Luxembourg Grand Ducal Family, Current Events Part 5: September 2017 - present

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Prince Sebastien participated in the Changing of the Guard Ceremony at Buckingham Palace as flag-bearer of the 1st Batallion Irish Guards. His parents, the Grand Duke and the Grand Duchess, attended the ceremony.
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Prince Sebastien's grandfather, Grand Duke Jean, joined the @irish_guards in 1942 and much later was colonel of the regiment from 1984 until his abdication in 2000. In that capacity he took part in the Queen's Birthday Parade, riding with the other royal colonels.
:previous:Very interesting. The Duke of Cambridge is the current colonel-in-chief of the Irish Guards, so he and Prince Sebastien should cross paths at some point… if it hasn't already happened.
Grand Duchess Maria Theresa has lost weight; good for her! Prince William ignores the Continental royalty and the Luxembourg grand dukes are wrong to have such big families because Luxembourg is so small and there isn't enough work for them to do in Luxembourg. Grand Duchess Charlotte, her son and grandson could have had two children each!
Nice vacation photos of the GD couple and Prince Jean. From looking at the photos appears to me that GD Maria Teresa has lost a significant amount of weight in the past months.
Grand Duke Henri of Luxembourg and his son Sébastien learned kitesurfing in 3 days at Dakhla Attitude hotel in Morocco

Thanks eya and Blog Real! Great to see Grand Duke Jean! I'm still getting used to HGD Guillaume sans beard... :blink:
Thanks eya and Blog Real! Great to see Grand Duke Jean! I'm still getting used to HGD Guillaume sans beard... :blink:

Me too. I am already looking forward to the HGD completing his studies and being allowed to have a beard again (as that's my theory for why he currently isn't sporting one).
I can see a resemblance between Guillaume without beard and his uncle Jean.
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Grand Duke Henri and Princess Alexandra attended the Luxembourg Philharmonic Orchestra concert organized at the Christmas Gala of SOS Children's Villages World yesterday, December 13. Alexandra inaugurated the new bell of the OPL that will bear the name "Princess of Luxembourg Alexandra of Nassau".

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I think his only sister alive Princess Alix, Princess Antoine de Ligne was not able to attend the concert and the Widow of Prince Charles now Duchess de Mouchy ,was not seen in Luxembourg since a long time
The Grand Duke Henri, the Grand Duchess Maria Teresa and Grand Duke Jean attended at the concert given by the military, on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the accession to the throne of Grand Duchess Charlotte

What a wonderful tribute to Prince Jean's mother. It is great he can witness the centenary of her accession.
It is good that the children of Felix and Claire begin to appear more. It will probably be one of them that will inherit the throne of the Grand Duchy.
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