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Christian Colfach (b.1982) [youngest of three sons of Jeanette von Arbin (b.1951) {herself daughter of Dagmar Bernadotte, Countess of Wisborg (b.1916) & her late husband, Nils Magnus von Arbin (1910-1985)} & her husband Esben Colfach (b.1947)] married Emilie Jurgenthal (b.1983) this year.

Christian is the second son who married; his oldest brother Fredrik (b.1978) married Louise Pilsson (b.1977) in 2008.
Second brother Peder (b.1981) is still single.

Source: Descendants of Duke Wilhelm of Nassau
Alix de Castries (b.1988) [second of three children and younger daughter of Henri de La Croix, Count of Castries (b.1954, French bussinessman and CEO of AXA. S.A.) & his wife Anne, nee Millin de Grandmaison (b.1963)] will marry Prince Charles de La Tour d'Auvergne Laurageais on 7 September.

Sources: Google Translate
Henri de Castries - Wikipédia
Sophie Dreyer (b.1984) [daughter of Jonkvrouw Isabelle de Spirlet (b.1957) {herself daughter of late Countess Anna Regina of Stolberg-Stolberg (1927-2002) & her husband Ridder Jacques de Spirlet (b.1930)} & her former husband John Dreyer (b.1956)] married Aymeric Jourdain (b.1983) this year.

Sophie is the oldest of three children and first one who marries.

Source: Descendants of Archduke Franz Karl of Austria
Count Damian Andreas von Schonborn (b.14 July 1987) [only child of Count Alexander von Schonborn (b.1938) & his current wife Mary, nee Grote (b.1955)] married Julie Hoye at the James J. Hill Reference Library, Saint-Paul, Minnesota, USA, on 2 August.

Source: Netty's Royalty Page; Genealogical News 2013.

Catherine Reuterskiold (b.1980) [daughter of Baroness Louise Klingspor (b.1951) & her former husband Hans Reuterskiold (b.1946)] married David Torsten Andrae (b.1978) this year.

Her only brother Claes (b.1977) married Eva Alanen (b.1981) last year.


Lord Calum Ian Graham (b.22 July 1958) [son of late James Angus Graham, 7th Duke of Montrose (1907-1992) & his second wife, Susan Mary Semple (b.1928)] married, as his second wife, Mrs. Estelle Baynes in St. Molio's Church, Shiskine, Isle of Arran (Scotland) on 3 August.

He was previously married to Catherine Beatrice Fraser-Mackenzie (1966-2008) by whom he has three children: Iain Angus (21-2-1995), Euan Douglas (24-5-1996) & Christabel Emily (b.2001).

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Countess Marie-Luise von Beaufort-Spontin (b.15 July 1977) [older daughter of Count Christian von Beaufort-Spontin (b.1947) & his first wife, Eva Horsetzky Edle von Hornthal (b.1948)] married Jonkheer James Loudon in Vienna, five days after her 36th birthday.

Her only sister, Pauline (b.1980) married Carlo Matildi (b.1974) in 2006.

Sources: Beaufort-Spontin
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Princess Marguerite de Merode (b.13 March 1986) [youngest of five children of Prince Charles-Louis de Merode (b.1948) & his wife Clothilde, nee Countess d'Oultremont (b.1952)] is going to marry her maternal fourth cousin, Count Philippe d'Oultremont (b.14 June 1978) [only child of Count Arnould d'Oultremont (b.1948) & his wife Isabelle, nee Countess d'Aspremont-Lynden (b.1956)] on 5 October.

Sources: Merode
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Sarah von Amsberg (b.1982) [second of three children and only daughter of Christoph von Amsberg (b.1949) & his wife Marion, nee Bracht (b.1956)] married Mathias Bunge this year.

Source: Descendants of August von Amsberg
Prince Hadrien de Croÿ-Roeulx, who will turn 30 tomorrow [second of three children and only son of Prince Olivier de Croÿ-Roeulx & his wife Isabelle, née Bochholz] married Jacqueline-Ariadne Desmarais (born 1989 or 1990) [daughter of André Desmarais and of his wife, née France Chrétien {herself the daughter of Jean Chrétien, former prime minister of Canada}] in Montréal (Québec, Canada) on 7 September.

Sources: Croy
Mariage princier à Montréal | Noblesse & Royautés

Lady Eloise Anson (b.1981) [youngest of three children of late Thomas Patrick Anson, 5th Earl of Lichfield (1939-2005) {himself son of Anne Ferelith Bowes-Lyon, maternal first cousin of QEII (1917-1980) {{daughter of Queen's uncle, Honourable John-Herbert Bowes-Lyon (1886-1930)}} & her first husband, Thomas William Anson, Viscount Anson (1913-1958)} & his former wife, Lady Leonora Mary Grosvenor (b.1949)] married Louis Waymouth (b.1978) [son of Mr Nigel Waymouth & his late wife, Lady Victoria Braganza Yorke (1947-2004)] in St Mary & St Bartholomew Church, Cranbourne, Dorset (England) on 7 September.

