Princess Elisabeth, Duchess of Brabant's Fashion and Style Part 2: October 2023 -

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A wonderful colour and suit on the duchess for King Albert's 90th birthday!
For the birthday photos for King Albert's 90th birthday Elisabeth looked great in her Jigsaw suit again, see above when meeting Barack Obama in March:

** Pic 1 ** Pic 2 *
What a beautiful suit! Elizabeth looks gorgeous in the color and style.
The design of this dress reminds me of what her mother wore at the wedding of Albert and Charlene of Monaco.
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She's beautiful! The original is good enough but the shorter version is even better.
Beautiful in pink on today's National Day, July 21:

** Full view ** Full view ** Upper part **

She looks stunning. Love her matching headband.

I love her style. Classy, elegant, but interesting and age and event appropriate. And she has the best earring collection.
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Oh, I love Lisa's pale pink dress! It must be very warm in Brussels right now!
That's not an "easy" type of pink but she pulls that off! very feminine.
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