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Hello Everyone,

How are you? This is a cute Woman's Day article on Felipe and Gwyneth Paltrow. The title of the cover story is Princess Gywneth, and the start says "she's snared her charming Spanish Prince and now wants a fairytale Royal wedding.

She is regarde as a Princess in her own country, sometimes even an ice Queen. She's independently wealthy and speaks fluent Spanish. As far as Hollywood is concerned GP has all the qualifications to take on her biggest role yet -as wife to the Crown Prince of Spain.

News of Gywneth's secret romance with Prince Felipe broke last week with reports of recent first meetings and a couple of intimate dinners. But sources close to the star suggest the relationship may have had its beginnings years ago. And with Gywneth's 30th birthday party scheduled for later this week, they wouldn't be surprised if the pair make an announcement at the event!.
"We're already calling her Princess G". says an insider.
"Their too close for this to be an overnight romance".
Gywneth was reported to study abroad in Spain ages ago to study Spanish and suggested that they could have met there and fell in love. :Fate reunited them when she was cruising the Mediterrean in August. He'd broken up with his last girlfriend and available and she is looking for love. Its not everday you meet an eligible bachelor Prince".

King Juan Carlos and Queen Sohia have confirmed that the two are in love and would be thrilled to welcome the actress into the Royal family. They both think its time the Spanish heir settled down.

Fashion guru, Valentino takes full credit for introducing the two together, taking G to the Marjorca for a summer cruise.

Gywneth's freinds has other concerns, "Gywneth thinks she's in love and has become obssessed with the idea of becoming part of a roya family".
The rest of the article says that Royal life would be too restricting for her and that she would not fit into European Royalty well.

I read the article again and it compares Gwyneth to Grace Kelly the Hollywood star who marries a Prince and that she will have a "fairytale wedding". The negative part of this story is that her "friends" are quoted as saying that they don't see Gwyneth as being able to cope living in Spain and being Royal as she is used to the Glamor of Hollywood and its another way of life. Have fun and take care.

Just wanted to add that Gywneth Paltrow is a very popular actress who is featured regularly in our magazines, on T.V and in
newspapers.Most of the guys I most to uni with adore her and fall for her beautiful blonde hair and figure. One of the guys in my class has this special edition of the magazine "Celebrity skin" and it features pictures of GP in "The movie that never made it" :

A few years ago Gwyneth made a extremely sexual movie where she played a stripper / prostitute. However, the movie was so graphic that even after cleaning it up, the best rating it could get was an "X". Well guess who has it along with the unclean version?.

G & F are a popular topic of the moment and given Felipe lots of exposure in my city and most probably Australia. He says that he
has saved lots of GP nude pics from the internet and raunchy pics
from the above movie. Too "dirty" I think to post on the forum as
everyone is so sweet and decent.

I bid you all a very beautiful day with hugs, smiles, love and friendship to everyone.

Julia :

Lorissa, this must be balderdash about G and Felipe...can you imagine Juan Carlos and Sofia WANTING her in the family? Nope, not with all of that nudity!!
Interesting how her friends think that she is obsessed with becoming a royal and don't think it would be a good move for her.
Valentino just wants to make another royal wedding gown . After all the last one he made was for Maxima and that was, what? almost a year ago??
I think it's a ridiculous idea that Felipe and Gwyneth would get married, don't you? And btw, Gwyneth dropped out of university, which she openly admits that Michael Douglas bascially got her in to (I read it in an article...swear on my mum's eyes) and she admits it so non-chalantly.
Sure she's pretty and sure she dresses well for the most part, but she is a Grace Kelly wannabe. Sorry, but she is not even in the same class with the late Princess Grace. Doesn't even look like her, either.
Now, I'll tell you how I really feel!!
Have a marvey day!

Lorissa :

Hey Julia,

How are you? I agree with your posts about GP and Felipe. I don't think King J.C would approve of her naked bod and love scenes in "Shakespeare in love". I didn't realise she appeared nude in "A perfect murder" as well as skimpy G-strings in 'Shallow Hal", I asked my friend about her. I really wonder of J.C and QS have seen any of her movies? maybe they were bored on a Saturday night and it was on T.V. Does anyone know if GP is a natural blonde or not?. I must admit I admire her in the matchmaking Jane Austein movie "Emma" she was so sweet back then and so innocent.

I wish you a nice day!!

I bid you all a very beautiful day with hugs, smiles, love and friendship to everyone.

