Lady Davina Lewis & Lady Rose Gilman and Families, News 1: September 2007 -

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Lady Rose is pretty - she'll make a lovely bride.
This article contains answers to some of our questions, i.e. the question of RoyalProtocol about if the parents of George Gilman are divorced. Here it says they are separated.

Mandrake, 18 November 2007
by Tim Walker with Richard Eden, for The Daily Telegraph

Even before the Queen celebrates her diamond wedding anniversary on Tuesday, Mandrake hears that courtiers are busying themselves with the arrangements for another marriage in the family.
I can disclose that Lady Rose Windsor, the 27-year-old daughter of Her Majesty's cousin the Duke of Gloucester, has become engaged to George Gilman, the son of a controversial former director of Leeds United Football Club. Buckingham Palace confirmed the news last night but declined to comment further. The reticence on the part of Her Majesty's spokesman is, perhaps, understandable....
Lady Rose has been romanced by George, 25, for several years. In 2005 he was listed among those who attended a service of thanksgiving for the life of Rose's grandmother, Princess Alice. George, who lives in Maida Vale, west London, went to Leeds Metropolitan University after Repton, the public school in Derbyshire....

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Ah, kids! So adorable together. :wub:
Oh, the Duchess' outfit is very tasteful. I like it.
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both lady rose and lady davina attended the concert for diana in july07 as i was able to see them sitting in the royal box beside princesses beatrice and eugiene
any date for a wedding yet i suppose we will only know once it has happened
Well, Lady Davina's wedding was known about ahead of time, so I hope the same is true for Lady Rose.
Oh! Congratulations to them both. I'm glad that both of the Glouc. girls seem to have found simple happiness. She'll make a lovely bride, and I hope there are tonnes of photos!
So Prince William is a second cousin, once removed to Rose and Davina.
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I had read in either Majesty or Royalty that Lady Davina and her husband lived in New Zealand, but that could very well be in error as we all know since magazines especially Royalty are prone to mistakes.:ermm:

:wub:Yes, it is true that the lovers were living in Auckland, New Zealand before their marriage taking place in London, England.
Lady Rose will marry George Gilman at the Queen's Chapel near St James Palace in London on July 19th 2008.

Source: Netty on Royalsportal. MAG 2008
Is the St. James Queens Chapel the same or different from the Chapel Royal in the Palace?
The Earl of Ulster was married in the Chapel Royal.
Lady Rose is pretty!

I wonder whether any more details will emerge, or whether we will see any pictures?
The Earl of Ulster was married in the Queens Chapel as his sister will be.
I like The Queen's Chapel a lot. It has a similar style to Clarence House.
The thread for the wedding can be found here in the Royal Weddings subforum.
Will their Children get tietles and is Lady Davina a Stepmother to Garys son from a previous relationship.
No their children wont recieve any courtsey titles since their father has none.
They seem like a very happy couple. Good luck to them. And I bet their children will be beautiful!
Lady Rose looked beautiful yesterday. Both girls are the spitting image of their mother. :)
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