Mathilde on the cover

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Mathilde is in the cover of HELLO! magazine but I don't have the picture... sorry

It would be great if anyone had the scan!:)
Hannelore said:
Here are some covers of the Flemish magazine Humo. It's the best selling mag in Flanders, with over a million copies sold each week. I sould add that it's a combination of serious political interviews and researches, rock music and great humour, ranging from irony over sarcasm and absurd humour. The cover is always a faked photo or a posed one, but in such a way that it becomes funny. They make fun of people without really intending to hurt anyone.

This is the cover of the Humo of 30 Nov. 1999 "VIIIe work: Steal Filip's girlfriend" At the time there was a popular tv show, called "the XII works", presented by the guy next to Mathilde, where the host of the show always had to fulfill a seemingly impossible task. This one was -of course- a joke. He woudn't have succeeded anyway ;):)

I realy like this cover , just for the joke :)
Blik "Allready queen of our hearts"

Story "Mathilde's mama's big fear"

No idea what this was about ...

Dag Allemaal "Mathilde wants a 'new dad' for her baby. Filip will have to change nappies!"


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You get alot of great covers there! But, then Mathilde photographs really well!:D :)
Story of 27th Jan. 2000

Filip and Mathilde relieved after a frightfull joyeuse entrée

"Prince Philippe and princess Mathilde. 2 families with history"

The first book that was published about them, strictly about their ancestors, it just lists their ancestors each time with a photo/painting.

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the new issue of Royals, with a photo from their last holiday in Italy on the cover


Story "Welcome little Elisabeth"

Story "Unforgettable!"

Royals "the baptism of Emmanual. An intense family happiness, oin strict intimacy"

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Royals "Baby boom at the royal courts. Which princesses are pregnant?"

Royals "Philippe and pregnant mathilde are moving" (they didn't move at all :))

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Cathérine Bergeyck said:
Royals "Philippe and pregnant mathilde are moving" (they didn't move at all :))

Actually, they did move. When they got married they moved to the Castle of Laeken. It was the plan that the right wing was going to be for them, but first constructions had to be finished, to make it more modern. So they lived in the left wing for a while. When everything was finished (which took a while) they moved to the right wing. (I could be switching left and right here, I don't remember that clearly)
Oh I didn't know that. I knew they lived in Laeken castle all the while, but I had no idea they "changed wings". Thanks Jelka!
Great magazine covers, Catherine! I love the photo of them in post # 67 on the right hand side. Was that taken in India? There seems to be some exotic decoration on the pole?
Yes, that was taken during their economic mission to India last year. She was expecting Emmanuel, but it hadn't been anounced yet.
Cathérine Bergeyck said:
Royals "the baptism of Emmanual. An intense family happiness, oin strict intimacy"

Eeehhh, no offense Cathérine,:eek: but don't you mean Gabriel?;) I know it was just a typo.:D
Thank you for the many covers.:) It's great to see them and to know what the headline says. Nice that we got to see another picture from their trip to Italy.:)
Thank you for the little story on why they moved Jelka.:)
The Belgian newspapers when the news of Philippe's upcoming engagement to Mathilde had been leaked. (ANP)

Mathilde was Philippe's secret for 3 years and the papers had to find a picture in haste. At the engagement Philippe said he had been disappointed a bit when he saw the papers: only old and not so pretty photos of Mathilde.

Newspapers on the marriage (ANP)

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La Libre Match "Mathilde. Son coeur bat pour l'Afrique" (Mathilde's heart beats for Africa)

La Libre Match: Mathilde & Philippe in Japan

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Point de Vue of 1st March 2006: "Mathilde en Tanzanie. Le voyage du coeur"
(Mathilde in Tanzania. The voyage of the heart)

She is, perhaps, in my opinion, the most down to earth princess. She reflects calmness, inner peace!
Thanks, Catherine! A beautiful photo of them.
What is that article about -- "The year of choices" -- it sounds intriguing?
Emily said:
What is that article about -- "The year of choices" -- it sounds intriguing?

It was an astrology special: a prediction for the coming year with one royal per star sign. Not so intriguing I'm afraid ...
OK -- thank you, Catherine. I was wondering ....
1. Mathilde: so proud of her round tummy.
2. Mathilde's magic. 2001 will be her year.
3. Our golden team.

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