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Very sad time has come for Count Dietrich von Harrach (b.1945):

His firstborn daughter, Daphne died on 22 September after a long illness (probably cancer).
She was born in Heidelberg on 12 January 1976; on 1 August 2008 she became a wife of Bastian Gebauer (b.1977) who later assumed the name von Harrach; they didn't have children.

Exactly 20 days after the death of Daphne her mother Evelyn, nee Lobe followed her;
She was born in Neisse an der Oder on 22 January 1944 and became Count Dietrich's wife in Munich on 19 April 1973.

Count Dietrich has two more daughters: Xenia (b.1980) & Berenike (b.1983).

To lose daughter and wife sad...

Sources: Harrach

I agree Biri, losing a daughter and wife at the same time must be awful. To lose a relative, particularly who was so close to Count Dietrich von Harrach, at a still relatively young age must be a very upsetting experience. May they both RIP. :sad:
Sten, Baron Banér died this year, age 93 or 94. He was born in 1920, and in 1945 he married Countess Christina Douglas (1923-1968) with whom he had three children: Carl (b. 1947), Gustaf (b. 1948), and Margareta (b. 1952). He is survived by his children and five grandchildren.

Source: Descendants of Grand Duke Ludwig I of Baden
:previous: That's awful. Any murder is terrible of course, but the fact that she was older and perhaps more vulnerable makes it even worse. :ohmy: I wonder if the murderer knew she was an aristocrat? France is quite a Republican country (although there are some parts of France that support the pretenders to the former throne) so I do wonder if that had something to do with the reason behind her murder.
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How terrible!

To live a happy life and be murdered in that way...

Unfortunately nobody could be protected from such insane people.

May she rest in peace.
The Duchess de Noailles, née Nadèje Donin, passed away on 13 November 2014, a few days short of her 69th birthday.

She was born on 25 November 1945; she was the wife, since 1972, of Hélie de Noailles, who at the time of their wedding was the Duke d'Ayen and since 2009 is the 10th Duke de Noailles.
She is survived by him and by their three children (Julie, Maria-Alicia and Emmanuel, Duke d'Ayen).

Count Charles de Lannoy passed away on 17 November 2014 in Lasne, Belgium, aged 88.

He was born on 10 November 1926, the tenth child of Count Maurice de Lannoy and of his wife, née Viscountess Louise de Spoelbech.
He was married since 1953 to Bernadette Cruysmans, by whom he had six children.
He is survived by her, their children with their families, and by his siblings Gabrielle, Madelaine and François.

Le Site du Carnet Mondain : Carnet du jour
Two months after the wedding of Princess Isaline of Lobkowicz great sadness has fallen on her family;

Her father, Prince Ladislav Friedrich of Lobkowicz died in Brussels on 16 November.

He was born in Ipamu (Belgian Congo) on 11 June 1957 as second child and son of Prince Christian Friedrich of Lobkowicz (1924-2001) & his wife, Countess Marie of Trautmansdorff-Weinsberg (1922-2009).
He married in Tongres, Belgium on 20 July 1985 Countess Anne de Briey (b.1964) by whom he had four children: Ludmilla (b.1986), Ysaline (b.1988), Christian (b.1991) & Maximilian (b.1994).
Apart from wife, children and sons-in-law he is survived by his sister Marie-Isabelle (b.1960); his brother Ferdinand-Johannes predeceased him in 2008, aged 52.
He was the only one of his parents' children who set a family of his own.

Sources: Lobkowicz
The Rt. Hon. the 14th Lady Herries of Terregles, Baroness Cowdrey of Tonbridge, née Lady Anne Fitzalan-Howard, passed away on 23 November 2014, aged 76.

