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Dec 25, 2010
United States
:wave: Hello Folks,

My name is Jeff and I come from western United States. :usaflag: I love history, especially its military aspects.

I'm also fascinated by aristocracies and monarchy which I seek to learn more about.

One of my favorite areas of study has been that of the napoleonic wars and of the imperial, royal and noble personalities who participated in directing those events. In particular, I have studied a great deal about this period's Austrian Imperial-Royal Army; several books line my shelf on this subject alone.

Finally, I'm interested in geneology as well as the art and science of heraldry; both are subjects about which I have a great deal still to learn.

I always like to meet new people with similar interests and enjoy discussion where I can learn about others' perspectives. For me, learning is the greatest entertainment. :lol:
Welcome to TRF. Glad to see another person who appreciates the Napoleonic Period.
Hi, Jeffrey. I also love military/aristocratic/monarchial history, especially in terms of geography and the development of the world map. Glad to know there are others out there with the same type of interests. Welcome!
Hi Jeff,

Welcome to the site.

Hope you had a very nice Christmas and have a great New year.
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