Noble Marriages Announcements 2013

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Noemie Charrey (b.1984) [daughter of Elisabeth Pellegrino (b.1948) {herdelf daughter of Princess Jelena Kotchoubey de Beauharnais (1928-1980) & her husband Pierre Pellegrino (1917-1995)} & her second husband, Jerome-Henri Charrey (b.1947)] married Boris Minet sometime last year.

Noemie is the youngest of three children of her mother and last one who marries.

Source: Descendants of King Maximilian I Josef of Bavaria
Antonia von Vieregge (b.1989) [great-granddaughter of Gabriele von Amsberg (1894-1970) & her husband Konrad von Randow (1888-1972)] married Cevin Sehrt last year.

Source: Descendants of August von Amsberg
Don Clemente di Napoli Rampolla Barresi Bellacera (b.1982) [son of Don Landolfo di Napoli Rampolla Barresi Bellacera (b.1951) {himself son of late Don Francesco di Napoli Rampolla Barresi Bellacera, Prince of Resuttano (1923-2011) & his wife Clara, nee de Marsanich (b.1922)} & his wife Maria, nee Schiavone Panni (b.1957)] married Flavia Benda (b.1984) last year.

Clemente is second of three children, only son and first child who got married.

Source: Descendants of King Maximilian I Josef of Bavaria
They married at Sarteano (Tuscany, Italy) on 7 September 2013.
di Napoli
Prince Scipione Borghese, Prince Borghese (b.19 November 1970) [son of Camillo Borghese, Prince Borghese (1927-2011) & his wife Rossana, nee Nucci (1933-1981)] married Donna Barbara Massimo dei Principi di Arsoli (b.4 June 1965) [daughter of late Don Filippo Massimo, Duke of Arsoli & his former wife, Maria Capparella] sometime last year.

Sources: Borghese, Aldobrandini, Salviati
Descendants of Duke Friedrich of Saxe-Altenburg
Count Kasimir von und zu Eltz (b.9 December 1981) [third of four children and second son of Count Karl von und zu Eltz (b.1948) & his wife Sophie, nee Countess Schaffgotsch gen Semperfrei von und zu Kynast und Greiffenstein (b.1952)] married Countess Elisabeth von Goess (b.2 April 1982) [youngest of five children of late Count Andreas Anton von Goess (1946-1994) & his wife Maria Theresia, nee Lovrek (b.1947)] in Salzburg-Aigen on 19 October 2013.

Kasimir is the first among his siblings who marries, whereas among those of Elisabeth only Florian Zeno (b.1973) is single.

Sources: Eltz
Count Alexander Kornis de Goncz-Ruszka (b.1979) [second of seven children and oldest son of Princess Maria Theresa of Bavaria (b.1956) & her husband Count Tamas Kornis de Goncz-Ruszka (b.1949)] married Noemie Regehr last year.

Source: Descendants of Archduke Franz Karl of Austria
Count Gauthier de La Rochefoucauld (b.24 September 1985) [younger and posthumous son of Count Christian de La Rochefoucauld (1957-1985) & his wife, Anne Marie de Bussy (b.1958)] married Alice Brooke Riley on 14 September 2013.

Source: La Rochefoucauld

Philippine de Clermont-Tonnerre (b.27 October 1985) [oldest of five children of Count Francois de Clermont-Tonnerre (b.1954) & his wife Portia, nee Solznoki-Schefftsik (b.1960) {herself daughter of Princess Margarethe of Salm-Salm (b.1935) & her late husband, George Solznoki-Schefftsik (1926-1965)] married Bachir El Khoury last year.

Source: The descendants of Archduke Karl of Austria, Duke of Teschen
Countess Benita von Plettenberg (b.1985) [third of five children of Count Burkhardt of Plettenberg (b.1951) {himself son of Princess Luise-Dorothea of Hohenzollern (1924-1988) & her husband, Count Egbert von Plettenberg (1917-1995)} & his wife Patricia, nee Baroness von Loe (b.1956)] married Thassilo Krupke last year.

Source: Descendants of King Louis Philippe I of the French

Princess Izabela Maria Gabriela Czartoryska (b.9 January 1980) [daugter of Prince Jerzy Andrzej-Bobola Czartoryski (b.1939) & his wife Grażyna, nee Babinska (b.1951)] married Jan Franklin Adamowski (b.6 December 1977) [son of Kazimierz Adamowski (b.1938) & his wife Susan, nee Franklin (b.1947)] in Basilique Notre Dame de Victoires in Quebec City, Canada on 14 December 2013.

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There were two weddings for both sons of Gilles Davout d'Auerstaedt (b.1948) & his wife Caroline, nee O'Delant (b.1956) last year!

The older one, Alban Hubert Marie (b.2 May 1979) married Raphaelle Rony in Anzy-le-Duc on 1 June 2013.


The younger one, Arthur Philippe Marie (b.13 March 1983) married Segolene de Trogoff du Boisguezennec on 27 July 2013.

Apart from them, their parents have also four daughters: Charlotte (b.1977), Alexandra (b.1981), Philippine (b.1986) & Sixtine (b.1989); only the youngest one is still single.

Source: Davout d'Auerstaedt

Prince Alexandre Lubomirski (b.12 February 1967) [older son of Prince Jan Leon Władysław Lubomirski (b.1933) & his late wife Ingrid, nee Kietlicz-Rayska (1943-2009)] married Julia Pleines in Cracow on 1 June 2013.

His only brother Stanislas (b.1970) is married to Delphine Eggly (b.1972). They have two children: Hadrien (b.2007) & Heloise (b.2010).


Count Carl Johan of Rosenborg (b.1952) [third of four children and youngest son of Prince Fleming of Denmark, who in 1949 renounced his rights to the throne and the title of the Count of Rosenborg (1922-2002) & his wife Alice, nee Nielsen (1924-2010)] married, as his third wife, Lisa Stollar, sometime last year.

He was previously married to Dorrit Zander Olssen (1956-2010; from 1982 to 1986) by whom he has a daughter Caroline (b.1984), and Colette Vivian Cabral (b.1967; from 1994, also ended in divorce) by whom he has another daughter, Josephine (b.1999).

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Baron Georg-Bernhard Eyrl von und zu Waldgries und Liebenaich (b.1976) [son of Carl, Baron Eyrl von und zu Waldgries und Liebenaich (b.1935) & his wife Isabelle, nee Countess Ceschi a Santa Croce (b.1949)] married Stephanie von Beckedorff (b.1981) last year.

Source: Descendants of King Louis Philippe I of the French
Hereditary Count Ludwig von Waldburg zu Wolfgegg und Waldsee (b.12 July 1990) [oldest of three children of Johannes, Prince von Waldburg zu Wolfgegg und Waldsee (b.1957) & his wife Viviana dei Conti Rimbotti (b.1963)] married Jessica Iskandar at the Jesus Sejati Church in Jakarta (Indonesia) on 11 December 2013.

Sources: Netty Royal
Nikolaus von Schonborn-Wiesentheid (b.14 September 1966) [oldest of four children and only son of late Manfred von Schonborn-Wiesentheid (1935-1989) & his wife Margit, nee Princess Esterhazy von Galantha (b.1936)] married civilly Anna von Wedel (b.1983) last year.

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