The Lady Anne Elizabeth Fitzalan-Howard was born on 12 June 1938, the eldest of the four daughters of the 16th Duke and Duchess of Norfolk.
At the death of her father in 1975, since he didn't leave sons, his main title of Duke of Norfolk was inherited by his cousin Miles, while his Scottish title of Lord Herries of Terregles was inherited by Anne, as his eldest daughter.
She was married - as his second wife - from 1985 until his death in 2000 to cricketer Colin Cowdrey, who in 1997 was ennobled as (life) Baron Cowdrey of Tonbridge. She didn't have issue.
She is survived by her three younger sisters, Mary (Lady Mumford, now the 15th Lady Herries of Terregles), Sarah (The Lady Sarah Clutton) and Jane (The Marchioness of Lothian).

Celtic Swing trainer Lady Herries dies aged 76 | Horse Racing News | Racing Post
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Don Marco Torlonia, 6th Prince of Civitella Cesi, passed away on 5 December 2014, aged 77.

He was born at Rome on 2 July 1937, the second child and eldest son of Don Alessandro Torlonia, 5th Prince of Civitella Cesi, and of his wife, née HRH Infanta Beatriz of Spain. Through his mother, he was a first cousin to King Juan Carlos of Spain; he also was uncle to Princess Sibilla of Luxembourg.
He married three times; firstly in 1960 to Donna Orsetta Caracciolo, of the Princes of Castagneto and Dukes of Melito; secondly in 1968, soon after the death of his first wife, to Philippa McDonald, until they divorced in 1985; and thirdly, in 1985, to Blazena Svitakova. He had one child by each of his wives.

Fallece Marco Torlonia, primo hermano del rey Juan Carlos y tío de Alessandro Lequio
Baron Francois de Dorlodot died in Vieusart on 30 November.

He was born in Floriffoux on 4 April 1918 and had been married to Countess Francine of Oultremont (b.19 October 1923) [daughter of Count Pierre of Oultremont (1883-1965 & his wife Elisabeth, nee Baroness Pycke de Peteghem (1889-1937)] since 12 June 1946.

Source: Oultremont

Count Francois Durfort followed his older brother, Jaques-Henri, Duke of Lorge on 3 August.

He was born in Paris on 6 October 1930 as second of three children and younger son of Armand Durfort, Duke of Lorge (1902-1996) & his wife, Colette Le Clerc de Juigne (1902-1989). He married in Chaudron-en-Magues on 19 October 1956 Ghislaine de Villoutreys de Brignac (b.1933) by whom he had two children: Aymeric (b.1959) & Isabelle (b.1963).


Count Andrzej Tomasz Jan Zamoyski died in Warsaw on 11 November,one month and three days after his 75th birthday.

He was third of four children of Count Aleksander Leszek Zamoyski (1898-1961) & his wife Jadwiga, nee Brzozowska (1908-1998). He married in Montreal on 24 September 1960 Helene Trencarova (1933-2010) by whom he had two children: Joy (b.1966) & Peter (b.1969). They reportedly divorced and he married again Jane Manabe.
Apart from children he left four grandchildren: David Alexander Zamoyski-Koch (b.1998, only son of Joy & her husband David Koch), Sophia (b.1999), Juliette (b.2002) & Miles (b.2006) [children of Peter & his wife Holly, nee Vesper] as well as sister Maria Izabella Krystyna (b.1937) and Jadwiga Jolanta (b.1950); his brother Adam Marcin predeceased him in 1998, aged 72.

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Count Michael von und zu Eltz gennant Faust von Stromberg passed away this year, age 65. Born in 1949, he was the third of nine children of Count Jakob von und zu Eltz (1921-2006) and Baroness Ladislaja Mayr von Melnhof (b. 1920). He did not marry or have children. He is survived by his mother, eight siblings and their families.

Source: Descendants of Archduke Johann of Austria
H.S.H. Princess Donna Francesca Romana Orsini and of the Holy Roman Empire, Duchess of Gravina, née Bonacossi, Marchioness and Countess of S. Michele Arcangelo, passed away on 14 December 2014. She was 88.

