King Mohammed, Princess Lalla Salma & Family Picture Thread

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Oct 7, 2004
United States
Here an old picture of prince my al hassan and his parents.


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This is such a lovely family photo - they look so happy together.
Happy Family

Prince Moulay Al Hassan with his parents.


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With Dad

Pictures of King Mohamed VI and his sone prince Moulay Hassan.


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picture of K.MVI and PL.Salma with CP.My hassan made for the first birthday of CP.M.Hassan at May 2004


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Thank you for the photos, Monalisa :) - they are lovely, especially the family ones. Baby MHassan is adorable, happy child obviously very much loved and cared for. Lalla Salma looks wonderful - the right choice of shades that flatters her very much and her geniuine, beautiful smile as usual. I found her to be quite radiant on those photos.

I managed to find the larger version of the second family photo that Monalisa have posted above. Curtesy of Lyonnaise.


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A wonderful picture of the royal couple!!!


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amina1 said:
A wonderful picture of the royal couple!!!

great pic amina , i think this photo was taken from Paris Match , there is an another one with the little prince where Lalla Selma is wearing very beautiful red-Bourgogne Caftan ...;)
i scanned some pictures from Paris-Match while the prince was 1 year old ...sorry about the bad quality ..i did my best ;)


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wonderful pictures Amira and loubna2.
the little crown prince is so cute. He reminds me more of his mother than father. His smile is like Lalla Salma's. His parents certainly dote on him. Everytime I see pictures of King Muhammad with Moulay Hassan, he seems so proud.
A new picture which I scanned from "Paris match":) ,I admire the design of their home:)


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A very beautiful picture of King Mohamed VI and his son Prince Moulay Hassan ( PARIS-MATCH du MONDE) :)


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Thank you you all for those lovely pictures. I think the Queen is one of the most beatiful royal woman of the world. I just love her hair! :D She is always excellently dressed and her smile is so gentle...

The King seems to be a very good father.

The pictures of the morocco royal family are fabulous. The King looks like he is a wonderful to his son.
i agree! both very handsome!! and the little prince is growing up to look just like them :) a real cutie pie!!
they look cute together, I loved her hair like that
lovely photo they look cute:)
thanks Salma:flowers:

By far and with make-up, she seems to have a porcelain skin, but by close, it appears that she has too many freckles; Freckles could be nice when there are few, but as many as she has I don’t like a lot
Actually, it’s very rare to see a red haired with a porcelain skin, personally I met only one, it was at university, and her skin was splendid, white without any freckle and the contrast with her red hair was dazzling
since her first appearance, she uses a lot of foundation for evening and quite often for the days. sometimes it doesn't hide well the freckles on her nose, chin and some areas of her cheeks
in this picture, we see clearly salma' belt. i think it's the same one she wore on pink caftan for senegal trip.
imo, it's a belt for jean pants not for the moroccan tradition outfit. plus, it doesn't go well with the jewels :wacko: :shock:

i never remarked this belt:eek:, you are completely right, it isn't a belt for traditional outfit, it's awful
Beauty isn't perfect ;)
But I think Lalla salma is vey very beautiful
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