Mary and Frederik's Circle of Friends (Danish and Australian)

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The inner circle of friends are those who are specifically named as close friends of M&F, but also people who mentioned when ever there is a private gettogether with M&F.
The Heerings, for example, are mentioned constantly in that context.

Caroline Fleming, not that much. Certainly no longer.
Update on Caroline Fleming's economy, or rather the economy behind her home, Valdemars Slot:

Without going into too many details, there is a large debt, way more than what the place is worth and there is a big minus in the capital behind the manor as well.
In short: the debt and deficit is larger than the money than can be raised. - Unless someone pump money into the place, and that is what has happened and now it has emerged who.

It's the Fleming family. Caroline Fleming used to be married to Rory Fleming, a nephew to the author of James Bond.
They have two children and so far their son, Alexander, is planned to be the one who will take over the place.
That may very well be the reason why they have injected so much money into the manor.

But... But there is a strong disagreement between the board behind the manor and Caroline Fleming herself and her father Niels Iuel-Brockdorff about what to do to improve the finances of the place and raise a capital. So nothing has been done, and in the meantime the debt grows larger.

- So unless Caroline Fleming and her family can raise enough funds, the Fleming family and the other creditors will soon be able to dictate what is going to happen, and since the Fleming family are by far the biggest creditors the manor may pass to them. That is to Alexander Fleming.

You can read more about Valdemars Slot here:
These are bad days for Mary:

First her father-in-law died and now one of her closest friends in DK has died as well.

Juliane Meulengracht Bang has died from cancer at the age of 54. She was married to Peter Bang.
Juliane Meulengracht Bang was a co-founder of the Mary Foundation and she and Mary knew each other from back when Mary first came to DK.

Juliane Meulengracht Bang was also founder of OvaCure, aimed at reserach into ovarian cancer, which ended up killing her.
Apart from that she sat in the board for the Maternity Foundation, for which Mary is patron.

In 2006 she married Peter Bang, a very wealthy IT millionaire. They had two children and by all accounts they had a happy marriage.

The author of several books about the DRF, Søren Jacobsen, says: "She was among the first friends Mary had in Denmark, ad I'll say thet she was among the five closest (female) friends of Mary".
Hun var blandt de tidligste veninder som Mary fik i Danmark, og jeg vil mene, at hun var blandt de fem nærmeste veninder af Mary

Juliane Meulengracht Bang will be buried tomorrow from Esajas Church.
It is quite telling that Christian is at the funeral as well. Clearly, Juliane was not only close to Mary but also to the rest of the family.
how sad that she fought against ovarian cancer which was the cause of her death. did she get involved with this cause before or after having been diagnosed?
how sad that she fought against ovarian cancer which was the cause of her death. did she get involved with this cause before or after having been diagnosed?

The BT article says after she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer.
Which is normally the case, Prince Bernhard for example started Lymph & Co after he was diagnosed with (and recovered from) non-hodgkin lymphoma.

However, it is a hard truth that she died at this early age.
Which is normally the case, Prince Bernhard for example started Lymph & Co after he was diagnosed with (and recovered from) non-hodgkin lymphoma.

However, it is a hard truth that she died at this early age.
Queen Silvia started her by now tremendously important work with the care of Alzheimer patients after her mother got sick.
So Amber is in Denmark - and going onto Croatia.

School holiday time? Mary and Frederik going with her?

Will the Danish magazines report any sightings - certainly Danish general public following Amber's instagram know she's there.

Did she take her foster daughter with her?

So many questions...:lol::lol::lol:
Perhaps she attended Frederik's B-day party?
Perhaps she attended Frederik's B-day party?

That's what I thought Muhler when I saw a post about it.

Certainly a lot of Mary and Frederik's personal friends seem to have open to the public Instagram/Twitter/Facebook accounts.

A lot of connections come up between various Australians and Danes all commenting on one another's posts.

I'm suprised more information isn't published by the magazines.

I even saw some Danes posting about staying at Mary's sisters holiday home with just a few mouse clicks.

The people involved must be happy to share.

I feel I could almost write an article on who's where, and who's doing what, just from a few skims here and there. :lol:

Even found the house Mary and Frederik used in Tisvilde on Google Earth.

Just a skim along the coast and there it is was - modern technology!
It's great that Mary's family and friends in Australia are getting along well with M&F's network in DK.

Looking at it from a cost perspective it's great not having to worry too much about where to live, when you go to the other side of the globe. And there are distinct advantages in having natives to help you and as guides.
I have the very distinct impression that M&F's circle of friends are very social.

In contrast J&M certainly, and perhaps most of their closer friends as well, tend to be more "homely" people. I.e. people who appreciate a quiet evening at home, by themselves.
I base that on a lot of remarks by both J&M mentioning that they spend this or that evening at home and that they like it.
Joachim for example did not celebrate his birthday, but spend the evening at home with his wife and children.