She was born in Padova on 18 March 1926, the youngest of the two daughters of Count Taino Bonacossi, Marquess and Count of S. Michele Arcangelo, and of his wife, née Donna Carolina de Zara, of the Counts of Serra.
She married in 1946 to H.S.H. Prince Don Filippo Orsini and of the Holy Roman Empire, 21st Duke of Gravina, etc. (1920-1984). They became parents of two sons, Domenico Napoleone (the current Prince Orsini and Duke of Gravina) and Benedetto, and one daughter, Ildegarda (who died soon after the birth).
In 1958 Prince Orsini - who was one of the highest ranking officials at the papal Court - caused a huge scandal, when he fled from home with his then mistress, American actress Belinda Lee.
Though they separated, Don Filippo and Donna Francesca never divorced. The Prince died in Rome in 1984.

Morti 2014 - BONACOSSI FRANCESCA - Gazzetta di Mantova - 558534
Eberhard W. Waldenmaier died on October 4, age 90. He was the elder of two sons of Princess Marie Rose of Hohenlohe-Bartenstein and Jagstberg (1903-1999) [herself the daughter of Johannes, Prince of Hohenlohe-Bartenstein and Jagstberg and Archduchess Anna Maria of Austria] and her former husband Josef Hugo Waldenmaier (1895-1976).

He married Maria Rosa Greco (1924-2001) in 1947 and they had 5 children: Carl J. "Carlo" (b. 1948), Rita (b. 1950), Stephany (b. 1951), Francis (1960-1988), and Maria-Teresa (b. 1965). In addition to his four surviving children, he leaves behind three grandsons and four great-grandchildren (a fifth one died in infancy), as well as his younger brother Wolfgang and two of his nephews.

Source: Descendants of Duke Carlo III of Parma
Eberhard Waldenmaier Obituary: View Eberhard Waldenmaier's Obituary by San Francisco Chronicle
Brigadier Arthur Valerian Wellesley, 8th Duke of Wellington (1915) son of Lt.-Col. Gerald Wellesley, 7th Duke of Wellington and Dorothy Violet Ashton has died. He was to married Diana Ruth McConnel, daughter of Maj.-Gen. Douglas Fitzgerald McConnel and had five children: Arthur Charles Valerian Wellesley, Marquess of Douro now 9th Duke of Wellington (1945), Lord Richard Gerald Wellesley (1949),
Lady Caroline Jane Wellesley (1951), Lord John Henry Wellesley (1954), and Lord James Christopher Douglas Wellesley (1964). Arthur Gerald Wellesley, Earl of Mornington (1978) is now Marques of Douro, and his son Arthur Darcy Wellesley, Viscount Wellesley (2010) is now Earl of Mornington.

Eighth Duke of Wellington dies just six months before bicentenary of Waterloo | Culture | The Guardian
Donna Alessandra Torlonia died on December 31, age 78, shortly after her brother. She was the eldest of four children of Infanta Beatriz of Spain (1909-2002) and Don Alessandro Torlonia, Prince di Civitelli Cesi (1911-1986). In 1958 she married Clemente Lequio di Assaba (1925-1971), with whom she had two children, Alessandro (b. 1960) and Desideria (b. 1962). In addition to her children she is survived by her four grandchildren.

Source: Descendants of King Alfonso XII of Spain
Count Franz von Meran died in Klachau on 29 July, seventeen days before his 90th birthday.

He was born in Csakberenyi as third of six children and oldest son of Count Philipp von Meran (1894-1950) & his wife Marie-Anna, nee Countess von und zu Eltz (1900-1994). He married in Arusha (Tanzania) on 16 May 1964 Uta-Claudine Strohschneider (1938-2009) but this marriage ended in divorce in 1972 and was childless. He married secondly, also in Arusha, on 31 October 1973 Baroness Anne Marie von Stackelberg (b.1950) by whom he had two children: Stephan (b.1974) & Alexandra (b.1977) as well as two granddaughters Annabel (b.2008) & Maria (b.2011) - daughters of Alexandra & her husband Peter von Onczay (b.1960).
Apart from his own family he left four siblings and their families (his oldest sister predeceased him in 1999).