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Count Melchior von Schönborn-Buchheim, last unmarried child of Count Friedrich von Schönborn-Buchheim and his wife Isabelle, née Princesse Isabelle de France, will marry Freiin Bernadette von Mentzingen on May 24th 2014
They recently got engaged.

Source: listissimo
Stefan on Nobiliana MAG 2014
Lady Laura Marsham, the daughter of the 8th Earl of Romney married James Meade, the son of Richard Meade on 14th September 2013 at Gayton Hall in King's Lynn, England. Prince William, Prince Harry and Pippa Middleton were amongst the guests.


Search - Getty Images UK: GBR: Lady Laura Marsham Marries James Meade
Kate Middleton misses another society wedding but Prince William, Harry and Pippa join James Meade and Lady Laura Marsham's big day - Mirror Online
Prince William and Harry attend friends' wedding as Kate stays home with the baby | Royal | News | Daily Express
Alexander Fellowes and Alexandra Findlay wedding took place at the The Chapel of St Mary Undercroft in Westminster, London 20th September 2013.
Zach Goldsmith, MP, married as his second wife Alice Rothschild on 14 March 2013 at Barnes, London.

The groom, 38, is son of the late Sir James Goldsmith and of his third wife, née Lady Annabel Vane-Tempest-Stuart (daughter of the 8th Marquess of Londonderry).

The bride, 29, is a daughter of the late Amschel Rotschild (youngest son of the 3rd Baron Rothschild) and of his wife, née Anita Guinness.

Peerage News: Zac Goldsmith weds Alice Rothschild
Zac Goldsmith marries his Rothschild in thatched hut at a bird sanctuary | Mail Online

Rothschild family seem to do a really good job at marrying other aristocracy.
20 September: The Hon. Alexander Fellowes (son of the Baron Fellowes and of his wife, née Lady Jane Spencer) married to Alexandra Finlay at the Chapel of St. Mary Undercroft in London.

Someone have photos of this wedding?
Don Vincent Imperiali (b.21 December 1977) [fourth of five children and younger son of Don Michel Imperiali (b.1945) & his wife Claire, nee Bouuaert] married Myriam Fobe on 27 April.

Source: Imperiali
Carles Andreu Alacreu married Gräfin Sophie von Schönburg-Glauchau (daughter of Graf Rudolph and his wife Prinzessin Marie Louise von Preussen) at Ronda Malaga on September 20th 2013.

Source: Emers Nobiliana
Countess Marguerite of Nicolay (b. 22 July 1984) [youngest of four children and second daughter of Count Jean Louis of Nicolay (b. 1949) and his wife, Countess Barbara of Nicolay (neé Countess d'Ursel de Bousies; b. 1958)] married Alban Miller Mackay (b. 1979) [son of Brian Hugh Miller Mackay and his wife, Delphine Marie Mackay, neé de Maistre], on September 7, at Château de Lude, home of the Counts of Nicolay.

Through her paternal grandmother, Princess Pia Maria of Brazil (1913-2000), the bride is a descendant of Emperors Pedro I (1798-1834) and Pedro II of Brazil (1825-1891).

Through his maternal family, the groom descends from a long line of French Aristocrats.

Source: Monarquia Já: Família Imperial do Brasil comparece a eventos na Europa
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Count Josef von Trauttmansdorff-Weinsberg (b.10 November 1958) [son of the late Count Adolph (1925-2003) von Trauttmansdorff-Weinsberg & his first wife, late Countess Sophie von Arco-Zinneberg (1922-1994)] married, as his second wife, Alexandra Lobmeyr von Hohenleiten, née Noe, Edle von Nordberg [daughter of the late Mario Noe, Edler von Nordberg, and of the late Elisabeth Ramm.] in May 2013.

He was previously married (from 1987 to 1994) to Silvia Annemarie Schellpfeffer (b.10 November 1958); they didn't have children.

Sources: Trauttmansdorff
Royal News of 2013, Section II
Count Philippe d'Oultremont married to Princess Marguerite de Merode on 5 October 2013 in Wenau, Langerwehe, Germany.

The groom, 35, is the only child of Count Arnoud d'Oultremont and of his wife, née Countess Isabelle d'Aspremont-Lynden.
The bride, 27, is the youngest daughter of Prince Charles Louis de Merode and of his wife, née Countess Clotilde d'Oultremont.
The bride's mother and the groom's father are both great-great-grandchildren of Count Ferdinand d'Oultremont (1797-1868) and of his wife, née Isabelle Bonham (1808-1872); thus Philippe and Marguerite are fourth cousins.

