Lady Helen and Tim Taylor and Family News 2: March 2006 - Sep 2022

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I wonder how she got the connection to an event like this, but Palma is wonderful so I hope she can combine it with some relaxing holidays there :)
Thank you, helenw and thank you Iceflower for the other pictures, they are great, happy and lovely together with her husband...
Romy, Lady Helen is patron of CLIC Sargent, which is a sponsor of the event. I wouldn't mind betting Armani has some connection, as he seems to like being involved with her charity work.

I only wish there were more pics of this event.
Thanks for that link, helenw :) and you are welcome, Romy :flowers:

Here's a nice new pic of Tim together with Cassius Taylor, the boy has grown so much and looks a lot like his father. The
two were pictured at the Cartier 'Style et Luxe' arena, Goodwood Racecourse, West Sussex, UK, 24/06/2007.

Tim and Cassius 24 June 2007
Romy, Lady Helen is patron of CLIC Sargent, which is a sponsor of the event. I wouldn't mind betting Armani has some connection, as he seems to like being involved with her charity work.

I only wish there were more pics of this event.
Thank you very much for telling me, helenw, I had not known that before :).
Iceflower, that is such a rare and nice picture you've found and posted, thank you for that,
a family picture of them all - parents with all children - would be a great pleasure.
You're welcome , Romy. I, too, would love a family photo of them all, haven't seen the youngest, Estella, for a while.

If you have a look at the latest Trooping photos, Lady Helen is pictured with Eloise on the Buckingham Palace balcony.
Thanks for all the photos

Hi There,

This is just my second post and I wanted to thank you all for your contributions on Lady Helen Taylor. I eagerly wait for any new posts on Lady Helen. Keep up the good work!
I do, helenw :flowers: Thanks for the very nice pic, it's great to have a bigger
pic from that event now, so now we can see her very lovely and elegant dress
much better :) I hope we'll see her again soon.
You're welcome, iceflower.

Helen's husband is opening a new gallery in October (I think), so hopefully there will be a grand opening, similar to when he last relocated. Then there is London Fashion Week, and the Lancome Design Awards, both events which she usually attends.

Something to look out for.
So many great photos in this thread. Lady Helen is a beautiful woman with great style. She seems to get more beautiful with age. :flowers:
Hi all,

Just a heads up that Lady Helen is on the committee for a grand gala on September 18th in London, The Golden Age of Couture. I've posted a link, this event sounds spectacular, keep an eye out. Hopefully we will be treated to lots of Lady Helen pics....

When a dress was a dream made real - Telegraph
Pic 17.9.2007

Thanks a lot for telling us about the up coming events, helenw :flowers:

Here's the newest pic from today, not the best picture of her, but well,
nice nevertheless :)
Lady Helen attends the Luella show as part of London Fashion Week at
Claridges Hotel on September 17, 2007 in London, England. Wilson/Getty

---> Helen 17.9.2007
Thanks, iceflower!! I agree, not a great photo, and certainly an interesting outfit.

We should be in for a big week, with the gala Tues night, and in past years she has attended Allegra Hicks' fashion show, which I think is Thursday.

I found another pic, Helen attending the launch of Shortlist magazine on 12th Sept. I hope this link works!!

You'll have to enter this set to see her photo.

Pic 18.9.2007

Thank you helenw :flowers: The link did not work for me, but with your
description I was able to find the pic :)

Here's the first pic from tonight:
Lady Helen Taylor attends 'The Golden Age of Couture' Gala held at the Victoria
and Albert Museum London, England - 18.09.07

---> Helen
What a great impressing blue dress, Helen had yesterday, I hope to see
more pics and I wonder if she was with her husband there. The fashion
week is a great chance to see her more often! Thank you for the pics
and news, Iceflower and helenw!!!
Here are some more pics from last night as you had hoped Romy ;)
Tim was there as well as you can see on the second pic :)

** Pic 1 ** Pic 2 ** Pic 3 **
Oh, thank you Iceflower for the wonderful pictures, beautiful woman
and beautiful couple - great genes for their kids..:wub:

I think this is the picture you and helenw were talking about,
Lady Helen on September 12 , also great choice of clothes
Pics 20.9.2007

You are welcome Romy as always and yes that's the pic of Helen
at the launch of Shortlist magazine last week :)

Here are the newest pics of Helen today, simply wonderful again :flowers:
Lady Helen Windsor and husband Tim attend a private dinner hosted by
Gordon Ramsay in aid of women's aid, at Berkeley Square on September 20,
2007 in London, England. Benett/Getty Images

** Pic 1 ** Pic 2 ** Pic 3 **
Romy, thanks for posting the link, sorry mine didn't work.

Iceflower, thanks for the lovely pics, Helen sure has been busy this week. How wonderful to see her in all this evening glitter, I love her necklace at the Gordon Ramsay dinner.

We have all been spoilt!!
Pics 24.9.2007

Helen at the Giorgio Armani fashion show at the fashion week in Milan,
Italy - she looked beautiful again, didn't she? :flowers:

** Pic 1 ** Pic 2 **
yes she did, a very sophisticated british woman!
Thanks, everyone, for the links and photos! Lady Helen always looks so well put together! I think she looks esp. fabulous in the grey pants ensemble. Very tailored lineated outfits are extremely flattering for her. And the grey color goes well with her own coloring.
Pics 30.9.2007

Great and rare new pics of Helen from yesterday :flowers::

Lady Helen Taylor and family arriving at the "Ratatouille" premiere
held at the Odeon West End, Leicester Square, London, 30 Sep.

** Pic 1 ** Pic 2 ** Pic 3 **
Lady Helen and family?

Thanks Iceflower for the the latest photos at the movie prem.

I recognized Lady Helen's eldest son in the background of one of the photos however, are the girls her daughters or neices pictured. Are not her two daughters still very young.
They all looked very casual and relaxed.
You are welcome, glenist :flowers: and you are right, her girls are
still a bit younger, they were born in 2003 and 2004, the two
boys in 1994 and 1996, I found a very cute pic of her older
daughter Eloise who was at the premiere as well :)

Tim and Eloise 30.9.2007

Helen 30.9.2007
Thanks, Iceflower, for all the photos. I was gonna say those girls can't be Lady Helen's daughters. Do you know who they are? Little Eloise is adorable. L. Helen's husband isn't too shabby, either. Glad to see he seems healthy after his heath issues.
Thanks, iceflower. As much as I love seeing Lady Helen in her beautiful Armani gowns, I especially love seeing her off duty and casual.

My guess is those girls are Tims' nieces, he has one sister called Louise. I just see bit of a family resemblance. Eloise certainly is sweet.
Well, Tim's nieces are beautiful girls already. He does indeed have a sister Louise, also has two half-brothers. --> His parents & siblings on the Peerage site.

Lady Helen is especially chic in the pics from the Armani show.
Another --> Picture from the Vogue/Style site

--> Older picture With Mario Testino (got to love her in pinstripes)
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