Luxembourg Castles, Palaces and Royal Residences

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Do you know if Luxembourg royal family have any palaces etc in Czech Republic or it was everything confiscated in 1945? I'm not sure if they gain something in restitution...maybe not but I don't know, do you??
To my knowledge, the current Grand Ducal house of Luxembourg is actually from the House of Nassau, and is no relation to the Dukes of Luxembourg who were Kings of Bohemia in the 13th and 14th centuries. I don't think there are any ties to the current Grand Dukes and the Czech Republic. Please, someone tell me if I am incorrect in this assumption
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They had Castles in Germany. Until 1934 they owned the Castles of Biebrich and Weilburg. In the Vault of Weilburg Castle are the Grand Duke Adolphe, Grand Duchess Adehleid Marie and Grand Duke Guillaume IV. buried. Every year on 17.11. Adolphe's death anniversary the Vault is opened. The Vault is luxemburgian Territoriy and not german. This 2 Castles where sold to the Country of Prusssia by Grand Duchess Charlotte in 1944. The Family also owned Hohenburg Castle in Bavaria which Duke Adolphe bought after he lost Nassau. He and also later his daughter-in-law Grand Duchess Marie Anne spend there a lot of time. it was sold in the 1950's.
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Wonderful video, thanks! Princess Grace too made a documentary showing off the Monaco palace but I've never see it.
[FONT=verdana,arial]If you go to Luxemborg this Summer, this is a MUST! [/FONT]
[FONT=verdana,arial]I can tell you from my own experience; it's Beautiful! [/FONT]

[FONT=verdana,arial]15-7-2014 - 07-09-2014 [/FONT]


[FONT=verdana,arial]Ouverture estivale des portes du Palais grand-ducal - Cour Grand-Ducale de Luxembourg - Juillet 2014[/FONT]

[FONT=verdana,arial]Le Palais grand-ducal - Cour Grand-Ducale de Luxembourg - Juin 2012[/FONT]


[FONT=verdana,arial]Guided tours of the Palace of the Grand Dukes - LCTO[/FONT]

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The Grand Dukes of Luxembourg's private residences outside of Luxembourg?
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Something I had not known about,really beautiful and are the gardens open to the public or private?
Who lives in the Castle of Berg beyond the Grand Dukes and the children? Do any of the Grand Duke Henri's brothers live in Berg's Castle?

The Grand Duke Jean lived until the end of his life in the Castle Fischbach. Does anyone now reside in Fischbach Castle?
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I always thought the long term plan would be for Guillaume and Stephanie to move in eventually
Grand Duke Jean's Sisters' Residences:

Princess Elisabeth's Residence:
Artstetten Castle (German: Schloss Artstetten) is a château near the Wachau valley in Lower Austria, in the community of Artstetten-Pöbring.
Princess Elisabeth lived in this castle when she married Franz, Duke of Hohenberg. And he inherited the castle after the death of her husband.
The castle remains the private property of the Hohenberg family, and parts of the castle are open to the public for visits. After the death of Franz, Duke of Hohenberg in 1977, the property was deeded to his eldest child, Princess Anita of Hohenberg. The Anita Hohenberg Trust was set up in 2003, and she and her family manage the property.,_Luftbild.JPG

Residence of Princess Marie-Adelaide:
Princess Marie Adelaide of Luxembourg resided at Wolfsberg Castle (Carinthia) after the wedding.
The Wolfsberg Castle, is a residence of the family of Karl Josef Graf Henckel von Donnersmarck, husband of Princess Marie Adelaide.
Wolfsberg Castle (German: Schloss Wolfsberg), today also Henckel-Donnersmarck Castle (Schloss Henckel-Donnersmarck), stands on a knoll in the north of the town of Wolfsberg in the Austrian state of Carinthia.
The current owner of the estate is the Kärntner Montanindustrie (Carinthian Mining Industry), which hires the halls for events and weddings. The Managing Director is Andreas Graf Henckel von Donnersmarck, son of the Princess Marie-Adelaide. The castle restaurant is run by the Stölzl family.

Residence of Princess Marie Gabriele:
Princess Marie Gabriele married Count Karl Johan Ludvig, 7th Earl of Holstein-Ledreborg. After the marriage, the couple began living in Ledreborg Castle, Denmark, a property of the princess's husband's family.
The residence is currently owned by Silvia Knudsdatter komtesse Holstein-Ledreborg, daughter of Princess Marie Gabriele.
Ledreborg is a palatial mansion near Lejre, 12 km (7.5 mi) to the southwest of Roskilde on the Danish island of Zealand. Today's Baroque building was completed in 1746 by Minister of State Johan Ludvig Holstein (1694–1763) who commissioned J.C. Krieger to carry out the work.

