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Jan 9, 2003
She´s very cute... And Märtha and Ari looks so happy

another one


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She is truly an angel. :heart:

From Polfoto.


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Hi everyone,

I have a link to NRK video of Maud Angelica Behn with her parents. Hope it works.

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From Aftenposten.


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What wonderful pictures! Maud is actually smiling a little in the first! She must be a very good natured baby and Martha Louise looks radiant. Poor Ari looks a little tired!
From: Hello!

2 MAY 2003
The newest member of the Norwegian royal family slept through most of her big moment on Friday when she was officially introduced to the world.

Two-day-old Maud Angelica Behn snoozed quietly as her proud parents Princess Martha Louise and her husband Ari Behn posed for official photographs at Norway's National Hospital where their firstborn put in an appearance on Tuesday night.

With her precious daughter snuggled in her arms, and looking radiant and relaxed, Princess Martha Louise said that the birth had gone as she had expected. "Everything really is fantastic, wonderful," she informed reporters.

Despite being third in line to the Norwegian throne the couple's daughter will not hold a title of her own. King Harald's decision seems to have gone down well with his subjects, as a poll conducted by one of the country's newspapers revealed 70 per cent of Norwegians agree with the royal decree with just 15 per cent saying they were against it.

The same poll also gave the thumbs up to the couple's choice of name for the young royal. Sixty six percent said they like the name Maud Angelica.

Princess Martha Louise's brother, Crown Prince Haakon is due to fly in from the UK on Saturday with his wife Crown Princess Mette Marit to see his new niece.
What an adorable baby! Just a few days old and she already has some sparkly jewelry to wear! And Martha is still glowing!
May 3, 2003: Maud Angelica Behn is going home with mom & dad. :flower: :heart:

Scanpix pictures.


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Pictures from nrk:


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That girl is gonna be a star "at least in Scandinavia"
Ari looks so cute hold little Maud! You notice Martha Louise is watching carefully like: "I hope he holds her properly!"

Guys are so cute holding babies.... :rolleyes:

I agree, Josefine, that Maud is going to be a big star in Scandinavia. :)
Beauty is the eyes of the beholder.
ANB pictures.


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Little Maud settles in at home

Norway's newest royal heir settled into her new home over the weekend. Her parents, Princess Martha Louise and Ari Behn, carried her out of the National Hospital and into a new life in their Oslo apartment.

A crowd of well-wishers gathered in the lobby of the hospital Rikshospitalet when the new little family made a formal departure on Saturday. Doctors and nurses lined up so the proud new parents of Maud Angelica Behn, third in line to the Norwegian throne, could offer public thanks.

Neither the princess nor her husband answered any questioned, posing only briefly for photos before climbing into a waiting car. They then headed for the apartment on Professor Dahls Gate in Oslo that Princess Martha Louise inherited several years ago from her maternal grandmother.

They earlier claimed they want "as normal a life as possible" when they take on the role of new parents. That means the princess may be taking her daughter to the local public health station in her neighborhood, to take advantage of the regular check-ups for babies that are offered to all new parents in Norway.

It remained unclear, however, whether the princess and her husband will employ a nanny for their daughter. All three are scheduled to move to New York in the autumn, to experience a few years overseas before Maud Angelica starts school. It's expected they'll take along a Norwegian nanny at that point.

Meanwhile, the new little family of three quickly received their first visitors at home. Just two hours after arriving home, Crown Prince Haakon and Crown Princess Mette-Marit came to meet their new niece, accompanied by the crown princess' young son from a previous relationship, Marius Borg.

Crown Prince Haakon said after the visit that Marius was allowed to hold Maud Angelica. "She's incredibly fine," said the crown prince, who had flown in from London for the weekend with his own little family.

Article From: Aftenposten - Maud Angelica on board the Norwegian boat "Norge" celebrating her aunt Mette-Marit's 30th birthday, August 19, 2003. - Another picture of Maud Angelica being fawned over by her parents and grandma Sonja.


