News Reports Harry & Chelsy Reunited: November 2007

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Harry isn't at that skiing trip either. Why should Chelsy go? That's just b/s, IMO. Ever since he's with Chelsy Harry hasn't joined the Royals in Klosters, I think. I've never seen Chelsy ski and it was reported that she didn't like the cold. I guess she's far happier in the sun in SA than on the slopes in Klosters. About the wedding: Does Chelsy even know Peter and Autumn? Kate was at Peter's birthday party. Chelsy wasn't. Right now Peter and Autumn are skiing with William, Kate and Charles. So they know Kate, but if they don't know Chelsy why should they invite her? It's their wedding and it's understandable that they'd only invite family and friends.
Even Kate's sister Pippa's been invited! What a diss for Chelsy.

They invited Pippa!? Wow. The explanation that Chelsy isn't invited because she and Harry were on the outs at the time they made the guestlist is very possible. But I'm suprised that Harry isn't allowed the bring a date, cuz here in the US when wedding invitations are sent out to someone they also allow for them to bring someone of their choosing if they want to.
Prince Harry smoking a cigarette at Chelsy Davy's house party, Cape Town, South Africa - 22 Mar 2008
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Aww man, I read some article that said he was going to try to keep off the cigs after returning from Afghanistan and I was hoping he would keep to that. Although when I saw pics of Chelsy smoking on the houseboat I knew that he probably was too. Seems like a fun, intimate party anyway. When does Harry have to return to England? When his troops get back?
P.S. is there a way to enlarge those fotobanka isifa photos?
How do we know Kate and Pippa have been invited, when the actual date hasn't even been announced by BP?? I think it's all speculation.

However, Kate and Pippa are guests, perhaps Pippa is Kate's guest?
I would be very suprised if Chelsy did not go to the wedding. Especially as it is a low key affair, the rules of protocol are going to be much more relaxed. First of all, I doubt the Daily Mail was consulted on the guest list, so anything they report is speculation at this point. Secondly, Chelsy may not have gotten her own invitation, but if she and Harry are together, he would certainly take her. Remember how prominently he displayed their relationship at the Concert for Diana? We'll just have to wait and see.:flowers:
I think Chelsy is a bit of a maverick and she will never be another even if she makes it into the family, I can't see her playing ball the same way Kate and her family do.

I agree...thats why I love her!

It just occured to me, wasn't Chelsy in school before she left with Harry to Africa? Its been like a month...did she drop out do you think?
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Chelsy has finally been invited to Autumn and Pete's wedding, but has not accepted the invitation yet. Does this mean she has finally been accepted by the royal family?
It is nice to see Chelsy at a 'royal event' with other members of the royal family there aswell. Perhaps getting some practice in before Autumn and Peter's wedding??? I like what she is wearing anyway.
As this couple is clearly back together, it is time to close this thread and start one on their current events. The new thread can be found here.
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