

But, he has disclosed, it could not keep up with the coffers of Netflix and lost out, despite its strong British connection.

In the end, the drama is set to become the most expensive Netflix drama to date, win a $100million budget.

"It's a classic BBC subject, but we couldn't compete with the amount of money Netflix were prepared to pay for that production, even though we would have loved to be a co-producer."

It's sad that the BBC no longer has the resources for such projects, and as Danny Cohen says, "It's a classic BBC subject."
Matt Smith looks dashing as Prince Phillip while filming The Crown with Claire Foy | Daily Mail Online
They are two of the country's best young acting talents.

And Matt Smith and Claire Foy certainly looked the part as they filmed scenes for forthcoming 10-part Netflix series The Crown at London's Lyceum Theatre on Saturday night.

The former Doctor Who star is portraying Prince Philip in the biographical drama while period drama favourite Claire is assuming the role of Queen Elizabeth II.




:previous: If Matt Smith had redder hair in this, he'd look like Prince Harry. :D It makes sense to me, because I've long thought that Harry resembles Philip.:)
Claire Foy looks very much like the late queen Fabiola of Belgium in the above photos,I'm sure the producers would disagree with me!
Is there a release date yet for this series?
I'm excited about this. Netflix has produced some brilliant tv series.
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