Official visit from Jordan: March 22- 24 24,2017

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King Abdullah II of Jordan to Visit Morocco Next Week
Saturday 26 March 2016
Rabat – King Abdullah II of Jordan will visit Morocco next week at the invitation of King Mohammed VI.

Queen Rania will accompany the Jordanian king on the official visit, which will further strengthen economic and political relations between the two countries, according to a government source cited by Le360.

Talks will be held on economic cooperation and the political situation in the Arab world, including the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The two kings lead important organizations in East Jerusalem; the Moroccan king chairs a committee in charge of preserving the cultural heritage of the holy city, while Jordan maintains the Al-Aqsa mosque.

The kings’ countries also participated in a special meeting with the Gulf Cooperation Council earlier this month, during which the council and Jordan affirmed Morocco’s 2007 autonomy plan for the Western Sahara.

The king of Jordan and his wife last visited Morocco in March 10th, 2015.
just heard about the visit still need official confirmation although Le Le360 is very reliable source.
Let us wait for the royal Hashemite Court or Petra announcement.
I think the visti will took place in first of april not march.
When is that this visit will take place?
My guess next week,maybe mondey or thusday.
Perhaps, let us wait & see. I think the visit was postponed to next week because king Abdullah II decided to participate in the Nuclear Security Summit in Washington DC this week. The RHC did the same with some pre scheduled events for the same reason.
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Rabat (AFP) - Jordan's King Abdullah II and his wife Queen Rania will begin a two-day visit to Morocco on Tuesday at the invitation of King Mohammed VI, the Moroccan royal palace announced.

The two monarchs will hold "official talks" during the visit, the palace was quoted as saying by the official MAP news agency on Sunday.

two days? They must be on Wednesday in Amman to celebrate the Independence Day. Perhaps they will leave Rabat on Wednesday morning.
I'm surprised too. Maybe AFP is mistaken or as you said they'll leave early morning.
the AFP talks about Moroccan Palace announcement while there is none wich is very weird,
i personally think that visit should took place last April but the agenda of the two Kings didn't allowed.
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Yes they are mistaken because King Abdullah and Queen Rania are in Jordan.
According to the royal court & petra news agency King Abbullah II will visit Morocco on Wednesday.

Do you think King Mo. will attend the Arab summit which will be held in Jordan at the end of this month???
No Rossina i don't think King Mohammed VI will attend,first of all he missed ost lf the last arab summits,second King is due to start a visit to south cities od Morocco this week or the next one after the appointment of the new governement so i guess Moulay Rachid will represent the king at the summit in Jordan as usual.

Petra annoucement didn't lention the Queen lr other memebers deom JRF coming with the King?
I am looking forward to seeing lalla oum kolthoum she did not appear since long time
HM King Abdullah II of Jordan to Start on Wednesday Official Visit to Morocco | MAP
Rabat - HM King Abdullah II of Jordan will pay an official visit to Morocco on March 22-24 at the invitation of HM King Mohammed VI, the ministry of the Royal Household, Protocol and Chancellery announced on Monday in a statement.
HM King Abdullah II of Jordan to Start on Wednesday Official Visit to Morocco
20 March 2017
On this occasion HM the King will hold official talks with His illustrious guest.

both annoucements (Jordanian and Moroccan) don't mention Queen Rania.
I´d like to have seen Queen Rania attending thsi visit
kinbg Mohammed VI and King abdullah seem to be good friends,it was nice to see them togther.
but pitty the royal madies were absent
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