Mara :

Not only would they not approve of her because of all the nudity, but she's also a snob. She is a shopaholic and would make the family go broke. The King and Queen never said they were in love or anything else. They don't talk about his girlfriends. For instance, when Felipe and Eva were together, Sofia said Eva was nothing. So, there you go. This from the woman who gave pics of Gigi in a leopard print bikini to a magazine to discredit her. I highly doubt she would love Gwyneth.


Kelly B :

Sofia gave pics of Gigi to the press to discredit her? Yikes...wouldn't want to meet her in a dark alley on a bad day.

I think the whole Gwenyeth/Felipe deal is totally about selling papers. She is well known and a press favorite so to tie her with a hottie of a CP is cash for these mags etc.
I think they have met once maybe twice among friends. But I seriously doubt they are "announcing" anything at her 30th--if he is even there I would be suprised!

Lorissa :

Hello Julia, Kelly, Mara and everyone,

How are you all doing? This is so funny, but I went to Woolworths to get some bread and milk and Felipe's is "HOT!!!". It was so nice to stand in along line waiting to be served and having all these girl's my age, older ladies (almost ready to go into nursing homes) and ladies my mom's age saying how brilliantly blue his eyes are and how
hot he looks in the uniform. I'm glad that he is bringing all age groups together. Russell Crowe hasn't received this much attention, even when he was a hunk in "Gladiator" and in the sexy metal. Poor Fred has been stuck in a nightmare relationship with Mary and he is yet to make it on our Woman's Day. I think if fred wants to feature on the front cover he has got to date Gywneth.

Kelly, I agree with you, they are making so much dough from all these stories. The stories are so convincing, even my own mom and sister think G and P are getting married.

Mara, that is so awful, QS selling pics to the press to discredit her, what type of photos were they. Was it nude ones?

I wish you all a very lovely day and have fun and take care everyone!

Robb :

Arrr "There she Blows" should be the tittle of her new
movie! This is all their fault! Flips parents/sister should
have know MUCH better to not have those two in the same
room or dinner table he should spend time hanging out with
little kids at least Hola and all those US rags/mags can gossip
is how cute/caring he is with the kids! Princess my B--t she can
dream all she want's but it's not gonna happen ! grr
can you guess I'm not a Gwyni fan? I did watch "Gladiator" last
night he's got great gams in that movie! What time of store is your
Woolworths? ours went belly up about 3/4 years ago!
P.S Mara did you notice on the Casareal website it looks like Felipe
either has a ingrown hair or a hicky on his neck! My thinking
is Miss Mary dosen't let Fred out of her sight/clutches for a second
if your a stones' throw from getting engaged/married you would feel
comfortable enought to let your parter make overseas trips trust and
respect your parters space/time will bring your closer together! Or
do have have this wrong?

Mara :

Robb, sorry about that hicky I left on Felipe. I couldn't resist. LOL.

Kelly and Lorissa, the pictures were given to the magazine, not sold, and Gigi was in a bikini. But it was leopard print. There were others too. But the rumor was that they were given to the magazine by Sofia. She is not one to mess with. She knows exactly what is appropriate for Spain and I'm telling you, Gwyneth is not! I wish they'd drop this crap already.

There is a new friend of Paltrow. The Prince Nicholas. Is not that interesting? How many boyfriends during two month. She is better than I thought.
I don't think that GP is dating Prince Nikolaos. GP may have attended a party that Nikolaos hosted for his brother, Pavlos and his wife and Haakon and M-M. I think that it is very possible that she attended the party as GP and Marie-Chantal are acquainted with one another. They have both attended parties hosted by Valentino from time to time, so it's possible that she may have met Nikolaos through M-C. GP is currently living in London as well at the moment because she is working there, so it's a possibility that she may socialize with Nikolaos and a few of his friends.

There is a picture circulating around the various message boards of GP and Nikolaos in evening attire. However, there is debate as to whether the picture is authentic, so we may have to wait and see. If GP attended this party then of course, the press went wild with the speculation and gossip as usual. I would expect nothing less. It is to my understanding that GP is dating Chris Martin from Coldplay and she is very interested in him.
even she has a bad day.


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remeber when?


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and how about this


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here's another


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i love this one nasal shot :p and her teeth look bad.


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sad but true this is the last one :cry:


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Thank you so much Jo for the gorgeous pictures. She does look gorgeous (I hope no one minds me say that) I really love the red/burgundy outfit she has on and really good color too. I really love the cartoon one and I wouldn't mind it if someone would draw me like that. :D

I hope you have a wonderful day. Have fun and take care. :heart: :D
Well Lorissa I hope you don't have a nose like that!!! Cartoon or not. And the Breasts in the cartoon are a bit much (if you've ever seen the topless pics of her on the internet...not that much there).

