Lady Helen and Tim Taylor and Family News 2: March 2006 - Sep 2022

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Pics 24.01.2007

Lady Helen attends the Giorgio Armani Fashion show, during Paris Fashion Week (Haute Couture) Spring-Summer 2007 at Musee de l' Homme on January 24, 2007 in Paris, France. (Photos by Eric Ryan/Getty Images)

Helen 1
Helen 2
Helen 3
Helen looks so great, and once again so young, thanks for the pics, Iceflower!!!!
I've seen a report with Katie Holmes at the after show party, has Helen also been there or only at the fashion show?
Oh thanks once again, Iceflower! I must say, Katie Holmes looks like a shy teenager between these beautiful older women ;) And it's interesting what kind of people Helen gets to know through her interest for fashion..
Really so beautiful in red. I sometimes forget how good a red dress can look on a blonde woman :) And it is very nice to see her with her husband again, thank you for the pictures!
Pics 31.01.2007

As always, you are very welcome, Romy :flowers:

Here are the newest pics: Lady Helen Taylor attending the Watercolours and Drawings Fair at the Royal Academy of Arts, London, 31.01.2007:

Helen 1
Helen 2
Helen is so fresh and natrually beautiful, it is like a breath of fresh air looking at her photos! There is nothing over done or trying to much about her apearance!
Pics 19.02.2007

Lady Helen Taylor attends the Giorgio Armani women's Autumn-Winter 2007/2008 collection, part of the Milan Fashion Week, unveiled in Milan, ITALY-19/02/2007
Fantastic look, especially with that brooche :)

Helen with Mafalda von Hessen
Thanks again for the pics, Iceflower! It's an interesting combination Helen wears, but I like it too. Are there any closer pics of her from yesterday? That would be nice to see.
You are welcome Romy as always :flowers:
The following ones from getty are a bit closer, the jacket is more blue than black on these pics, Helen looks really great..

Pic 1
Pic 2
iceflower said:
Here are some great portraits of Lady Helen.
Beautiful! She reminds me of an actress I've seen, although the name escapes me.

Oh I know! The woman who played Susan in Coupling.
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I'm a bit late, Iceflower, but thank you very much for the extra pics you've posted!!! At television I have also seen Helen at the after show party, but I could not find any pics of that.
I did find a pic of that, Romy, but I had not posted it yet ;) :)
Helen is with Mafalda von Hessen again, the pic was taken on the evening of February 19, 2007

Helen always looks very elegant. Thanks, Iceflower!
Wonderful pics, she looks so glamerous, yet looks like she doesn't try. What a wonderful combination.
Thanks, iceflower, for the wonderful pics. Helen is always so beautiful, so natural and unaffected.

I love seeing her in her off duty moments, but those photos are so rare. I guess we are lucky she is so involved with Armani, so we get to see her now and again.
You are all most welcome :flowers: And helenw, that's the same thought I had as well about her Armani connection..:)
I hope you've also seen the pics of Helen I've posted at the portraits thread, take a look here --> Link
Thanks, iceflower. Those pics are so beautiful, I wonder where they were taken?

They actually feature in a magazine interview she did late last year. The magazine is the ES magazine, from the Evening Standard newspaper. I bought a copy off ebay.

Thanks, again, helenw.
Pics 20.3.2007

Helen pictured two days ago in the streets of London, walking around and shopping like any other normal person ;) :)

Helen 1
Helen 2
Helen 3
Thanks so much for those new pics, iceflower, they are great. I love seeing her off duty fashion. She's so stylish, she just gets better with age.
You are most welcome, helenw!! :flowers: I think Helen is quite happy that she is not followed that often in public, like Kate for example. But for us these kind of pics are of course great...:)
Pic 18.4.2007

I found a pic of Helen with her sons walking through the streets of London in April :flowers: Just like a normal English family :)

Helen 18.4.2007
Thanks, iceflower, you find the most amazing photos!

Haven't her two boys grown? I can't believe Columbus will nearly be 13.

Hopefully we will see some more photos of her soon, as the Chelsea Flower Show is in a couple of weeks, and she usually makes an appearance.

Thanks again,

iceflower said:
Helen pictured two days ago in the streets of London, walking around and shopping like any other normal person
Since she isn't a "prominent" higher-up royal, she probably can go about without much hustle, except of course, from media looking for any picture of any royal to sell a picture or paper.
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Pics 15.5.2007

Helenw, you are most welcome :flowers: And I totally agree with you about the boys, seems like yesterday to me that Helen had her first baby in her arms...:)

Here are very nice new pics: Lady Helen Taylor attends a charity evening in aid of CLIC Sargent, at the Sanderson Hotel on May 15, 2007 in London, England. Benett/Getty

Having fun
Helen with Clive Owen
..and Helena Christensen
Wow, thanks for these pics, Iceflower! If you look at these pics you can't believe that she's as old as she is ;) She looked beautiful and had wonderful clothes, much better than Helena Christensen.. :) :)
Pics 5.6.2007

Tim Taylor, Lady Helen Windsor and Damian Elwes attend exhibition by artist Damian Elwes, at the Scream Gallery on June 5, 2007 in London, England. Benett/Getty

Pic 1
Pic 2
Pic 3
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