Princess Alix's Residence:
Princess Alix of Luxembourg married Antoine, 13th Prince of Ligne.
The Ligne Family owns the Château de Belœil, which is still owned by the family and was the residence of Princess Alix and her family after marriage.
The Château de Belœil is a château situated in the municipality of Belœil in the province of Hainaut, Belgium. Since the 14th century it has been the residence of the Prince de Ligne. The château lies in the middle of a magnificent Baroque garden designed in 1664.
The castle is currently run by Michel, 14th Prince of Ligne, son of Princess Alix.âteau_de_Belœil

Villa Imbarcati
Villa Imbarcati, in Pistoia, near Florence, was owned by Prince Felix de Bourbon-Parma.
The property was inherited by Prince Charles.
Luxarazzi 101: Prince Charles of Luxembourg

Does the property belong to the children of Prince Charles?

Prince Robert, son of Prince Charles, manages several properties. More information here:

Grand Ducal Family Official Residences:

Grand Ducal Palace:
Palais grand-ducal - Cour Grand-Ducale de Luxembourg - Résidences

Berg Castle:
Château de Berg - Cour Grand-Ducale de Luxembourg - Résidences

Fischbach Castle:
Château de Fischbach - Cour Grand-Ducale de Luxembourg - Résidences

Côte d’Azur, France

The Grand Ducal family own a holiday villa in Cabasson on the Côte d’Azur. It was purchased by the Grand Duchess Charlotte in 1949.

Château les Crostes
This castle is owned by Prince Felix and Princess Claire. It is located in the south of France and was an offer from Princess Claire's parents.

Notre-Dame Cathedral, Luxembourg

Luxembourg's Notre-Dame Cathedral is the venue for the main religious ceremonies of the Luxembourg Grand-Ducal Family, such as royal weddings and funerals.
It is also here that the monarchs of Luxembourg and other members of the royal family are buried.

Burials in the crypt
The crypt of the Cathedral contains the remains of Grand Dukes and Grand Duchesses of Luxembourg. The following people are interred here:

Marie-Adélaïde I, Grand Duchess of Luxembourg (1894–1924)
Marie Anne, Grand Duchess of Luxembourg, born Infanta of Portugal (1861–1942) – Consort of William IV
Felix, Prince Consort of Luxembourg, born Prince of Bourbon-Parma (1893–1970) – Consort of Charlotte I
Prince Charles of Luxembourg, Prince of Luxembourg (1927–1977)
Charlotte I, Grand Duchess of Luxembourg (1896–1985)
Joséphine Charlotte, Grand Duchess of Luxembourg, born Princess of Belgium (1927–2005) – Consort of Jean I
Jean I, Grand Duke of Luxembourg (1921-2019),_Luxembourg
Luxarazzi 101: The Cathedral of Our Lady of Luxembourg
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It is interesting that it was King Willem II of the Netherlands whom purchased both Fischbach and Berg from his personal fortune. After the death of King Willem III, the other Nassau branch (Nassau-Weilburg) took over the grand-ducal throne and bought both castles from Queen Emma, the Regentess of Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands (Emma's mother Helena zu Waldeck und Pyrmont was born a Princess of Nassau-Weilburg herself)
Prior to using Notre Dame de Luxembourg the Counts of Luxembourg had several burial sites most notably l'Abbaye Notre-Dame d'Orval which was pillaged,ransacked and burnt by French forces in 1793 and l'abbaye de Münster which was also destroyed.
Prior to using Notre Dame de Luxembourg the Counts of Luxembourg had several burial sites most notably l'Abbaye Notre-Dame d'Orval which was pillaged,ransacked and burnt by French forces in 1793 and l'abbaye de Münster which was also destroyed.

The two Nassau Grand-Dukes before Marie-Adelheid were interred in the mausoleum of the House Nassau-Weilburg in the Stadt- und Schlosskirche in Weilburg.

The cover stone reads:


(Under this altar
are awaiting the resurrection
the Noble
Powerful and Illustrious
Lords and Ladies
from the ancient Nassau branch
Counts and Princes of Nassau-Weilburg
Dukes of Nassau
Grand-Dukes of Luxembourg
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Where do Grand Duke Henri's sisters and brothers live? Do any of them live in Luxembourg?
Where do Grand Duke Henri's sisters and brothers live? Do any of them live in Luxembourg?

I believe only Guillaume lives in Luxembourg. Marie Astrid in Switzerland. Margareta in Belgium and Jean in Belgium as well.
King Willem I of the Netherlands, Grand-Duke of Luxembourg had so many properties in today's Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg and the Nassau lands that he effectively ended the use of centuries old Nassau properties.

For an example, the oldest Nassau property in the Netherlands, the Castle of Breda, was just shoven away to be used as Royal Military Academy (which it still is today) and this was of course not the best use of this vulnerable and monumental building.

Vianden Castle, the oldest Nassau property was neglected and sold bit-by-bit. It eventually came back in the Nassau family, in ruinous state.

But of course King Willem I had a new Kingdom and he wanted to establish royal Courts in Brussels, Amsterdam and The Hague. It is understandable that residences "in the periphery" were overlooked.

Luckily Vianden Castle is back in awesome splendour.
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