Count Maximilian von Habsburg (b.7 July 1974) [son of Archduke Geza of Austria (Palatine of Hungary line) (b.1940) by his first wife, Monica Decker (b.1939)] married Arabella Stafford Northcote (b.1975) [oldest of five children of Hugh Cecil Camden Stafford Northcote (b.1938) & his wife Hillary Jane, nee Evans]on 17 August.

Sources: Genealogical News 2013
Archduke Géza of Austria - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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Prince Georg Yurievsky (b.1961) [only child of Prince Alexandr Yurievsky (1900-1988) {himself only child of Countess Alexandra von Zarneckau (1883-1957) {{herself oldest of five children of Duke Konstantin of Oldenburg (1850-1906) & his wife Aggripina Djaparidze, created Countess von Zarneckau (1855-1929)}} by her first husband, Prince Georgij Yurievsky (1872-1913)} & his wife Ursule, nee Beer de Gruneck (b.1925-2003)] married, as his second wife, Silvia Thrumpp, this year.

He was previously (from 2003 to 2012) married to Katharina Verhagen (b.1964); they didn't have children.

Source: Descendants of Duke Wilhelm of Nassau
Prince Georg Yurievsky (b.1961) [only child of Prince Alexandr Yurievsky (1900-1988) {himself only child of Countess Alexandra von Zarneckau (1883-1957) {{herself oldest of five children of Duke Konstantin of Oldenburg (1850-1906) & his wife Aggripina Djaparidze, created Countess von Zarneckau (1855-1929)}} by her first husband, Prince Georgij Yurievsky (1872-1913)} & his wife Ursule, nee Beer de Gruneck (b.1925-2003)] married, as his second wife, Silvia Thrumpp, this year.

He was previously (from 2003 to 2012) married to Katharina Verhagen (b.1964); they didn't have children.

Source: Descendants of Duke Wilhelm of Nassau
30 August 2013
Записки легитимиста - Вторая свадьба светлейшего князя Георгия Юрьевского
Countess Sophie of Trauttmansdorff-Weinsberg (b.7 April 1973) [younger of two daughters of Peter, Count of Trauttmansdorff-Weinsberg (b.1938) & his wife Jutta, née Khaelss von Kaelsberg (b.1939)]married Count Alexandre de Lalaing [son of Josse, Count de Lalaing & his wife Elisabeth, née Silverstolpe] at Laxenburg on 5 October.

Source: Royal News of 2013, Section II

Beautiful photos and beautiful bride, thanks!

Princess Victoria Romanovsky-Ilyinsky (b.23 November 1984) [daughter of Prince Dimitri Romanovsky-Ilyinsky (b.1954) & his wife Martha, nee MacDowell (b.1952)] married Ives Binda on 7 August.

Victoria is the second of three daughters and second one who marries; her oldre sister Catherine (b.1981) married Samuel Goodyear in 2011.
Her younger sister Lela (b.1986) is still single.

Source: Russia
Prince Michał Andrzej Czartoryski (b.3 May 1961) [youngest of four children of late Prince Anrzej Maria Czartoryski (1929-1999) & his wife Olga, nee Countess Tyszkiewicz (b.1923)] married, as his second wife, Lidia Drechny, on 13 September.

He was previously married to Marta Anna Kupczyńska (b.1967) with whom he reportedly divorced and with whom he has three sons: Stefan Michał (25-4-1994), Stanisław Kazimierz (who will turn 18 tomorrow!) and Kazimierz Antoni (16-12-1997).

Sources: Micha
Philipp Eisenbach (b.1979) [son of Georg Michael Eisenbach (b,1942) {himself firstborn son of Countess Elisabeth of Stolberg-Stolberg (1918-2007) & her first husband Walter Eisenbach (1906-1944)} & his wife Barbare, nee Kitzlinger (b.1942)] married Bianca Falbusch (b.1980) this year.

Philipp is the youngest of three children and last one who marries.

Source: Descendants of Prince Heinrich XIII Reuss of Greiz
Count Johannes Hoyos (b.1978) [son of Princess Isabel of Bavaria (b.1954) & her husband, Count Alfred Hoyos (b.1951)] married Veronica Wundsam this year.

His only sister Stephanie (b.1977) is married to Baron Franz von Brackel (b.1971) and has three children: Constantin (b.2006), Antonia (b.2008) & Johanna (b.2010).

Source: Descendants of Archduke Franz Karl of Austria
Lord Edward John Francis Manners (b.29 May 1965) [youngest of five children of late Charles John Robert Manners, 10th Duke of Rutland (1919-1999) and fourth by his second wife Frances, nee Sweeny (b.1938)] married Gabrielle Ross [daughter of Peter Ross & his wife Marianne, nee Alexander] sometime this year.

Source: Rutland
Countess Laetitia of Ursel (b.20 December 1985) [second of three daughters of Count Olivier of Ursel (b.1956) & his wife Viviane, nee Dallemagne (b.1959)] married Loic Fenaux on 17 March 2013.

Source: Ursel
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