Opening of the Ninth Legislature: April 2008

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Imperial Majesty
Apr 28, 2005
During April the members of the Royal Family will preside at diverse acts on the occasion of the formation of the new Government and of the new Parliament and Senate. These activities will conclude with the official act of opening of the IXth Legislature .
Casa de Su Majestad el Rey de España

Consultations of His Majesty the King with the representatives designated by the political groups with parliamentary representation

Wednesday, April 2

Doña Uxue Barkos Berruezo, Nafarroa Bai

Don Joan Herrera Torres, Iniciativa per Catalunya Verds

Doña Rosa María Díez González, Unión Progreso y Democracia

Don Gaspar Llamazares Trigo, Izquierda Unida

Doña Ana María Oramas González-Moro, Coalición Canaria-Partido Nacionalista Canario

Thursday, April 3

Don Francisco Xesús Jorquera Caselas, Bloque Nacionalista Galego

Don Joan Ridao i Martín, Esquerra Republicana de Catalunya

Don Josu Iñaki Erkoreka Gervasio, Partido Nacionalista Vasco

Don Josep Antoni Durán i Lleida, Convergència i Unió

Friday, April 4

Don Mariano Rajoy Brey, Partido Popular

Don José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, Partido Socialista Obrero Español
Will we see Letizia and Felipe and possibly the rest of the royal family during this event? Is this a one-time event or a series of events?

The King proposes Zapatero to surrender to the debate of investiture, which will start on Tuesday to the midday

The King don Juan Carlos reported today to the president of the Congress, Jose Bono, who proposes as candidate for the Presidency of the Government for the leader of the PSOE Jose Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, who will surrender to the session of investiture that will be celebrated next Tuesday to the midday.

After the rounds of celebrated consultations these days with the representatives of the political formations with presence member of parliament, and in conformity with the established in the article 99.1 of the Constitution, the Chief of the State received this midday to the president of the Lower house, Jose Bono, to communicate to him his offer, which he read publicly before the mass media.

Canarias 7. Nacional. La solemne sesión de apertura de la 9ª Legislatura se celebrará el 16 de abril

The solemn session of opening of 9 ª Legislature will be celebrated on April 16

The solemn session of opening of the IX Legislature will be celebrated next April 16 in the Congress, under the presidency of the Kings of Spain, it has informed the Lower house.

The president of the Spanish Parliament, Jose Bono, it has informed this evening the King Don Juan Carlos of the constitution of the Congress and of the relation of political forces that have obtained parliamentary representation in the elections of March 9.
Lula, when is the schedule of the parade where the whole royal family will attend? I remember the last time, that was in 2004, when Letizia was still a fiancee of Prince Felipe, she was wearing a white skirt and white jacket? Will the whole family attend this year?
Lula, when is the schedule of the parade where the whole royal family will attend? I remember the last time, that was in 2004, when Letizia was still a fiancee of Prince Felipe, she was wearing a white skirt and white jacket? Will the whole family attend this year?

The act is the 16th, and still is not confirmed what members of the Royal Family will represent, but it is probable that it will be like 4 years ago (though in this occasion Marichalar will not be and the Princess will occupy a more important place).

VIII Legislature 2004

VII Legislature 2000

VI Legislature 1996

III Legislature 1986

II Legislature 1982
Thank you for your reply with old photos lula, that is very much appreciated.

In 1996, Jaime de Marichalar attended for the first time and it's Iñaki's first in 2000 and Letizia's in 2004. And sadly this year, Jaime will not be there beside Elena..
If the foreseen period are fulfilled, on Saturday Zapatero will promise like President of Government before the King, and on Monday the ministers will do it.

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Spanish Prime Minister Jose luis Rodriguez Zapatero (2ndL) poses with Spain's King Juan Carlos (2ndR), Queen Sofia (C), Senate President Javier Rojo (R) and Parliamentary President Jose Bono after taking the oath of office at the Zarzuela Palace on April 12, 2008 in Madrid
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Take oath of office of the new Govermet´s ministers

Deputy Premier and Minister of the Presidency, Maria Teresa Fernandez de la Vega

Deputy Second Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, Pedro Solbes

Foreign Affairs Minister, Miguel Angel Moratinos

Interior Niminster, Alfredo Perez Rubalcaba

Justice Minister, Mariano Fernandez Bermejo

New Defense Minister, Carmen Chacon

Health Minister, Bernat Soria

Development Minister, Magdalena Alvarez

Public Administrations Minister, Elena Salgado

New Industry and Turism, Miguel Sebastian

New Minister of Work and Inmigration, Celestino Corbacho

New Housing Minister, Beatriz Corredor

New Environment Minister, Elena Espinosa

New Science and Innovation Minister, Cristina Garmendia

Cultere Minister, Cesar Antonio Molina

New Equality Minister, Bibiana Aido

Education Minister, Mercedes Cabrera
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Can we watch the parade live on TV or in the internet?
Thank you for the links Paty :) All the ladies look lovely.
Thanks for reminding me it is broadcasted on tv, I'm watching now. Great to see Letizia sitting next to Felipe this time. They look great!
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