The businessman, Peter Warnøe, belongs to the circle of friends around M&F. However, he is more than likely to soon becoming an ex-friend.

He is currently under police-investigation for shady financial transactions and that alone, according to the article and the respected journalist and author to several books about the DRF, Søren Jacobsen, is enough for him to end out in the cold - judging from previous examples of ex-friends of the DRF.

Losing the friendship of the DRF is actually more serious, if you have a business or a position, than you might think.
Because belonging to the circle of personal friends of the DRF, is also a stamp of approval. It means you trustworthy, vetted and dependable and that your economy and business is in order.
It also means that other friends of the DRF, and they count a lot of leading businessmen in DK, are likely to shun you. Partly because you are tainted and partly because they don't want to be associated with you, that could be bad for business and partly because you lost your stamp of approval.

The DRF has, as you know, a much closer relationship with Danish businessmen than in a number (perhaps most European) royal families. So association with the DRF really does mean something. Not least when the DRF (and the government) help promoting your business abroad.
I bet you have all been there: You couldn't fall asleep because you wondered who is the man, behind the man, who is behind Mary's hair?

As you know Mary's hairdresser is Søren Hedegaard and he has looked after her hair since the very beginning I think.
And on occasion he takes care of Frederik and the children and I guess we are going to see his work even more as the children grow up. Isabella is only a year or so away from ditching her "child-hair" to a teenage-style hair. Christian already has!
He has also grown close to in particular Mary and must be included in their circle of good friends.
And so has his husband, Preben Kristensen.

The popular and very likable 67 year old Preben Kristensen has now for more than 30 years been a household name in DK, as an entertainer, a theater-actor (he has made very few films,) singer and dubbing where his characteristic voice is instantly recognizable.

And typical for the friends of the DRF in general and M&F's friends in particular, both of them hardly say a word about M&F. It is no secret that Frederik has cut off several who couldn't keep their mouths shut. That has been described in a portrait book of him from 2008 IIRC.

So apart from the odd anecdote about the DRF, in some sort of professional and public setting, not a word from either of them.

But back to Preben Kristensen.

As both hair-salons and theaters as well as the DRF were closed down for months, they went to their summer cottage in Skagen and had some quality time there together. - Then everybody else in Copenhagen got the same idea and went there too - so they left. :D

Preben Kristensen has deservedly won quite a few awards but the one he is most proud of is the Knights Cross that he got from QMII.
Despite the fact that he has for years made a great parody of QMII, where he genuinely nails her voice, though not her looks. Always as an encore, when he is performing with a trio called Linie 3. (Named after a bus-line BTW.)
In fact Queen Ingrid insisted that he made a parody of her daughter.

Eventually QMII went to see this particular show. And even though she has never commented on the parody, she did in a roundabout way by meeting the trio behind stage:
In this particular parody Preben Kristensen had gone full Norwegian on QMII, issuing "her" with a knitted cap and a sweater. As well as huge braids.
"I recall that the Queen after the performance was standing speaking with you two (the other members of the trio.)
Then she suddenly turned towards me and said: By the way, there are always bows in the braids.
And then she continued talking with you.
- Your Majesty, that shall be corrected by tomorrow, was my hurried reply.
She has so much subtle humor, our Queen."

But as for how far you can take a parody: "Loving humor is fine. So long it isn't sarcasm or mean. Whether it's Queen Margrethe or other victims, it's important that they should be able to laugh as well."

And as mentioned before he was awarded the Knights Cross (Something most of the accomplished actors of good repute gets BTW.)
Being an emotional man, Preben Kristensen cried when he got his decoration.
"I've always teared up easily. I often cry. But yes, there I cried. I'm madly proud of it. And fortunately my father and mother lived to see it."
"I won't belittle all the other great awards I've been given, but that Knights Cross! That is clearly one of the proudest moments of my life.
I'm proud of the monarchy and proud of what I have been presented by the Queen. It meant and still means so much."

Once in a while he gets to wear it, because as the husband of Mary's hairdresser and personal friend, he is sometimes invited to gala events. Where he is following his husband so to speak.
At other cultural events, it is the actor Preben Kristensen who is invited, with husband - and then they switch place so to speak.

"I put it on on occasion." And almost resembling a mischievous child he adds: "You can't always see it, because you are only to wear it at special occasions. But then I wear it underneath." And pads his breast pocket.
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Thanks Muhler. That's lovely that Preben is so proud of his medal. Fred and Mary are lucky to have inspired such firm loyalty from Soren.
I look forward to seeing Isabella with a good stylish cut.
Mary's friend Amber is moving along with her book, "This Is Not A Love Story".

