King Philippe IV/I of France and Navarre and Joan I of Navarre

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Jan 9, 2013
Philip IV (April–June 1268 – 29 November 1314), called Philip the Fair (French: Philippe le Bel), was King of France from 1285 to 1314. By virtue of his marriage with Joan I of Navarre, he was also King of Navarre as Philip I from 1284 to 1305, as well as Count of Champagne. Although Philip was known to be handsome, hence the epithet le Bel, his rigid, autocratic, imposing, and inflexible personality gained him (from friend and foe alike) other nicknames, such as the Iron King (French: le Roi de fer). His fierce opponent Bernard Saisset, bishop of Pamiers, said of him: "He is neither man nor beast. He is a statue."
More information:

King of France:
Reign: 5 October 1285 – 29 November 1314
Coronation: 6 January 1286, Reims Cathedral
Predecessor: Philip III
Successor: Louis X
King of Navarre:
Reign: 16 August 1284 – 4 April 1305
Predecessor: Joan I
Successor: Louis I
Co-monarch: Joan I

Born: 8 April – June 1268
Palace of Fontainebleau, France
Died: 29 November 1314 (aged 46)
Fontainebleau, France
Burial: 3 December 1314, Saint Denis Basilica
Spouse: Joan I of Navarre
(m. 1284, died 1305)
Louis X, King of France
Philip V, King of France
Charles IV, King of France
Isabella, Queen of England
House: Capet
Father: Philip III of France
Mother: Isabella of Aragon

Joan I (14 January 1273 – 31 March/2 April 1305) (Basque: Joana) was Queen of Navarre and Countess of Champagne from 1274 until 1305; she was also Queen of France by marriage to King Philip IV. She founded the College of Navarre in Paris in 1305.
Joan never ruled Navarre, it being overseen by French governors. Given direct control over the County of Champagne, she raised an army to face the invasion of the county by Henry, Count of Bar, even capturing and imprisoning the count. She died in childbirth in 1305.
More information:

Queen of Navarre
Countess of Champagne
Reign: 22 July 1274 – 2 April 1305
Predecessor: Henry I
Successor: Louis I

Queen consort of France:
Tenure: 5 October 1285 – 2 April 1305
Coronation: 5 January 1286

Born: 14 January 1273, Bar-sur-Seine, Kingdom of France
Died: 2 April 1305 (aged 32)
Château de Vincennes, Kingdom of France
Burial: Paris
Spouse: Philip IV, King of France (m. 1284)​
Louis X, King of France
Philip V, King of France
Charles IV, King of France
Isabella, Queen of England
House: Blois
Father: Henry I, King of Navarre
Mother: Blanche of Artois
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Philippe had a long running dispute with Pope Boniface VIII that led to the French king being excommunicated!
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