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Princess Paola Maria Sapieha-Różańska (b.23 April 1983) [younger daughter of Princess Christina of Orleans and Braganza (b.1950) & her first husband, Prince Jan Paweł Sapieha-Różański (b.1935)] is engaged to Prince Konstanty Mikołaj Światopolk-Czetwertyński (b.20 February 1978) [younger son of Prince Michał Felks Światopolk-Czetwertyński (b.1938) & his first wife Kristina Sigurdson (b.1948)]. They are going to marry next year.

Sources: Konstanty Miko

Paola Maria ks. Sapieha-Ro

Descendants of King Louis Philippe I of the French (second part)

Thank you for is interesting that they are cousins as they have descended from two sisters,Countess Maria Urska(1853-1931) who is an ancestor of Konstantin and Countess Severine Urska(1860-1932),who is an ancestor of Paola Maria...

It is also interesting to point out that they are also both descendants of the Kings of Great Britain and Prussia...
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Honourable Phillip Douglas Paul Astor (b.1959) [youngest of five children of Gavin Astor, 2nd Baron Astor (1918-1984) of Hever & his wife Irene, mee Lady Haig (1919-2001)] got engaged to Justine Picardie this year.

Source: Descendants of John Jacob Astor and Sarah Todd

Phillip is also an uncle of Harry Lopes, son-in-law of the Duchess of Cornwall.
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