Les Tribunes Royale In Danish Paper

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Danish newspaper BT has the following article:


Where Tribunes Royale is mentioned with the following headline "Lively Royal debate on the Internet: Alexandra has more class than Mary".

Quotes from LTR-poster "Paulette" and other "Alexandra-fans"

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That is so cool. Is that like the Aftonbladet of Denmark? Very popular. lighter stuff? Anyway, please translate the article.
Hmm...okay...give me some time - I will try to translate :)

BT...BT is...a tabloid, daily newspaper - not the worst type, but deffintely with the emphasis on "gossip-news".

I don't know Aftonbladet first hand, so I can't compare...
Ooooh, we're being watched! We better behave ;))

Actually, one of the posters from a usenet group I contribute to was quoted in one of the British papers with respect to whole Charles-Fawcet imgroglio.
The producer of a show in the US that was cancelled expressed his complaints in a message board that I regularly write on. I guess I am being watched. There were articles about his complaints.
I would love to hear if somoene found us through BT article

do you think we will get some more new friends... more trafic?
Article from BT online November 22nd 2003.

Lively Royal debate on the Internet: Alexandra has more style than Mary

By Birger A. Andersen

Alexandra is in the lead with two thirds of the votes over Mary on the question about who of the two princesses will have most style 1 year after Mary's wedding with Frederik.

Did you know, that Frederik and Mary had pizza, beer and margarita-drinks the October-night in 2000, when they met each other for the first time at the pub Slip Inn in Sydney?

And will Mary ever get the same natural grace and dignity as Princess Alexandra?

Of course these epoch-making questions can not be ignored as pointless.

To royal fans, who can never get enough of adorable dresses and posh orders with the actors of royal houses throughout the world, no subject is too small.

At the English-speaking webpage "Les Tribunes Royales" all the flattery of the king is released. At this electronic meeting-place the truly loyal gather and share their passion with words and glamorous pictures. 

Royal haircuts, historic jewellery, and the latest gossip. Everything is turned under the adoring magnifying glass and is ransacked with devoted enthusiasm.

All the European Royal Houses have their own sub-section at the page. Most traffic has been about the British Royal House, with the Swedish and our own (Danish) following suit.

And when Frederik and Mary officially got engaged on October 8th. the traffic at the page broke the record with 106 users logged on at the same time.

The soon to be Crownprincely couple is one of the very most discussed subjects at "Les Tribunes Royales" at the moment.

Mary's princess-potential has been analysed in every detail after her first official appearances. Does she speak well enough Danish, does she choose the right clothes and is her hair okay.

Lively Discussion

Also a comparison between Mary and Princess Alexandra's qualities is a subject the royal fans discuss with passion.

In an ongoing vote among the webpage's loyal users Alexandra is in the lead with two thirds of the votes on the question about, who of the two princesses will have most style one year after Mary's wedding to Frederik.

One of Alexandra's sworn supporters with the username "Paulette" explains with admiration why she prefers Alexandra:

"She doesn't just pick any dress or suit out of the closet. She thinks first. Her way of dressing reflects a true royal. Her choice of clothes simply shows how intelligent she is. No matter if she is appearing in public or is appearing privately with her children or the royal family she always radiates self-confidence and energy.
I am sure Mary could become just as good as Alexandra, but she still has a lot to learn," concludes Alexandra's sworn supporter.

Seems Cold

Another of Alexandra's admirers directly writes, that Mary almost seems cold and calculated, but that she now has a lot of stylists and money at her disposal and most likely will change her style.

And a third of Alexandra's admirers says that it is a pity, that the Princess will now be pushed down one step the ladder in the Royal hierarchy by Mary.

But the users of the page are clearly looking forward to the coming wedding. In a special wedding-section you can anticipate the happy event with loads of pictures from previous weddings in the ranks of royalty.

Okay – it is a hasty translation – and also a bit hard to translate, because the reporter uses a good deal of humour and has a twist in his eye (and humour is dang hard to translate!). Anywho – hope that it is clear enough to get some sense out of and don't hang me on every word! :p

With regards to Josefine's question - the article does not mention the full link to LTR, but hopefully some people will have enough brain to type in lestribunesroyales and add a .com at the end! :p
but they can type Les Tribunes Royales and find this forum I tried it my self.
Warm or not, it should bring more people to the site.
Originally posted by Dennism@Nov 22nd, 2003 - 5:11 pm
Warm or not, it should bring more people to the site.
Well, it should do that.

Thank you very much for the translation, Freja. We all appreciate it! :)

The article is fine. Not a problem. :)
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Thank you for the translation Freja.

I think the author takes our board with a much bigger grain of salt than the rest of us do, not as serious as we do, of course. There were points when I felt he seemed to be mocking us a bit, but what can you do?

I know very well how journalists can turn this around and twist the knife a bit. (Not me, of course!) ;)

There was so much more that could've been fleshed out about the debate between Mary and Alexandra accourding to our members, but I guess Mr. Andersen had a word and space limit.

Anyhow, any publicity is good publicity, right? B) Congratulations to Alexandra and Paulette for making such BT "quote-worthy" comments! And to everyone at LTR for making us successful and popular enough to be worthy of a BT story! :woot: :clap:
Yes, Alexandra and Paulette deserve lots of praise for their great comments! :clap: :clap:

The photo of Princess Alexandra that accompanies the article. ;)

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Hi there.
I for one is a new user. Never heard of the site before but read about it in BT. I am sure it will create more traffic for the site. I just browsed a few of the topics. You people are really serious about the Royal Stuff. I love it !!

Have a nice sunday

Hi, I am new in here, found the site after reading an article in the danish newspaper BT. Very nice site, I look forward to visit it every day ;)
Wow that is amazing! Our forum mentioned in a newspaper!! ^___^ that definitely doesn't happen to forums everyday ^____^
Wow, I have never seen this post before. How amazing! It does make you think who is reading what we say. Hmm.
Oh My God!!! I´m getting all emotional here!! Finally they notice our existence!!!!
Uh, not to shine on anyone's parade, but that article is about two years old. So it isn't a matter of noticing our existence finally... ;)

That was the article that showed me the way here.
It was also the first of several "relationships" between L-T-R/TRF and the media.

There is a potential one on the horizon, too. Two of the SuperModerators are possibly helping out with a fashion article about a princess that is TBA.
It's always cool to see TRF in the media. I guess the media is how we get many members. I honestly don't remember how I came into the forum though....... I know I wasn't posting here until 2005 after the name was already TRF. I wasn't around at all in the LTR days.
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