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August 19, 2003 - Oslo, Norway.
Photo: Tom Hansen


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she is so cute.... hope she will have a brother and/ or sister in the future
Great pictures Cathérine Bergeyck! Little Maud has changed a lot since her birth and her baptism. She seems like a very happy and cheerful baby. What a nice smile she has for daddy and the cameras! Hard to say who she looks like though.
Does anyone think that Maud Angelica's clothes come from the Marie-Chantal line?
Originally posted by samitude@Oct 29th, 2003 - 5:36 pm
Does anyone think that Maud Angelica's clothes come from the Marie-Chantal line?
Why? Is Märtha-Louise close to Marie-Chantal?
Babbling with daddy:


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I never thought much of Ari as being a doting daddy. He always seemed to be more of an artsy type who did whatever he pleased whenever, all in the name of "art" and "creation." He never seemed quite like a playboy but certainly by the same token, not like one to settle down, either. But these latest pictures of Martha Louise, Ari and Maud out and about have certainly changed how I perceive Ari. Maud looks like she has daddy wrapped around her little finger (even at only 6 months!) and Ari seems over the moon by it, and like he wouldn't want things any other way.

How incredible that a tiny little thing like a baby (small but lots of responsibility) can transform a person so completely like that. Absolutely amazing!
Originally posted by samitude@Oct 29th, 2003 - 5:36 pm
Does anyone think that Maud Angelica's clothes come from the Marie-Chantal line?
I don't know if Martha Louise and Marie-Chantal are close - they don't seem like they would be. Martha Louise is very artsy and much into horses and equestrian sport, while Marie-Chantal is very much into the fashion scene and jet-set crowd. Two very different social spheres in my eyes.

Martha Louise also doesn't seem like she would ever buy the prissy children's clothes Marie-Chantal designs. From my own perspective of Martha Louise's personal style (not the style for her daughter, as I've only seen pictures of Maud from less than a handful of occasions), she seems to favour lots of bright colours and more eclectic pieces of clothing. Martha Louise's clothes are bright and cheerful, even whimsicial on several occasions, not at all prim and proper. I could never see Martha Louise wearing something 'au couture' or off the runway - not because she couldn't afford it or because it wouldn't look good on her - but because it would seem too "uniform," absolutely unoriginal. It would be unthinkable for me to think of Martha Louise dressed in something as "ordinary" as Gap clothing. I've always loved Martha Louise's style and her clothes because they were so original and so reflective of her personality. I want to believe that she would dress her daughter in the same way; she wouldn't dress her daughter in clothes that every other little girl at the park was wearing, too.
Seems as if you (Alexandria) wouldn´t have an good opinion of Marie Chantal. I think a lot of people haven´t, and for me it´s at least more understandable than to dislike poor, but wonderful, charming, graceful, crown princess Mary (nee Mary Donaldson) ;)
Maud Angelica has grown so much, she's gotten so pretty! (Although she's matter, I was bald at that age too :)) Moving on, Ari seems to be a very doting father. He has developed very much too! We saw him holding Maud like a doll when she was 4 months old, now he seems to be a better father, or at least a more learned one.
Originally posted by Lena@Oct 29th, 2003 - 7:05 pm
Seems as if you (Alexandria) wouldn´t have an good opinion of Marie Chantal. I think a lot of people haven´t, and for me it´s at least more understandable than to dislike poor, but wonderful, charming, graceful, crown princess Mary (nee Mary Donaldson) ;)
I don't mean to be hard on either Mary or Marie-Chantal, because, of course I don't know either of them personally. But by the same token, I don't know Cristina of Spain, Alexia of Greece or Martha Louise of Norway either and I like them. I just think that respect or appreciation for people needs to be earned, like in real life. And I just can't bring myself to automatically like either of these ladies just because they've married well.

Maybe in time I will grow to like Mary and her several dozen "first impressions" just didn't quite make the grade for me personally. But after 6-7 years of Marie-Chantal, I still can't muster up much like for her.
I'm not asking if Martha Louise and Marie-Chantal are friends. Marie-Chantal is a children's clothing designer. This is a question like saying "do you think Martha Louise wears Valentino." If I asked that question nobody would ask whether or not Martha Louise and Valentino are friends. This isn't about friends. I saw Maud Angelica's outfit and thought of Marie-Chantal, LTD. I've heard that Princess Alexandra of Hannover wears Marie-Chantal, LTD clothes. I also wonder about Princess Elisabeth of Belgium. Her little dresses and sweaters are adorable.
Are Marie-chantal´s kids-clothes so famous?! I haven´t any idea how to get her clothes...but I know where I would get Chanel, Dior...clothes.
Personally I´m not fond of dressing up little children with expensive clothes. They are growing so fast, and you influence your child (IMO) negatively, when you show him/her that early, that brands/labels are "important". Children can also look cute in less expensive clothes.
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