Palace of Holyroodhouse, Edinburgh

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Mar 29, 2004
Can i have a question about the Palace of Holyrood House thats if when The Queen has an incoming State Visit takes place during her time in Scotland so it'd be taken at the Palace of Holyrood House, so does anyone know if where will they have the Welcoming Ceremony like at BP it is Horse Guards Parade?And the State Banquet as well, is there any room at Holyrood House such like State Dinner Room at BP for State Banquet?
There are State rooms there but they are smaller than the ones at BP. You can see them if you visit Holyrood which you can do every day, except for the week or so when the Queen is in residence.
It appears the Queen stays at Holyrood House for a week at the beginning of the summer to host parties and attend to official business before heading to Balmoral for her annual summer holiday.
She also stays at Holyrood for occasions such as attending the 10th anniversary of the Scottish Parliament (which is next door to Holyrood House. She will also have audiences with the First Minister.
Holyrood is also used by the PoW and the DoC when they are in Edinburgh
I thought he only stayed at Birkhall when he was in Scotland?
I thought he only stayed at Birkhall when he was in Scotland?

If he is in Scotland for an official function, particularly in the southern part of Scotland then Holyrood is where he stays.

By official I am meaning ones that directly involved the government type activities as opposed to more social type functions where he is watching Highland Games or opening something.
Last weekend, Holyrood House had a special guest - the Lord High Commissioner to the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland, the Right Honourable the Lord Wilson of Tillyorn. He is the Queen's representative in Scotland and resides at Holyrood House for the occasion.

The visit also celebrated the 450th anniversary of the Scottish Reformation.
General Assembly
The Queen has a Personal Bodyguard when she is in Scotland for one week during the summer - the Royal Company of Archers.
Have a look at the Wikipedia article, and their smart outfits.
They compete every year for a trophy called the "Musselburgh Arrow".

I was reminded of them the other day in my flat in Musselburgh when a Pipe Band marched past my kitchen window, followed by..... yes, the Archers !
Unfortunately I didn't have my camera handy..... ah well, perhaps next year...
I'm researching a story and I'm confused. Holyrood Abbey is different from the Chapel royal at Holyrood? I've looked everywhere and I can't figure this out.
Thanks in advance!
I'm researching a story and I'm confused. Holyrood Abbey is different from the Chapel royal at Holyrood? I've looked everywhere and I can't figure this out.
Thanks in advance!

An Abbey is a religious establishment that involves way more than simply a chapel.

Holyrood is also an area of Edinburgh.

If I remember correctly the Abbey is the ruins in the grounds of the Palace so they were in the same area, like Westminster Palace and Westminster Abbey in London which are virtually on opposite sides of the road. Westminster Palace is better known as the Houses of Parliament.

The Chapel Royal would be a smaller private chapel within the palace.

Normally an Abbey is open to the public e.g. anyone can go to a service at Westminster Abbey, except for occasions like Royal weddings when the place is full and so the general public can't go in as there is no room but a Chapel Royal is often more restricted - especially if it is in the palace itself.
Iluvbertie is correct. The Abbey is in ruins and is located on the grounds of the Palace of Holyroodhouse or more familiarly known as Holyrood Palace. This is the Queen's official residence when she is in Scotland. There is a chapel in the palace. The Abbey served as the site of coronations, royal marriages and funerals before it collapsed into ruins. I imagine once James VI became James I of England and moved to that country there was not much interest in maintaining the Abbey for royal purposes.
More about Holyrood....
The Scottish Parliament was built only a few metres away from Holyrood House.

A few weeks ago, the two institutions collaborated, probably for the first time, in some public events around Saint Andrew's Day, Scotland's National Day.
Brilliant! Never knew that miniature golf was created at Holyrood. thanks so much for posting.
The wedding reception for Zara and Mike will be held in the Palace of Holyrood House.

May I correctly assume they are being married in Edinburgh? What a fascinating place to host the reception. Do you have any details on the proposed reception?
They are indeed being married in Edinburgh, at Canongate Kirk, on Canongate. This is the kirk the Queen regards as her parish church in Scotland.
The reception will be at Holyrood House.

Have a look under "Princess Royal" - there is more info on the impending wedding....

Thank you for the information. I will be sure to check out the Princess Royal thread.
The Palace of Holyrood House has one of the best gift shops in Edinburgh:
Home page Royal Collection Shop

Palace of Holyroodhouse Shop, Canongate, Royal Mile, Edinburgh EH8 8DX

There is the usual china, bath linen etc., but at present the William and Catherine china items are very popular...

For tomorrow's wedding, the Queen and Prince Philip won't be coming to Edinburgh until Saturday lunchtime(ish).
Well, the Palace of Holyroodhouse has again shown Scotland and the world its uniqueness and iconicity.

Again, the Royals, in their turn, have made themselves home there.

Now it's Balmoral's turn...
Floor Plan of Holyroodhouse.

Here is a floor plan of Holyroodhouse.


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Enjoyable but I don't think we learned or saw very much about the palace itself. Probably the weakest of the 3 shows on the Queens palaces.
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