The redness around the nose in the nasal shot...I hope she had the sniffles and wasn't sniffing...if you know what I mean ;)
Hey Suzanne, How are you? I am so glad that you brought up the subject about breast. I was having this disagreement with a Guy from one of my classes and he reckons that you could tell what size bra a girl wears just by looking at photos. But you can't or could you? I find with myself personally, I look really flat in photos, but "have some", not much, but I am happy - in real life. So does Eva have big or small breast? As in some photos she looks really, really huge and then I remember someone mentioning she had none. :unsure:

Have fun and take care. :D :D :D :D
Hey Lorrissa, I know what you mean about photo's being misleading. Some pictures of my best friend and me appear that she is larger than me (which she is not) it's all do to the padded bra she wore.

Regarding Eva she does have some, but not as much at you would think from some photo's. If you want to be daring you can look at the topless ones of her on the net..... :eek: Do a search for "Eva Sannum Topless" and you can see for yourself if you like. I was going to post the link but didn't think that was appropiate. :doh:
Man you aren't kidding. Put numbers across her chest and it could be a mug shot. And what's with that outfit?? :blink:
Here is an old article about Eva. It says that she speaks so many languages so it must be true then :unsure:

Spain's Most Wanted Woman

Eva Sannum

Is she destined to become the future queen of Spain?

The talking point in Spain - or, more specifically, in Spain’s gossip magazines - is whom the heir to the throne, the personable prince Felipe, will choose as his bride. By all accounts the prince has an eye for the ladies - he prefers blondes - but has so far failed to decide on a candidate.

Although an 18th-century law states that the heir to the crown must marry royalty, few believe this would be an obstacle to the prince’s marrying whomever he chooses, so long as she doesn’t have a past and isn’t an embarrassment at the palace.

Norwegian beauty Eva Sannum moved up in the princess stakes in late autumn, 2000, when the more staid of the Spanish weekly gossip magazines, Hola!, published a report on a summer 1999 visit by Prince Felipe and Eva to India. The couple were shown posing in front of the Taj Mahal and, in another photo, riding an elephant. The couple were visiting India with a group of friends, one of whom - given the all-smiles, family album snapshot character of the pictures - presumably leaked the photos to Hola!

Madrid rumour mills shifted into overdrive in March 2001 when new photographs of the couple skiing together in Saint Moritz showed the flame was very much alive. The press reported that since September 2000 Ms. Sannum had all but abandoned her carreer as a professional model. Some royal watchers suggested there might be a wedding in June, at Madrid's Almudena basilica, while another rumour stated that the Spanish royal family had reserved all the rooms in the Spanish capital's luxurious Ritz hotel for October, presumably to house wedding guests (the hotel denied the report).

Eva Sannum was born on April 27, 1975 in Lovenstad, northern Norway, and is seven years the prince's junior. When she was ten years old her parents divorced, and she and her older sister Linda lived with her father, Bjorn, owner of a automobile paint workshop, who eventually remarried. From the age of 15 Eva worked as a fashion model (women’s lingerie), and later went on to study advertising at Oslo University. She speaks six languages aside from Norwegian (English, Spanish, German, French, Greek, and Italian).

This is not the first women to be mooted as the love of Prince Felipe’s life and, therefore, a candidate to be the future queen of Spain. The newspaper El Mundo has counted up to twelve so far, including an American entry, Gigi Howard. Among the most recent claimants are Carolina de Borbón, niece of Queen Beatrix of Holland. Another recent candidate was Gabriela Sebastián, daughter of the Spanish ambassador to Germany and his Austrian aristocrat wife, and nine years the Prince’s junior.

The strongest candidate to date has been Isabel Sartorius, the attractive daughter of a Spanish aristocrat, but the romance ended (some gossips claim Queen Sofia didn’t approve) and Miss Sartorius eventually married someone else.

Prince Felipe met Eva Sannum in fall of 1997, when she was living in Madrid, where she had come to learn Spanish. The couple were photographed together at a dinner party, and that immediately got the royalty-watchers’ tongues wagging. Apparently Eva couldn’t take the constant pestering by Spain’s paparazzi, and returned to Oslo after three months in Madrid, but the royal liaison didn’t end there. Aside from the India trip, they have since been spotted or reported skiing in Frognersetren (Norway), going to a movie together in Oslo - to see Oh, Brother!, starring George Clooney -, spending ten days in summer 2000 at the exclusive resort of Sotogrande, on the southern coast of Spain, where they went sailing after Felipe sneaked away from Mallorca where the royal family where spending their summer holiday, and, in autumn 2000, holidaying on a Caribbean island.

