Noble Deaths Announcements 2016

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Anna Christofferson, nee Countess Douglas died last year.

She was born in 1936 as third of four children of Count Oscar Douglas (1896-1991) & his wife Dagmar, nee Skarstedt (1901-1993).
She married in 1960 Lars Christofferson (b.1935) by whom she had a son Johan (b.1961) and a daughter Charlotte (DOB unknown) as well as four grandchildren.

Her brother Count Jakob (b.1927) and sister, Countess Maria, Baroness Eugen von Redwitz died a year after her; now the only living sibling is Count Gustaf Otto Douglas (b.1930).

Source: Descendants of Grand Duke Ludwig I of Baden

Guido Nikolaus Schmidt-Chiari died last year.

He was born in 1932 and in 1974 married Countess Stephanie Strachwitz von Gross-Zauche und Camminetz (b.1948) [daughter of Princess Marie Theresia of Liechtenstein (1908-1973) & her husband, Count Artur Strachwitz von Gross-Zauche und Camminetz (1905-1996)] by whom he had six children: Annunziata (b.1975), Carlotta (b.1976), Guido (b.1978), Camillo (b.1980), Valerie (b.1982) & Stanislas (b.1984) as two grandsons.

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Robert Wythe Cannaday III died last year, aged 60/61.

He was born in 1955, the elder of two children of Nina Ougritchitch-Trebinsky (only daughter of Duchess Elena of Leuchtenberg and Arkadj Ougritchitch-Trebinsky) and her former husband Robert Wythe Cannday, Jr. He was married twice, first to Lisa Waldron and secondly to Shawna O'Connell, and had seven children: Robert, Sean, James, Tara, Lauren, Caitlyn, and Erin. He is survived by his mother, sister, wife, children, and seven grandchildren.

Source: Descendants of King Maximilian I Josef of Bavaria
Otto Horst Chizzali, Edler von Bonfadini zu Colle Santa Lucia died last year.

He was born in 1924. In 1955 he married Countess Wiltrud Marie von Enzenberg zum Freyen und Jöchelsthurn (b.1933) [daughter of Count Karl Eugen von Enzenberg zum Freyen und Jöchelsthurn (1903-?) & his first wife, Carola Ossenbeck (1904-1950).
They had two daughters: Hemma (b.1956) & Elisabeth (b.1958), five grandchildren: Katharina (b.1980), Theresa (b.1983), Bernhard (b.1985) [children of Hemma & her husband Georg Zingerle von Summersberg (b.1949)] Amelie (b.1992) & Camilla (b.1995) [daughters of Elisabeth & her husband Baron Joseph von Riefel (b.1951)] and one great-grandson Lorenz [son of Katharina & her husband Johannes Harms]

Source: Descendants of King Maximilian I Josef of Bavaria

Lady Anne Fitzgerald, Dowager Duchess of Leinster, nee Smith died on 4 December last year.

She was born 6 May 1922 and married on 12 June 1946, as his second wife, Gerald Fitzgerald, 8th Duke of Leinster (1914-2004) [only son of Edward Fitzgerald 7th Duke of Leinster (1892-1976) by his first wife May Etheridge (died 1935)].
The same year he divorced (after ten years of marriage) from his first wife Joane Kavanagh (1915-1994) by whom he had two daughters: Rosemary Anne (b.1939) & Nesta (b.1942) [the oldest one, Pamela Hermione died on 3 April 1938, three days before turning five months).
Lady Anne gave her husband two sons: Maurice (b.1948, now 9th Duke of Leinster) & John (1952-2015).
In 1997 she experienced a great tragedy: her firstborn grandson, Thomas Earl of Offaly [son of Maurice & his wife Fiona, nee Hollick] was killed in a car accident, aged 23.
She is survived by her son Maurice (current Duke of Leinster) both daughters-in-law (fiona & Barbara, nee Zindel, John's widow), four grandchildren: Francesca (b.1976), Pollyanna (b.1985) [daughters of Maurice & Fiona], Hermione (b.1985) & Edward (b.1988) [children of John & Barbara] and their families, as well as both her stepdaughters and their families.

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Clara Nuvoletti Perdomini, nee Agnelli, primo voto Princess von Furstenberg died in Mestre {Venice} on 18 July last year.

She was born in Turin on 7 April 1920 as firstborn child of Edoardo Agnelli (1892-1935) [younger child of Giovanni Agnelli (1866-1945), m.1889 Clara Boselli (1869-1946)] & his wife, Donna Virginia Bourbon del Monte [dei principi di San Faustino] (1899-1945); she had three sisters and three brothers.
She married in Turin on 19 November 1938 Prince Tassilo of Fürstenberg (1903-1989) [son of Prince Karl of Fürstenberg (1867-1945) & his wife Maria, Countess Festetics von Tolna (1881-1953)] by whom she had three children: Virginia "Ira" (b.1940), Egon (1946-2004) & Sebastian (b.1950); they later divorced.
She married for the second time civilly in 1974 Giovanni Nuvoletti, who became Giovanni Nuvoletti Perdomini through adoption (1912-2008) [a year later her former husband also married again to Cecilie Blaffer (1919-2006)]; after the deathof Prince Tassilo they also married in the church (the same year).
She survived not only her son Egon but also a grandson, Prince Christoph of Hohenlohe-Langenburg (1956-2006) [son of Ira & her first husband, Prince Alfonso of Hohenlohe-Langenburg (1924-2003)].
She left her daughter, younger son, five grandchildren and eleven great-grandchildren.

Sources: Descendants of Giovanni Agnelli and Clara Boselli
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Don Luigi Boncompagni-Ludovisi died on 26 January last year, seventeen months and five days before his wife, Donna Orietta, nee Orefici.

He was born in Rome on 20 July 1934 as a son of Don Giovanni Battista Maria Boncompagni-Ludovisi (1911-1964) & his wife (and paternal second cousin) Donna Giulia Boncompagni-Ludovisi (1914-1996).
He and Orietta married in Rome on 29 April 1965.

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