Palaces, Castles, Villas and other Buildings of the Habsburg Family

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I don't think he did. Casa Austria (Villa Swoboda) in Salzburg was rented from the von Moy family. In 2018 it was for sale for 22 million Euros.

On another note does the current President of Austria actually live in the Hofburg or just have his office there?

According to wikipedia:

In practice, the president does not actually reside in the Hofburg but retains their personal home.
Hofburg Palace in Vienna, Austria:

Schloss Halbturn in Bugenland served the imperial Habsburgs as a hunting and summer residence.
When I was visiting Vienna (Austria) and I went to Schönbrunn palace, there was a souvenir-bookshop selling all about Schönbrunn palace, the Habsburg Imperial family and also colored/black & white photo books of "Sissi" Empress Elizabeth & Emperor Franz Josef books & other souvenirs and Schönbrunn palace & the gardens were open to the general public & I bought some books at Schönbrunn souvenir/bookshop. Love it!
The Albertina property used to belong to the Teschen branch of the Habsburg family but it was expropriated.
The Palais Toskana was a palace in Vienna, Austria. It was constructed in 1867 for the Archduke Leopold Salvator of Austria.
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