Australian friend Kylie Southall, family member Carina Axelsson, Danish friend Caroline Ahlefeldt, and Mary's sister Patty have all expressed their support on Ms Petty's instagram.

Here is a description of what the book is about, and a clip of Amber on Australian TV a few weeks ago, talking about it - and about the Crown Prince couple's meeting as being via an invitation to Mary and not a chance encounter.
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Let's have a look at M&F inner circle of friends:
Peter and Caroline Heering. (His parents were also close friends of QMII and PH.) Caroline Heering was Mary's LiW for several years.
Bendt Tido Hannibal Wedell and Pernille Wedell, from the noble Wedell family.
He owns several estates and is one of the biggest landowners in DK. One of his estates, Frijsenborg, is located on the route M&F usually to and from Trend.
Jeppe Handwerk with Birgitte Handwerk.
Served with Frederik in the Frogman Corps and must be considered one of the most trusted friends of Frederik. They also went to high school together.
Jørgen and Malou Skeel, owner of Birkelse estate, not far from Trend. It was the place Mary first visited when she came to DK.
Holger Foss. Served in the military with Frederik and attended Aarhus University together. A childhood friend.
Rikke Juel Brandt, with husband Michael Juel Brandt. She is among Mary's closest Danish friends.
Anders Holck Povlsen with his wife, Anne.
A hunting buddy of Frederik. He is one of the wealthiest businessmen in DK and owns a quarter of Scotland.
Ellen Hillingsø - and her very discreet husband. A childhood friend of Frederik. The Hillingsø was very close friends of QMII & PH.
Nina Wedell-Wedellsborg. Knows Frederik since school. The entire Wedell clan is close to the DRF.
Helle and Otto Reedtz Thott.
Very trusted friends of M&F. Mary initially lived at their manor when she came to DK.
Christian and Elisabeth von Buchwald. He is a very close friend of Frederik. IMO I'd say he is Frederik's confidante, certainly before Mary and the Frogman Corps.
Johan Wedell-Wedellsborg and his Rebecca. One of the largest shipping owners in DK. And as DK controls a fifth of the world's merchant shipping that says a lot!
Søren Jessen. An old friend of Frederik. Owns a nightclub in London.
Michael Brockenhuus-Schack. A branch of the Schack family owned Schackenborg.
A hunting buddy of Frederik.
His wife Ulla, works very close with Mary in the Mary Foundation.
Christian Ahlefeldt-Laurvig. A childhood friend of Frederik. The noble Ahlefeldt family is close to the DRF.
Julie a high school friend of Frederik.
And Mary's very dear friend from Australia, Amber.
Mary hairdresser, Søren Hedegaard and her stylist, Anja Alajdi - who have also moved into the inner circle of friends.
Ditlev Ahlefeldt-Laurvig, like his brother Christian, a childhood friend of Frederik.
Michael Ahlefeldt-Laurvig Bille, old nobility. With his wife Alexandra. Both from Frederik's childhood.
Peter Bang, a close friend of Frederik.
Shipping owner and party-center, Christian Levin.
Marc Høm and Malou Flamand. Live in New York.
Søren Bredvig from the Frogman Corps.
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Let's have a look at M&F inner circle of friends:
And Mary's very dear friend from Australia, Amber.
Michael Ahlefeldt-Laurvig Bille, old nobility. With his wife Alexandra. Both from Frederik's childhood.

The kids have 3 Australian godmothers/fathers but Amber is not one of them and they are, I think, even older friends than her.

Yeah, I guess you can call Frederik's cousin Alexandra "from his childhood"....;)
Amber Petty has a tendency to be talkative IMO and she's been talking again. Among other things about her friendship with Mary as described in a new book, she has written:

Not that she says that much and at least she has submitted the manuscript for Mary to view first. And seemingly she and Mary are still friends.

Yep - she's talking again. Here's a link to an excerpt of her book:

Here's her interview with Stellar:

Edit: here's more extracts from Amber's book:
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Do you recall the Holch Povlsen family who lost three of their four children in a terrorist attack in Sri Lanka in 2019?
M&F and their children attended the funeral of the children.

They have now had a son. He was born on 29th September. Mother and child are fine.
In March 2020 the couple had twins, two girls.

Eventhough Holch Povlsen owns huge estates in Scotland, on a day to day basis the family lives near Aarhus at the manor Constantinsborg.

Which we must assume is well known to the CP-family.

- Considering that they lost their children during Easter 2019 and had their twins in March 2020, they must have made, so to speak, their twins only a couple of months after the funeral.
A kind of therapy perhaps? Perhaps the best therapy? Concentrating on being expecting and then having children surely can keep you occupied enough to keep your mind away from the tragedy. And you have something to live for.

I don't even want to imagine losing one child, and they lost three!
How do you even begin to cope with that?
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