Hola!, which stated that the India photographs "demonstrate that the friendship which started three years ago has continued and strengthened over time", is one of the more respected of Spain’s weekly gossip magazines, but the Barcelona newspaper La Vanguardia points out that Hola! does not have a direct line to the royal palace, and reminds readers that on a March 1995 cover it announced that Tatiana of Liechtenstein was destined to become the future queen of Spain.

Many feel that, with the Prince in his thirties, time is running out. His two older sisters have both married and produced royal offspring. Meanwhile, identifying the Prince’s current beau has become something of a gold mine when it comes to selling gossip magazines.


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Hey Suzanne, I am so glad that you agree with me about photos being very deceptive as Eva looks really quite average bra size in this photograph and yet looks really busty in others. If anyone does get offended by this image, plaese let me know and I will remove it.
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The things a wonder bra will do!!!

I'm sorry I still can't get by the fact that she was topless in public...AFTER she started to see Felipe. One would think a girl would know better.
Thank you Suzanne for the link. I had not seen the pictures until today. I have only heard about them and I think Mara showed me a tiny pic and it was blackened out that bit. Now you have got me interested in wonder bras and have to check the net for a good one that will do the job. In Australia they had this new wonder bra come out and advertised and it was suppose to be like a spa bra with a bag of water inside to pump and make you look like you got lots in front. I was going to order one and luckily my sister stopped me and told me to wait a while. Glad I did too as a couple of months time it was reported on news that all the girls who ordered one got ripped off and the stock never arrived from London. They were crying as it was priced at $65.00 each. :x :cry: :eek:
Thanks jo for posting the picture. I agree that the dress is very unusual. Nice colors though. :D
Hei Lorissa and Suzanne Honey!

You could try Victoria´s Secret.
They have got nice bras.
And the main thing is they are really comfortable :rolleyes:
You´re not feeling like :wacko: :blink: :x :shock: while wearing them.
If you know what I mean...
Maybe they have a internet addy.

Oh, I´ve forgotten to say something:
If I would have a body like Eva has on this last pic, I would be in haven!!!
:angel: :angel: :angel:

Hey Kika,

How are you? Glad to see you back as I missed you heaps. You and Robb equals a kicka$$ team with your very fun posts and great insights. Thanks so much for recommending Victoria secrets, but we don't get any great stuff where I live. :cry: :( :x :eek: and have to order it and that takes ages to arrive. I second to your post and think that Eva does have a nice body and height too. I have always dreamt of being tall. :cry: :cry: :cry:

I hope you have a nice day and take care. :heart: :D :heart: :D
Well, at the moment the kicka$$ team is a bit weak :cry: .
Robb that poor thing has a cold again, and I´m very busy with school.
Especailly with the Spanish class... :blush:
So I spent most of my time with learning that shi%&$?tty verbs.
They all have a different declination!!! :wacko: :wacko: :wacko:
But I hope it´s getting better.
And that Robb is back soon! :* :lucky: :heart:

Ok Kika and Lorissa...I didn't think that things outside the US where so dramatic!! :blink: The people I know here in the US like a little shape to there women. Not just a push up bra. A little hips and butt ... you know the old hour glass look. NOT the bean pole look. :blink: She is tall and skinny (I give her credit for that) but she could use more of a figure in my opinion. And she should always try to look into the camara...those side shoots aren't very complimentary. :doh:
PS and in the bridal gown picture and the last one you can tell she's so pushed up (just by looking at the shape of her cleavage) you would think she was hurting herself. OR she could have one of those bras with the gel pads on the bottom to push you up to give the appearance. :eek:
Hey Kika and Suzanne,

How are you two? Thnaks so much for the bra advice. But you two are very wicked as now I am hooked on a wonder bra and know exactly what I want for christmas. All I have to decide on is which one. If it can do so much for Eva, then it is an incredible product and could do magic for anyone. There is currently so many different types on the market. All I have to do is shop around and see which is the best. Love you both. Thanks a bunch. :heart: :heart: :heart:

Have fun and take care. Kika if you chat to Robb, Just tell her I said hello and hope she gets better soon. :heart: :heart: :heart: :D
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