Sources: Austria
Descendants of Archduke Johann of Austria
Count Georg-Alexander Alphons Friedrich von Donnersmarck died on 2 August.

He was born in Vienna on 23 January 1945 as an only child of Count Arthur Lazarz Waclaw Maria von Donnersmarck (1908-1965) & his first wife Elisabeth Gillard (1914-1991).
Georg-Alexander's parents divorced already in 1946; in 1952 his father married Margaretha Pautsch (b.1918) but this marriage remained childless.
Georg-Alexander was also married twice: he married firstly on 24 June 1972 Elfriede Jocher (b.1947) by whom he had two sons: Martin Arthur (b.1974) & Georg-Dietmar (b.1976).
He & Elfiede divorced in 1992; the same year he married in Bad Ischl on 4 July Luise Grabner (b.1947); this marriage was childless.

Source: Henckel von Donnersmarck
Donna Alessandra Torlonia died on December 31, age 78, shortly after her brother. She was the eldest of four children of Infanta Beatriz of Spain (1909-2002) and Don Alessandro Torlonia, Prince di Civitelli Cesi (1911-1986). In 1958 she married Clemente Lequio di Assaba (1925-1971), with whom she had two children, Alessandro (b. 1960) and Desideria (b. 1962). In addition to her children she is survived by her four grandchildren.

Source: Descendants of King Alfonso XII of Spain

How very sad for the Torlonia family to have another death so soon after Donna Alessandra's brother.
Holly Jill de Beauharnais Mogilevsky, nee Smith died prematurely last year.

She was born in 1969 and in 1995 married, as his second wife, Anton de Beauharnais Mogilevsky (b.1960) [son of Mikhail Mogilevsky (b.1929) {himself son of Duchess Nadehzda von Leuchtenberg (1898-1962) & her husband Alexander Mogilevsky (1885-1953)} & his wife Joan, nee Russell], but they divorced later.

Source: Descendants of King Maximilian I Josef of Bavaria
Don Fabrizio Del Balzo dei duchi di Caprigliano died in Milan on 7 June 2014.

[He was born in 1935, son of Don Giovanni Battista Del Balzo, X Duca di Caprigliano (1898-1983) and of Donna Clotilde Capece Minutolo dei duchi di Miranda (1900-1985). He married in 1971 Nicoletta Claudia dei conti Gola (b.1944) and is survived by her and two daughters.]

Conte Marco Bucci Casari degli Atti died in Rome on 25 October.

[He was born in 1924, son of Conte Francesco Bucci Casari degli Atti and of Matilde del Gallo dei marchesi di Roccagiovine and married in 1955 Donna Eleonora Colonna dei principi di Paliano (1930-1977). He is survived by one son and two daughters.]

Duchess Donna Dainella Gaetani dell'Aquila d'Aragona, Duchess widow of Laurenzana, Princess widow of Piedimonte, died in Rome on 31 August.

[She was born in 1925, daughter of Count Carlo de Dainelli da Bagnano Masetti and of Margherita Fiorini, and married in 1949 Duca e Conte Don Ferdinando Gaetani dell'Aquila d'Aragona, Duca di Laurenzana, Principe di Piedimonte, Conte di Alife, etc (1900-2013). She is survived by a son and two daughters.]

Donna Ginevra Lensi Orlandi Cardini, née Ginori Conti dei principi di Trevignano died in Florence on 18 September.

[She was born in 1938, daughter of Count Don Federigo Ginori Conti dei principi di Trevignano and of Marta Konrad and married in 1968 Nobile Geri Lensi Orlandi Cardini. She is survived by him and two daughters.]

