King Mohammed V (1909-1961)

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Who were his siblings? Because I read on a site: On his father's death, he was appointed sultan of French-ruled Morocco over his two brothers, largely because the French expected him to be more compliant.

Well according to several sites on the net. This is Lalla Abla bint Tahar


So she isn't really black (in my eyes atleast)? But perhaps of mixed heritage. Or too be honest she's quite dark for a berber atleast perhaps and that's why they call her black. I know a berber family who has a daughter who is as dark as her and the rest of them are fair and they also always call her black.
the woman in the Photo is not Lalla Abla but Lalla Aicha the eldest daughter of Mohammed V she died a few months ago,as far as oi know there is no published photo of the wife of Mohammed V or any of his wives.
its true that Lalla Abla is black its true also that Mohammed V was the youngest son of the Sultan Moulay Youssef the French choose him over his brothers thinking they gonna get his total collaboration.
Aww I already thought it was weird, because I always thought and apparently am correct that the kins never showed their wives to the public ( well the exception is ofcourse lalla Salma) Do you know what the names are of the brothers and if they perhaps had any children?
you mean the brothers of Mohammed V?
well he had 3 Brothers Prince Moulay Idris,Prince Moulay el-Hassan and Prince Moulay Abdelslam.and also 2 sisters Lalla Zineb and Lalla Amina he's mother name was Lalla Yacout.
Awesome! Thanks alot!

Are there perhaps any pictures of them or their children or perhaps even their spouses available? We never hear anything about them! Which brother should have actually been king. In Morocco it is so that the eldest son of the king should be king,right?
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i am not sure if i can find any potos but i am gonna try.
Moulay Idris is one supposed to be the king as you said the eldest son of the king should be king after his father.

and you are welcome.
I hope you or someone else is able to find them because I tried to look for them myself but yeah I failed. ( I never can find anything )
Moroccan Royals Photos.

Wow! Those photo links are great. I too have found real problems trying to find many photo pics of the Moroccan Royal family.
This is a fascinating dynasty and especially for me the more recent 20th cen history of the past few Sultans and Kings.
Thankyou Mademoiselle for your information, ive so enjoyed reading.
i don't think it has been poted before elladora.
at least i never saw it before.
very nice picture you can see Prince Moulay Abdullah in too.
A picture taken on June 15, 1945 in Cherbourg shows Moroccan Sultan sidi Mohammed ben Youssef (R) followed his son Moulay Hassan (3rd R) and French Navy minister Louis Jacquinot (2nd R) disembarking from cruiser "Gloire" at the start of a State visit to France. AFP PHOTO

A picture taken on January 27, 1958 shows Moroccan King Mohammed V (C) hugging a student as Education Minister Mohammed El Fassi looks on during King's visit to Moulay Idriss High school in Fez where he attends the UNESCO Congress of Arab states. AFP PHOTO
Haha No she wasn't a half-black slave, it's crazy that moroccans miss the mark about her ID. Her father was a prince: moulay mohammed taher a son of hassan I and according abdelssadeq el glaoui's book "Le ralliement: le Glaoui, mon père : récit et témoignage" she also has glaoui origins (Laglawi). The precise quote is that Lalla Abla was chosen from "la maison glaoui" (pg 15) meaning their household. which signifies that she has glaoui origins, but we don't know from which side of her family or even if her mother was a glaoui lady.
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