Princess Donna Anna Maria Odescalchi, Duchess widow of Bracciano, née Vagnarelli, died in Rome on 29 November.

[She was born in 1929 and married in 1955 Don Livio, Principe Odescalchi, IX Duca di Bracciano, IX Duca del Sirmio, Principe di Bassano, Marchese di Roncofreddo e Montiano, etc. (1913-1981) and is survived by an only daughter.]

Source for all: Royal News of 2014, Section III
Hans-Joachim Kaleschke died last year.

He was born in 1926 and in 1956 married Ingeborg von Hinuber (b.1927) [daughter of Oscar von Hinuber (1898-1973) {himself son of Baroness Mary von dem Bussche-Haddenhausen (1867-1948) & her husband Emil von Hinuber (1859-1923)} & his wife Henny Manecke (1898-1990)].

Source: Descendants of Baron Georg von dem Bussche-Haddenhausen
Countess Madeleine de La Rochefoucault, nee Barateau died last year.

She was born in L'Isle Jourdain on 22 November 1910. She married in Menilles civilly on 25 May and religiously on 11 June 1966 Count Eugene de La Rochefoucault (1901-1987); three months earlier he divorced his first wife Marie Vagner (1911-1991) by whom he had two children: Marie (b.1941) & Jean (b.1944).

Source: La Rochefoucauld
Prince Gaston de Looz und Corswarem died in Arlon, Belgium, on 13 September 2014.

He was born in Ixelles on 16 November 1922 as a son of Prince Louis de Looz und Corswarem (1891-1940) & his wife Madeleine, nee Tissiere (1896-1932).
He married in Pettingen (Luxembourg) on 12 February 1948 Catherine Spieles (1923-2013) by whom he had four children: Cilbert (b.1948), Marie-Astrid (b.1952), Jean-Marie (b.1955) & Leonie (b.1956).
He is survived by them and their families.

Sources: Netty Royal
Looz u.Corswarem
Former Countess Gustaf Douglas, nee Marianne Backstrom died last year.

She was born in 1931. She married in 1956 Count Gustaf Douglas (b.1930) [son of Count Oscar Douglas (1896-1991) & his wife Dagmar, nee Skarstedt (1901-1993)] by whom she had two children: Cecilia (b.1960) & Carl (b.1962). They divorced in 1979.
She is survived by her children, son-in-law Saul Perez Valdez (b.1969) & her only grandson Alexander (b.1999) - son of Carl & his former wife Felomen Jatta (b.1972).

The same year as his daughter Pia, Count Eugen von Enzenberg zum Freyen und Jochelsthurn died.

He was born in 1927 as a son of Count Hubert von Enzenberg zum Freyen und Jochelsthurn (1899-1984) & his wife, Baroness Leonhilde Kletzl von Norburg (1899-1983).
He was married twice: firstly, from 1954 to 1962, to Doris Ulrich (b.1933) and secondly, from 1964 to Inge Pregenzer (b.1940).
He is survived by his wife, his two living daughters from first marriage: Angelica (b.1955) & Esther (b.1957), his three children from second marriage: Veronika (b.1965), Hartmann (b.1967) & Dorothee (b.1975), fourteen grandchildren and two great-grandchildren.

Source for both: Descendants of Grand Duke Ludwig I of Baden
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Countess Elisabeth von Meran, nee Freiin von Tinti died last year.

She was born in Bonn on 15 October 1917. She married in Pochlarn on 13 September 1942 Count Alois von Meran (1907-1960) [third of six children and oldest son of Count Franz von Meran (1868-1949) & his wife Marie, nee Princess of Liechtenstein (1877-1939)] by whom she had four children: Franz (b.1943), Marie0Theresia (b.1948), Henriette (b.1951) & Elisabeth (b.1955).
She is survived by her children, eighteen grandchildren and sixteen great-grandchildren.

Source: Descendants of Archduke Johann of Austria
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